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Demonstration of abstract painting with texture effects with plastic wrap | Ad diem

Demonstration of abstract painting with texture effects with plastic wrap | Ad diem

Thank you for watching. Once again, I really hope you liked this new
painting because my goal is to inspire and motivate you to create your own
paintings. Because abstract painting is amazing! So if you liked it, please click on the “Like”
button, subscribe and hit the bell, because your likes, comments and subscriptions help motivate me to create more videos. Now If you would like to create abstract
paintings like mine, and boost your skills very quickly, I have created a dvd called
“Abstract Painting Secrets” to help you. And right now, you can get this dvd for free
in the description below or by clicking on the image here. But, if you don’t want to take advantage
of this exceptional offer right now, you can see more abstract painting demonstrations
by clicking here: See you in the next video!

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100 thoughts on “Demonstration of abstract painting with texture effects with plastic wrap | Ad diem

  1. Bonjour John superbe tableau !!! 😍, merci beaucoup pour ce moment de bonheur de vous voir peindre🖌️, que j'attends toujours avec impatience. 😄👍

  2. Hi John, what do you use to ‘shade’ the black areas around the rectangles? I'm very new to art and your channel inspires me to try to paint! I don't know much but it looks like charcoal? Thank you

  3. You certainly have inspired me John. I created my very first abstract painting last week, and my girlfriend loved it. It now has pride of place on one of the walls in her flat. Her visitors also love it. But it is strange that I only get inspired late at night. I just don't get the urge to pick up a brush during the day, even though I can if i wanted to.

    Bravo John.

  4. Sir you have inspired me so much I've started to do so much learning from you hopefully one day people will buy my art as well and I can be a great artist like you

  5. I'm Brazilian… very very vey good…
    John, je suis ton fan de cartes, d'inspiration pure, fantastique, incroyable …

  6. Another amazing painting! John, you're such an inspiration. I started to paint after watching your vids. My paintings look very cool, thank you for that! 🙂
    I've tried a lot, but I still don't know how to paint those black lines/areas (in this painting – around rectangles). Could you please tell us, how to do it properly? I guess you're using dry brush technique for that with a little amount of black paint. I've tried Amsterdam paint and different soft brushes, but everytime my black area doesn't look as neat as yours, but it has weird lines or spots. Do you have any advice how to deal with that problem? 🙂

  7. John, such a simple exercise with a complex finish which keeps the viewer's eye moving. Keep up your great videography.

  8. Love it! You have inspired me time and time again. I’ve learned so much from you and have found a passion in painting!

  9. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing your art with us!
    May I ask you, which kind of masking tape youre using, what is easy to remove?
    how do you fix the canvas that they are NOT moving out of space 😉

  10. Awesome as usual….I watch you create every Sunday here in the US.
    You inspire and motivate me so, John. I appreciate you and thank you ❣

  11. honoured to watch talented people like you .. keep it up John 👏🏻 And I really like abstract painting which consist of 4 canvases 😍

  12. Bravo ! j'adore comme d'habitude ,on ne s'en lasse pas
    Merci pour toutes ces belles vidéos
    Merci pour le CD je l'ai bien reçu !

  13. John, this piece by far is absolutely one of my favorites! And I’ve watched every single one of your videos😉

  14. I didn't really like abstract painting until I started watching your videos. Your creations are absolutely stunning and your color choices are amazing. Keep up the beautiful work!

  15. Hallo John, ich liebe deine Arbeiten. Gern würde ich auch so kreativ sein. Leider fehlt mir dafür der Raum um mich zu entfalten. Ich werde es im Sommer im Garten versuchen. Danke für deine Inspirationen.

  16. First of all stay safe you amazing artist, secondary thanks for the ART sooo relaxing in stranger times….
    Cheers John ✌️ 🥂

  17. Hi John, I am an amateur artist from N.M. still finding my groove of things. I have a question, what do you do with the sides of the canvas? Do you frame your pieces? Or leave it as is?

  18. This inspired very much!
    Once I can go to my workplace again, I will paint a beautiful piece with new techniques! 😀
    Thank you very much, merci

  19. Love the painting, but the video itself was hard to watch. You cut to different angles every 2 to 10 seconds, i know it's to capture what you're painting but i feel like it's too much and distracts me. This is the first video to be like this.

  20. Could not watch it fully, changing camera angle too frequently strained my eye and gave a mild headache.

  21. Super comme d'habitude. Peut-être qu'avec tous ces gens confinés à domicile, inspirés par tes videos, plusieurs vont enfin oser se mettre à la peinture! Fais attention à toi et ta famille 😉

  22. With this, I've come to the realisation that not only are you an abstract painter of extraordinary capability but you are also an artist in sound, the asmr to this calmed me and has me spellbound, the choice of music worked so well, not overshadowing or taking away form the visual but adding too it. It's the perfect way to watch you 'do' art. Thank you for your camera work skill, for everything in this video.

  23. I wish there was a tab for paint brush sounds only. You should start a podcast with only paint brush sounds! The brush sounds help me sleep 🙂

  24. Salut, jhon. Comment puis-je réparer mon travail si en le scellant avec de la laque la texture s'est transformée en peau d'orange dans certaines parties et elle a l'air mauvaise! la peinture est acrylique, mais au lieu du vernis, utilisez une laque émail transparente.

  25. please make your videos "longer". I like to listen to the sound of the brush or palette and they are even a little meditative. and the music is well chosen! You inspire me !

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