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Derwent Art Journal Flip through –

Derwent Art Journal Flip through –

Hello there, I’m Cristina Parus from
and today I want to show you one of my journals that is almost complete, the Derwent journal.
I also bought the big one in A4 format, I never thought I’m going to buy another one
because of the paper quality, I wasn’t such a big fan of the paper when I started to use
wet mediums, but that was something to be expected because the paper was intended for
dry mediums only, like pencils or colored pencils. But after awhile drawing and testing
the paper I noticed that things are getting better because I thought that if I bought
it, I have to try it and see what I can get. If the paper would have been really awful,
I would probably thrown it away. It’s looking pretty bulky, here it’s what a bran new journal
looks like. That of course, if you used mixed media. Ok, let’s get started, I have to tell you that I paid about $6 and I bought
it on January 12, 2015, right after the holiday season when the craft shops got opened again.
The first page in my journal is almost left blank, you probably heard that before of artists
leave it blank, the first page here wasn’t opening flat, so I left it and moved to the
next one which in return wasn’t that great – as you can see the first page isn’t that
amazing as I wanted to be because I was drawing after a reference photo and later on I lost
that photo, so the drawing it’s looking like this. OK, let’s turn the page, there are two
girls in colored pencils for the January art challenge this year, one face / girl per day. Girls in my case, because I seldom draw men. That was really a challenge for me because You may know that or if you don’t you do now, but I don’t have any art studies, Never took drawing lessons, no art diploma, nothing like that but looking
back into my family history I discovered that my grandfather was sketching every day wherever
he had the time, and one uncle of mine was a famous published illustrator, so this is
where the art bug is coming from.. OK, the next page shows two realistic children faces,
the girl is the first one I’m getting so close to the reference photo, I mean the first little girl to be so realistic! And the same with this boy, the freckled one, who looks so real This is was also posted on the blog. Then I continued with this girl who didn’t come out as good
as I wanted, I wanted her to look more realistic, but the’s almost no resemblance between her
and the reference photo. I’m still working in colored pencils: on the other page it’s
a little girl, and just the same as the one in the left, she doesn’t look that great either,
so you can see that not always I get the pages right. Next page shows some birds on watercolor,
here it’s a seagull, also drawn after a photo. OK, some whimsical animals. I was so head
over heals with drawing almost too realistic for me, so I went and drew this cute little
animals, I don’t know what they are, maybe bunnies, little bears…again, the page is
not done. Then again I went back to colored pencils and did these two girls and they are
locking pretty well, except for the one in the right with the bubble gum balloon that
looks like vomiting, as one of my friends was saying, but anyway, I didn’t want to go
and correct the drawing so that later on when I’m going to flip this journal to be able
to see what my drawing skills were at the moment. Another girl, a more whimsical one
with no reference photo, another whimsical girl you got to see on my blog, these three
cute creatures are so dear to me, I like them very much, don’t ask me where the idea of
drawing horns, what creatures are they, the look like a doe deers or something in between,
anyways…the same with this girl, if you take a closer look, you will notice that she
has little wings, and I love this page very much, I’ve used heart stencils all the way,
and exes on the girl’s blouse, another whimsical girl, another two, this one is draw after
a photo, inspired by a photo, but I couldn’t get her to look as in the photo , so I said
to myself I should make her look good, regardless the reference photo. Same with this blue-hair girl was drawn from imagination. Oh, her! Some say she’s Snow-White, I don’t know, maybe
she looks like her a little bit. I don’t know, it could be, maybe she’s looking a little bit like Snow-White. Here I was already drawing for the February Abstract
faces art journal challenge I had to drop because of health issues. I’m considering to start over and redo this challenge. I had to give up on this because I wasn’t feeling like doing the challenge And here are others
that you saw on the blog already. I loved to draw them and they are really simple to
do, as long as you keep it loose and don’t search for perfection. Here I was trying out some stamps and ink pads, and the paper is first gessoed. And here are two dear horses,
drawn after a photo where they were just looking at the camera, with their heads close together,
he is the male and her is the female. Anyway, the background has a very interesting story,
it’s inspired by Tracy Verdugo book – Paint Mojo – I recently bought. Another face drawn
from imagination. Another face painted from imagination…(this time a guy) This is my vision upon Starbucks Cafe at Unirii Square in Bucharest, Romania.
And it’s obvious, I don’t have too much sketching talent, the sketch looks a litlle bit deformed, to be gentle… but I wanted to have this memory in my journal – a blank page – I have a few of these in my journals.. And then a spread with
collaged paper out of a fashion magazine, drawing on top and stamping a little bit… another page where I was practically fooling
around with colored pencils and Posca markers, drawing lines and circles I then connected… You already know this girl, “You can create whatever you imagine” – and when I say that I’m not
talking only about art Journaling, but also about creating new things in your own life. Another page You haven’t seen on the blog, another one also not on the blog, But you
have seen her for sure, the background was made using inks, the one I was talking in
another video, this is MAGENTA, yay, mixed with a little hot pink acrylic, so that the
color is more vivid and bright. Another page you haven’t seen on my blog. But this is one
of the very few pages where I actually didn’t But this is one
of the very few pages where I actually didn’t drew a face on it. It happens very rarely! Some stairs…I love them!
…some pears in watercolor.. You know these two girls already… here is another shot trying to sketching on
location, she was made using only POSCA markers – I’m going to show her in another video – And you also know this page, it’s more recent posted on my blog, another blank page, some
doodling, some stamps I was trying – these are handmade (yay!!) Another face in soft pastel that I posted on my blog. You haven’t
seen this page over here with the eyes on it, I think this is a first time when you get to see it. Oh, no!
Wait, I think I post it on Instagram, too. Another page with just a background on.. and
this is it! I still have some pages left to paint or draw, … another page I’m working on… – and here are some INKtense pencils from the day I was at the craft store and give
some Inktense colors a try – some colors I don’t have in my 24 set: sienna gold, carmine
pink, red oxide, tan and Chinese ink. I also tried a Studio pencil – black cooper – , a
metal one – antique gold – , graphitint – storm – , and here it’s one from Tinted charcoal
– sunset pink. And then, at the end of every art journal, I
like to have some color charts with the pencils
or markers that I love to use. Here are Posca markers: red, light blue, because I didn’t
like the blue one, I like vivid and bright colors, those that are happy “dancing” on
the page. Straw yellow, beige, and light green, not green, emerald green, and violet. And
I want to buy more, but the craft shop I’m buying them from has only the big nibs only
and I want to buy the little ones first. And here are some colored pencils I have since I was a little child, Extracolor, a Romanian discontinued brand. Here it’s a
Dacia Select colored pencils brand, I only have this color, a bright red that at first
I thought it’s just a colored pencils, but I had the pleasant surprise to notice that
it’s not just a colored pencils, but also a water-soluble one. Here it’s not activated with water, the lighter color has only one layer, the the upper one has two or three layers of color, just to see how the color looks like if I use more than just one layer. Here it’s a multicolor Republica no 1 ( 1.3 ron), and these two are some Liberty “No name” pencils that are not so great quality. And here I have the Koh-i-noor
color chart – I bought these in open stock, they don’t belong to any sets. And this is
my journal. I love to try them first, I love to take my journal with me at the craft store and try them directly on my journal. This one here doesn’t have a number/name (I forgot to write it down), BUT I have a slightly idea that is this one, number 61..oh, no..51! So this is my journal… I still have some pages left to draw or paint, but now i’m so much into this big journal (A4) – I always wanted and loved to paint in big journals I never thought
I’m gonna buy this because of the paper, as i told you already, but now I’m glad I have
tried it after i’ve realized that the paper can be very well used for mixed
media. Like I’ve played here with the ink sprays I made the other day I hope you enjoyed this video, hit over to my blog at – see you
there – good bye for now!

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