Did Dr. Greger Predict Coronavirus Toilet Paper Shortage In 2008?

– What’s going on everybody? This is Klaus from Plant Based News. I wanted to re-upload a segment of the 2008, Dr. Greger’s speech, that I found online, which I found particularly relevant to the Corona virus pandemic now because he talks about toilet paper. Very, very bizarre given
that this was 12 years ago when he gave the speech. Let me know down below what you think and I hope you enjoy. (pop sound) – My intention today was just to focus on primary prevention, getting to the root cause. But with the unprecedented spread of this truly unprecedented virus, it is important that everyone be prepared for the next influenza pandemic. So, let me just throw out some resources. The CDC has set up an excellent pandemic preparedness
website If you click across here you will find pandemic
preparedness checklists for businesses, schools,
communities, faith-based groups, all the way down to individual
and family preparation, which really focuses on
getting everyone right now, to stockpile weeks of essential supplies to shelter in place during a pandemic. Isolating ourselves and our families in our homes
until the danger passes. The US Department of Homeland Security is now using as a key planning assumption, that the U.S. population may be directed to remain in their homes
under self-quarantine, for up to 90 days per wave of the pandemic to support social distancing. Kinda like a snowman. So, where you just told to stay inside, don’t go out, unless it’s emergency. but instead of lasting a day or two, lasts weeks, or even months. Everyone ready to stay in
their homes for three months? If we have to go out to the
corner store during a pandemic to buy toilet paper is something we’d be, maybe bringing
back to our family, more than just groceries. (pop sound)

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