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Die Kunst des Schleichens!

Die Kunst des Schleichens!

The alarm goes off when any player opens the exit. As long as that alarm goes off. Is that you running upstairs? No, no, no. Shoot, shoot, shoot Distract Up! I think that was the one. Got him. Nice Player 6 Leave the guns there. Right? For insurance from him. Joa, I’ll see what else he has with him. Joa, I’m just gonna put his OP-SKS in a safe place. MHHHHH *¶ laugh ¶ Poor guy. I’m sure he was just under adrenaline. Yeah, man, he was in a real panic. The way he ran up there… He never even fired back. I was kind of thinking about an ambush or something. He just wanted to get away. Yes man Really panicked away. This is just the disadvantage of playing against players with low level who just have a lot of stamina ne. Joa right. We had much more stamina and that’s why he couldn’t run away. But, respect to him for closing the doors the right way. Joa respect really. Right, right tap! I bet! Exit clear. Yes I heard it where my nade explodes, but I’m not sure. Yes metal steps on top of the roof! You mean up on the radar? Canopy I’d say canopy. I just heard metal. Yeah, metal again. Joa. I think I just did. Bottom *shots* Got one! Nice I’m going to the lockable room for a minute. So I want to Aim from there. Ohh Shit All down? No, no, I’m dead. Canopy! Full Equip unfortunately gave me a Lucky Headshot while Jumping. *¶ Stream sound ¶ Hmm, how do I do that? I think I’ll definitely go around the outside. Don’t touch any bushes! Could be the grenade killed him. Or one of the grants. Because that’s where I threw them. I really walk so much that I don’t touch the bushes. Because the bushes are the only thing he can hear. *The telltale sounds in Tarkov are the rustling of bushes and unlocking of doors, as they can be heard “regardless of level”. Nice Joa all dead, I got them all. Dick! They were also well-equipped. Dude, I say you get online, I clear the loot. and I’ll see you at your place right after scav. Yes, Yes Guys go over to Kevin’s, he needs Launch viewer. We’re just plumbing, which is boring. But Tetris. The guy wasn’t really lost. The guy wanted I just think sniping at that distance Whatever he was up to over there, dude. But there’s no way he knew I was flanking him. Which is pretty cool– This is already the second horny round of chat. Holy shit! So the second squad wipe round solo. Inevitably, although Kevin is there. *clear* “Your sneak level is just Insane, you can’t hear anything.” That’s right, yes. Yes, yes Elite Hidden movement is no longer perceptible on any floor. It is still perceptible. By the way, you can still hear it. That’s not true. It’s a mistranslation. *Aiming* There’s another player. Going scope was what gave him away. Someone just aimed in on my left. weird One scope and now nothing. I think we’re really gonna have to bum around here, chat dude. We’re just hanging around here for a while. Because I’d like to know what kind of a player this is. I have a lot of confidence in him right now. You know what I mean? I take him very seriously as an enemy. Because I’ve killed so many, and the last thing I want to do is die by mistake. But the reason why I’m chilling here right now and why I’m here right now is because the body is rigth here. You see? And if anyone goes near that body, I’ll kill them. Well, brother Next level positioning my friend. I know that you heard the Window. But I also know for a fact that you’re a little sneaky elite monster. *happy* All dead. Holy shit. I knew that someday this would happen Chat. Because I knew he knew I was down there. You could tell by the style of his playing. That was a very experienced player. With a very bad grenade taste. Cool I assume from Chat we are really alone now. He was wearing high-level bear gear, too. If there’s anyone else here, Chat… There’s no one around. Do you know why no one can be here? Why should I? Why would two people sneak separately? That doesn’t make sense. Here I would have expected him in the corridor, maybe even in this room here. I could already make a new Youtube video from the round here. And you know who we played against? I assume we played against Russians. Real Russians, then. Russians, Russians. Because they all have they all have bear skins and they’re all high-level They were all pretty crazy. I think they were real Russians we played against Chat. Real Russians. I hope there isn’t anyone else here. Someone just had a good idea in chat. Thanks Jenson, Jenson did this. Thanks Janson So safe. The gun is insured, I get it back from the insurance. What kind of ammo was he carrying? M-62 Ohh, even a green laser. That’s Kevin’s Dude he killed was a Russian, too. They all played Bear Skins Chat. I would say they were Russians, Russians. M-52 Put the rig in your backpack. Isn’t that glitching? What if we take Kevin’s backpack? This thing is huge. Idiot. If I put a rig in the backpack can I take more shit? I’ve honestly never really done this before. MHH Now I have more room in my backpack. Save? * left insuranceitems come back! * There is extremely fat loot dude. The fight I had now Chat, I have dreamed about it for a long time. I always dreamed that I would have such fights here on the map. We have had two different fights today on this day chatting both were more spectacular than any other fight that I had before on the map. That’s really impressive. Anywhere else I missed a gun? Oh, there was one more. Dude dude how many people have died here Also a Bear. All level 40 chat. My wet dream has come true. Seriously. My fucking wet dream has come true. How awesome is this, dude? I love fighting people like that chat. I love fighting people who are doing the same or a higher level like me, who are really good equipt and can play. That’s impressive. These were extremely good enemies chat. If you meet the people in the raid, I’m telling you, they’re gonna fuck you up. If you’re new. 100% Let’s go. I don’t think we’re gonna find anything more chatting that’s gonna make us any richer Let’s just get out of here. Holy Holy crap, dude. Oke GG Well Played Of the enemies Of the enemies, they really didn’t play badly. They didn’t play that bad. We just outsmarted them. That was really sick dude. If Kevin hadn’t pushed in there so violently, who didn’t know what he was pushing into, he would have survived. But Kevin went in there, dude like a Rambo and had a man-figth with one and then he was probably killed from above. You saw the one type lying dead in front of him he was lying dead by the exit and one of them must have shot him from upstairs. Well Look at this dude three players. Three dude. Half of them even shot in the head. How cool is that aldaa. That was cool. That was a very, very cool round chat. If you want a standard of a cool round… That was a standard for a cool round. Really cool. Oke lets play with Kevin again. Oke im out, I got it all Kevin. all saved up all good with you. Very Nice Sick man.

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100 thoughts on “Die Kunst des Schleichens!

  1. Ich finde cool das wir live dabei waren wie du das gemacht hast. Gerne mehr im Stream dazu. Das macht spaß

  2. Wiklich sehr Familienfreundliches VIdeo- Ich finde es schön wie ihr dem Low-Level hilft und jeder sollte sich eine Scheibe davon abschneiden. Zudem finde ich richtig das du 4 Millionen Rubel in der Beschreibung stehen hast, um YouTube-Leute zu catchen .)

  3. Sehr nett von euch die Waffen von Low Levels liegen zu lassen , als Low Level weiß ich selber wenn man so ein Equipment verliert wie weh das tut. 🙂

  4. Gestern im Stream gedacht mhmm 17 min vllt bissle zu lang für yt. Jetzt sitz ich hier und und wunder mich das 17 min rum sind :DD

  5. Nices Video Daniel! Ich feier das Herz das du in deine Videos investierst und wie du auch auf die kleinen Details achtest. Mach weiter so! MD7H

  6. Wie krass ist das denn bitte. Alles was Daniel gehört hat ist einmal reinscopen… Ich musste 2 mal zurückspulen um das zu hören, und nur mit dem Geräusch hat er den Gegner outplayed. GG!! Tolles Video.

  7. Nicht mal beim Zuschauen habe ich gedanklich die Reaktion wie Daniel😅.
    Schön das du wieder Freude an EFT hast.

  8. Die kunst des Rumnoobens. Daniel 2015 : DayZ wird einfach nur noch scheiße weil alle ihr zeug in ihren unraidbaren bases lagern und man nichts holen kann. Daniel 2020: Versteckt sein Thermalscope im Safecontainer bevor er in den Kampf geht.

  9. Hallo Daniel 🙂
    Es ist mal wieder an der Zeit "Danke" zu sagen!
    Danke für deine Streams, Videos, Tipps und Tricks + Kommunikation ❤️

    Danke Daniel!

  10. Ich muss leider sagen, dieses Video war nicht so toll, wie andere Videos von dir. Irgendwie fehlte da etwas Liebe zum Video. Die anderen hast du immer so wie ein Film gemacht, mit Spannung, Spiel und Überraschung, denke lag dadran weil du Krank warst. Aber dennoch sehr gut alles runtergespielt. Meister der Flankierung. ;-D

  11. Tolles Video find es nur etwas schade, dass es so "spät" kommt den Items zu urteilen nach wurde das gegen Weihnachten aufgenommen.
    Ist natürlich meckern auf hohem Niveau. Trotzdem top !

  12. Omg so was cooles hab ich noch nie gesehen. Feier alle deine Videos. Sehr zu empfehlen auch für Familien. xD

  13. Wieso ist denn ein BEAR Spieler automatisch ein Russe? 😀
    Ich nehm auch immer BEAR, weil ich die cooler finde und das taunten witziger ist. 😀

    Aber wie immer ein sehr spannendes und auch informatives Video 🙂

  14. Immer wieder schön deine Runden zu sehen! Da hat man selbst in der Quarantäne das Gefühl was erlebt zu haben.

  15. ey der arme soldat. die ganze zeit in der hocke moven… xD der hat ja oberschenkel wie sau.

    und dass man das reinscopen hört macht irgendwie keinen sinn. find ich. oder kann mir das jmd mal erklären?
    und was macht Daniel immer mit seiner waffe, wenn der schriftzug vollautomatik auftaucht? checkt er den lauf?

  16. Nach längeren eft zocken bin ich mal wieder zu cod gewechselt wegen den BR Modus und was soll ich sagen ich Brauch keine map haha nur mein Headsets hab mir so krass angewöhnt auf Schritte zu achten das ich nur damit weiß wo jeder gerade ist. Ist auf jeden Fall um einiges einfacher dort was zu reißen. Mit Geduld kann man in eft so viel erreichen (klar ist Die Zeit ein Faktor aber wenn es dir nur rein ums pvp und gutes gear geht ist schleichen und sich an Stellen mit vielen Umgebungssgeräuchen zu verschanzen das beste )

  17. denkt der nur weil er sich wie ne Ratte vercampt hat, ist er der Ober tarkov maschine. Digga du bist ein bot, also hör auf einen auf pro zu tun.

  18. Ich bringe seine sks in Sicherheit, dieses rumgeschleime nachdem ihr ihn getötet und euch über sein weglaufen lustig gemacht habt. Wieso unterstützen Teenys diese Youtuber so:(

  19. Ich bin hier um den corona algorithmus zu boosten und irgendwas mit 4head machen

    Ultra fresh.. Ultra verblödet…

  20. Ich hab keinen gescheiten PC und spiel jetzt weil ich das Konzept von Tarkov so mag immer Plünderung in MW auf der Konsole 🙈😂

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