DISNEY PRINCESS ART CLASS. (We play Moana, Belle, Jasmine, Elsa and Anna) Totally TV

DISNEY PRINCESS ART CLASS. (We play Moana, Belle, Jasmine, Elsa and Anna) Totally TV

there's a tiger loose in the school finally my favorite class of the day art class I wonder what I'll paint today maybe a boat or a giraffe or a pineapple oh there are so many possibilities Hey hey Elsa hey Belle Wow Moana you're in this class too this is so exciting I didn't realize we all signed up for our class at the same time this is gonna be so much fun of course we all love art class whew I was worried I wasn't gonna make it on time so much air traffic hey guys hey Jasmine let's go in I think class is about to start I'm snow excited let's go all right ladies welcome to art class today we will be drawing with colored markers that are under your desk please draw anything you want anything at all maybe something from your movies or a boom I think I saw him as I flew in no sorry it seems I've come down with a rotten cold as a matter of fact I better go call a substitute teacher and go see the nurse continue drawing oh no no wha I hope she feels better I wonder your substitute teacher will be I hope it's someone nice but anyway we should probably start to draw hmm what's you draw I think I'm just gonna drop Olaf he's just so cute oh except it's art class no oh my gosh Genie you're our substitute teacher this is so exciting Genie is the best to be honest I've never had a friend like him hey jasmine Oh princesses and whoa come to genies art class I had no idea you were an artist genie yeah do you paint 10,000 years of being a lamp will make you pretty good at painting not a lot to do in there so what are we working on so far we are drawing things with markers are they magic markers they might be magic no I'm talking about magic markers don't really imagine it's a blend of Genie magic and fairy dust chanted by fairy godmothers wand yadda yadda yadda the point is that with these markers anything you draw come to life no try drawing with these I'm gonna color a pineapple this reminds me of MOTU Nui draw whatever you want the world is your oyster hmm genies allergic to shellfish don't draw on the oysters wait what what do you mean our drawings come to life how is that possible okay Genie you're the best substitute teacher ever thank you thank you much well I wasn't expecting this I'd like to thank the Academy the princess Academy that is for hiring me and getting out of the slammer wait my man where did it go I parked it right here I haven't seen it but I thought on my carpet flight that I saw a boo in a tree with something outside the window oh boo OH mysterious monkey okay kids be right back I need to go get my lamp back have fun with a magic marker and be careful don't draw anything you wouldn't want to come tonight I'm gonna color Oh Oh cute isn't he Elsa fine but how did I get here oh I drew you here with magic markers magic markers no magic oh wow art class that's almost as cool as you Elsa Wow if you were able to draw Olaf I wonder if I could bring in one of my friend who are you going to draw Pascal no I have an even better idea I'm gonna draw a good friend of mine who would love this art class where am I how did I get here one minute I was with Maximus at the snuggly duckling battling some Royal Guards and now I'm here I drew you here welcome to our class Eugene Shh call me Flynn trying to keep the Eugene thing on the down-low okay Flynn I do you here's two now you can enjoy art class with us we're drawing with magic markers and I know you're gonna say they're different from regular markers they're actually magic that's amazing you drew me with these feels like you're gum my nose right finally someone gets my nose right and my smolder feels perfect but I don't have a picture of him why don't you try drawing him freehand oh my gosh good idea can I borrow your marker Oh Belle how did I get here I dream here with these magic markers Wow those are magic okay so that means I'm the only one that hasn't colored something yet but I think I have a great idea of what to color who are you going to color Aladdin or cue new epic even better this is gonna be a roaring good time everyone meet my best friend Raja oh my gosh tiger run we gotta get out of here no don't worry you guys he's nice he's actually a vegetarian these days so he wouldn't hurt a fly oh so cute hi Raja of course he's the best whoo got my lap back I had to treat him five bananas but I still think I got the better end of the day Oh genie that wasn't just any tiger that was Raja remember him he wanted her to fly oh goodness I didn't recognize him he's lost weight must be that Newton vegetarian diet we need to get him back the other teachers and students aren't gonna know he's harmless if anyone sees a tiger running around the school they're going tension teachers and students there's a tiger loose in the school I repeat there's a tiger loose in the school this is not a drill everyone please make your way outside no wait that's a fire drill um grunts your death no that's an earthquake okay well um try to run away and not get you by a tiger oh no no everyone is really going to be afraid of Raja and they'll never let me substitute teach again they'll send me straight back to the Cave of Wonders don't worry Jeannie we aren't gonna let that happen we need to find him but he's probably scared we need to let him back in with some kind of bait great idea you'd I mean Flynn Hoffman what does Raj I like to eat his favorite is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but I did bring one in my lunchbox Tichy moment remember what you learned today in art class that's it Jasmine you can drop he b a.j green a dear Moana and you too Jeanne okay here it goes Jeanne you stay here with Olaf in case he comes back we will keep a lookout Roger that captain over out let's go Prince Adam okay let's go find that tiger Roger Roger come on Roger here kitty kitty key we have your favorite sandwich I don't think this is working let's split up and all check different places then we can meet back here good idea he likes to collect things like my shoes or anything release if we see a pile of stuff he might be close by okay so Prince Adam Elsa and I will go look in one of the classrooms and foot and I can check the cafeteria I brought my frying pan just in case hey be careful with that thing what I meant in case he wants his PB&J grilled nothing better than a grilled PB&J sounds good Jasmine we should check the football field okay let's go Roger it looks like everyone ran out of the cafeteria they even left their lunch boxes empty okay this one has chips and an apple but no sandwich that's a clue and paw prints huh let's go come on Roger it's me Jasmine I have your favorite treat Roger wait what's this it looks like this balls been deflated and look there's bite marks on it that's definitely Raj's bite I can tell he has an overbite and look at those paw prints they're going right into the gym let's go hey guys we followed these paw prints us too hey they went here Raja I have your favorite PJ there you are silly boy whoa are you collecting things again I'll go let the principal know things are under control right after I take this guy back to Agrabah good work princesses you know I've always been homeschooled by my father and I've read every book in the library but I think it's time to go back to school with my princess friends what do you think chip I love school can I come too sure I'll put you in my book bag if I can find it but what am I gonna wear I can't wear a ball gown I have to go back to school shopping you know what I'll call Elsa she'll know what to wear I have nothing to wear I mean it's a new school year and I need to update my look I think I want to wear something cool you're always cool Elsa ah thanks Ola you're cool too well like literally you are but I'm thinking this year's look should be a bit more casual what do you think yeah exactly what about a look inspired by your ice palace sad be so chill I love that idea but um hold that thought because my girl bells calling hello hey Elsa it's me pal oh hey girly but yep – well I was thinking since I've never really been in public princess school that would he go back to school shopping for some new clothes oMG me too I was just clearing out my closet to make room for new back-to-school outfits really you know what I was thinking we should get all of our princess friends together and go to the mall for a princess back-to-school shopping huh yeah we need more casual princess looks for our back-to-school shopping don't you think I totally agree my wardrobe who usually dresses me only has super fancy outfits I've got an idea why don't I text all of our girlfriends and we meet an aerodrome oh okay perfect see you soon great let's go shopping and just a few monsters and voila Tiana's famous homemade gumbo you know I could eat this for lunch every single day I should tell the lunch ladies at school this recipe it's Bella meet me and Elsa at the mall on epoch back-to-school shopping haul shopping huh you've got it we're going back to school shopping hear that Raja awesome I'm on my way hopping on my magic carpet right now fashion show eek I may need a little luck the last makeover didn't go so well you will bring honor to us all trade in your tiaras and normal princess wear for a brand new Disney bound inspired look hmm luckily I don't wear it Sara I can't wait to go shopping I wonder if you're born arrows casual hmm find me bull yeah what you up to Elsa okay okay I'm just waiting on my friends Meredith Mulan Belle Jasmine and tiana whoa sounds nifty then maybe I should tell you we're having a big summer blowout yeah 50% off all back-to-school looks that's perfect do you have shoes and dresses and accessories yeah and we even have backpacks and lunch bags that's great then we'll definitely come by oh and one last thing we're having their annual arendelle fashion show you and your friend should enter here's the flagon Thanks okay hope to see you at oaken's trading post bye bye hey Elsa what's cooking hey jasmine hey Tiana Hey ladies have you heard about the fact school fashion show going on in the mall I have a flyer did someone say back to school fashion show we sure did help me in meet you but how does it work well it says here on the flyer that we have to team up with partners and then buy each other casual Disney bound fashion looks yeah casual back-to-school looks based on our personalities okay so what do we have to buy exactly like dresses or what about shirts and pants or something sporty em shoes and accessories yeah and you just have to pick your outfit before the fire p.m. deadline and Matla in the Fashion Show model in a runway show I've always wanted to do that I almost wished for it one that sounds just perfect should we pick our partners now yeah hmm I think I'll partner with Merida we both have an athletic sense of style yeah yeah I can't wait to go shopping for the outfit Mulan and I'll partner with my girl Tiana because I saw so many cute green outfits walking through the mall we'll cook up the hottest new back-to-school looks for the Fashion Show and I'm gonna choose Elsa because we are gonna bring cool back-to-school yay and remember friends like Merida said the deadline to enter is 4 p.m. sharp okay great she'll be meet in the middle of the mall then yeah bye where they're setting up the stage now oh it says something else here the winning pair gets a six hundred dollar gift card for back-to-school shopping Wow well I don't know about you but let's go jasmine but come on Merida I saw the perfect outfit this way yo big summer blowout how can I help you hi I'm jasmine and this my friend Tiana and we're looking for back-to-school items preferably green teal aqua they're our favorite colors you've come to the right place I have the perfect looks right over there sounds awesome Wow look at all this great stuff Oh Jasmine look you would look so good in this huh and this green dress you would look amazing in this – yikes Princess Jasmine I think I see accessories over there let's go have a look yeah how dare they make me do my community service working at a peasant store really a mistress of darkness like me yeah oh yay looks like I have a customer now Maleficent Elsa what are you doing here at this totally random shop that I don't work at wait you two know each other well let's just say she tries to play a trick on me like every other day haha just merely you're having a little fun that's all anyway what are you doing here are you shopping – are you entering the fashion show um why yes yes I am if you're shopping and entering the contest where is your partner and what are you wearing a nametag I always wear a name tag so strangers know my name and my partner my partner is Anna what that doesn't make any sense I thought Anna was away at camps Elsa she is oh you thought I meant your sister Anna no I met my sister Anna wait what I didn't know we both had sisters named Anna okay well it was great to see you outside good to meet you Becky but I've got to go I'm late for dinner it's only three o'clock so Becky my name's Belle take a hint from your own song Elsa and let it go why Oh weird lady I know right anyway let's shop yeah these outfits are so cute Elsa I love this jacket for you oMG that's totally my color speaking of belch I love it it's so cute okay now we need some serious accessories okay yeah looks like go back to school fashion show eh it says the winner here gets $600 worth of new clothes time to make sure I win this thing Oh Milan you would totally rock this pink sweatshirt what do you think oh my god it's so cute and I think I can fight in this Oh Merida what do you think of this jacket it's so you I love it we're definitely going to win yeah as long as we're not late little time come on let's grab this and go come on down hello it's our annual back-to-school shopping fashion show welcome today's contestants will be working in pairs and the winner takes home a $600 back-to-school shopping spree let's get this party started please put your hands together for our first pairing Tiana and jasmine Thanks okay today we have the princess jasmine wearing a beautiful aqua top I'm bottom we have egg gold portal boys got it all so to top it off some nice gold leggings she has her signature dance and hairstyle give it up a princess let us bring to the stage Princess Tiana or should we say the queen of greed who knows how to rock better an army green pair of leggings topped off with a beautiful mint green flowy skirt and accented with this lovely neon tank and of course to top it all up we have her beautiful signature tiara let's give it up for Princess Tiana next up we have Merida and Mulan check out Milan and this Mushu approved bubblegum pink sweatshirt complete with velvet puppy dog and Kitty she's also got some maroon leggings on she is ready to be comfortable to go to school or defeat the huns let's get down to 50 and now we have Merida rocking a forest green v-neck let's see the v-neck on top we've got a copper jacket bringing out the fire in her hair and gold and pants bring it all together somebody get this girl a bow and arrow cause this is a fashion bullseye oh is this where they vote for the winner boy am i popular last but not least we have Elsa and Bev all right guys this is my girl Elsa even though the cold doesn't bother her anyway she is repping a cute Frost color jacket on top a skater royal blue skirt and a preppy button-up this outfit is too cool all right friends it's back to school with Belle and she is rubbing her signature in yellow outfit this small provincial girl is looking like a big-city fashion chic fashionista I mean check out her super cute skirt it's got easy breezy material and her jacket it's kind of like a cute cheap windbreaker on the run breaking hearts as she goes it's back to school back oh the time has come to announce the winner of the BAFTA school Disney Princess Fashion Show oh gosh I hope we win please pick us this is going so much better than I thought the time has come to announce the winner of the best school Disney Princess clothing fashion show wait wait you forgot about me who are you well hello there you may call me the mistress of darkness but my name is Melissa what are you doing here yeah I thought you had dinner to get to I'm a fast eater listen since the flyer says that everyone is allowed to be in the back-to-school shopping fashion show it's only fair that I get a chance to walk the catwalk yeah where's your fashion show partner yeah I thought you had to enter as a pair I have a partner she's my my sister yeah she's my sister she's a little bit of a tomboy and terribly shy but she's backstage let me go get her this is my sister Alexa she's wearing great black bat ears to match my horns pulled nice red and blue maxi dress is exactly let's get to the most important person I thought she said her sister's name was Anna like your says she did and look at me she's walking like Oh stick she looks like one of those mall cutouts this is my sister Maleficent she's wearing the only two colors that matter in the whole world purple and black okay now that that's over the judges have voted and I have the results right here the first vote for back-to-school fashion looks go to jasmine and tiana the second vote for the winner of the fashion show goes to Merida and we're lucky on our own the next vote goes to okay for the final vote oh wait there are several votes in here I did not even know we had that many judges the next vote goes to Lucent are you kidding me the mistress of darkness you got to be joking me did you see and what about her sister I know they didn't even mention her sister oh here Maleficent Maleficent Maleficent and last but not least mustn't thank you thank you everyone for voting for me and thank you all for being very bad dressers bad dresses just : bad dress has she even looked in the mirror who are these judges anyway seriously and to shake it the gift card for school supplies don't even go to school Thank You meryt ofor reminding me hmm I'll be taking this since I'm the rightful winner and all I feel like something isn't right Elsa I know you totally read my mind Belle let's go see if we can figure out what's going on yeah I think I saw a page this way yeah oh sorry and like that wait unless this is a mannequin this is just American it's a car of Justin Bieber in a wig you're right that means Maleficent is seriously up to something we have to stop her from getting this grand prize let's go let's go bye Justin now if you'll all pay attention I've prepared a speech I don't think so yeah Maleficent cheated how dare you Becky it's Belle yeah and by the way we know that your sister's a fake she's a mannequin aka she's not real I knew something wasn't right same here she looked like the Biebs yeah that sister of hers couldn't even walk she looked like a mall store cutout wait so does that mean what I think it means I think we tied my first place yeah I should have known something was wrong the last time I checked there were only three judges anyway since Maleficent cheated all the Disney purchases tie for first place what what we do the back school fashion show shopping spree will now be split equally between all the princesses they each win fifty dollars no Maleficent maybe you should go back to school $600 split six ways is perhaps you could find it in your heart to split it seven ways no chance the prize is for students only that's $100 for each of us and the fact that we all won makes it even sweeter

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  3. walks to the far end of the hallway
    πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈ: Tigger, we're gonna need you to do your super bounce.
    🐯: Into long hallways? Gulp uh oh
    🦌: I'll fly above you and scout for Rajah from the ceiling. Genie, wanna help me with that?
    πŸ§žβ€β™‚οΈ: You mean I have to ride on your back, Rudolph? This probably won't end well.
    🐯: Winds up the super bounce, ping-pongs himself around all the hallways, only to KO everyone when he returns
    🦌: Please do NOT do that at home.
    πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈ: We're gonna have to use a slingshot to chase Rajah down.
    🦌: You had to use the angry bird method.

  4. Rapunzel: we need to get Rajah back!
    Me: looks at Tigger Tigger, chase Rajah around the school and DON'T COME BACK until you catch him.
    🐯: He's faster than me.
    πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈ: Did you really think I meant to catch him on foot?
    🦌: Do what you love doing best: bounce!

  5. 🐯: walks up to Rajah staring contest, because I'm the only tiger allowed at school!
    πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈ: That's because you can talk and you are only playfully vicious.
    🦌: Plus, you're fun to have around, just like…
    πŸ§žβ€β™‚οΈ: ME!

  6. draws Eevee and the Eeveelutions via magic markers
    Eevee: how did we get here?
    Jolteon: this is NOT the incredible world of Pokemon.
    Vaporeon: looks at princesses um, who are they, Annie?
    Princesses: OMG! So cute!
    Espeon: hi
    Umbreon: yo
    Leafeon: hello
    Glaceon: um, hi
    Sylveon: hi princesses!

  7. πŸ§žβ€β™‚οΈ: 😁 I think I might explode!
    πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈ: 😍🀩 You overwhelmed my heart!
    🐯: Haha, so happy!
    🦌: Yes, yes, YES! #BESTDAYEVER!
    πŸ§žβ€β™‚οΈ: I can't believe I'm in an episode.
    πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈ: You're in a TON, Genie.

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