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Disney Princess Birthday Party!

Disney Princess Birthday Party!

[MUSIC PLAYING] [HORN BLOWING] [KNOCK ON DOOR] Happy Birthday! Thank you! Happy Birthday. Thank you. Happy Birthday. Thanks. Happy Birthday. Thank you. Oh, my god! You got a new house! Yeah, the furniture
at my last house kept getting up and leaving. And then it just was far
too expensive to upkeep. Again? I know, right? Where’d all your books go? Oh, I read everything
online now. It’s way easier that way. Why isn’t everyone dressed
in their regular outfits? We don’t wear the
same things every day. Our clothes didn’t just
magically disappear because we became princesses. I have tiaras for everyone. Ooh! Thank god. You guys will actually
look halfway decent now. Belle, truth or dare? Dare. I dare you to prank call Gaston. Oh, my god. OK, I will. I will. [PHONE RINGING ON SPEAKERPHONE] Hello? Hi, Gaston. This is the mirror store. I just want to let you know
that your 700-foot mirror is on the way. Uh, I think you got
the wrong order. I ordered a 900-foot mirror. OK, um, Snow White,
truth or dare? Truth. OK, um, who do you
have a crush on? One of my roommates. He’s kind of grumpy. You have a crush on Grumpy? No. Dopey. Oh! Tiana, truth or dare? Dare. I dare you to pick truth. What? No, you can’t do that. That’s cheating. Cheating? I never cheat. I play fairest of them all. Oh. I’m so sorry I’m late. My stepsisters locked
me in a closet. I wasn’t even at
my stepmom’s house. They literally broke in
and locked me in a closet. Hey, is that a piñata? Oh, my god! Can I go first? Please, please, please? I don’t care. Oh, yes! What? This isn’t how you
get the candy out? This is how I got the genie out. No, no, no, no, no, no. You hit it. See, I feel like that
makes less sense. Yeah, why would you hit it? It’s so pretty. It’s not about what’s
on the outside. It’s about what’s on the inside. Watch and learn. [MUSIC PLAYING] [GRUNTING] No, Cinderella! Let it go! No! No! I hate it. I hate it. I want it! I want it. Let it go. I want– Let it go. –it! Ew, you eat gummy worms? Coming from the girl who
makes out with frogs. [SCOFFS] He told me he was
going to turn into a man. And you believed him? You turn pumpkins into cars. And you think my
story’s unrealistic? Hmm. Ooh, cake! (SINGING) Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Belle. Happy birthday to you. [TWIG SNAPPING] What was that? Oh, it’s probably a bird. They always show up when I sing. (SINGING) How old are you now? How old are you now? How old are you now? How old are you now? (SINGING) I’m 44 years old now. I’m 44 years old now. I’m 44 years old now. I’m 44 years old now. Wow, that’s old. I’m 94. I’m 87. Good lord. OK, Belle, ready to
blow out your candles? If you can? Let me make a wish first. What’d you wish for? Oh, my god, Belle,
that was my dog. Can I cut the cake? No, Elsa, don’t. I don’t want an ice cream cake. This would be the fourth
year in a row of you turning my cake into an ice cream cake. Mhm. Dang it, Elsa! Just cut me a piece
with no icing. That’s ironic. OK, Hermoine. What does that even mean? [MUG BREAKING] Chip! Oh, my god, Chip! Cinderella, are you
going to clean that up? Yeah, Cinderella, are you? Why me? Why should I clean that? The thing is, I love cleaning. But if I clean it for them,
I’ll just be a maid again. OK, let’s do presents
now to make her less stressed out about the mug. I hope somebody got her a mug. Oh, a Taco Bell gift card. Thank you. Do you get it? Get what? Because it’s Taco Bell? No. Belle. Yes. Taco Bell. No. Oh, forget it. Do you want it back? Yeah, sure. OK. Thank you. Happy birthday. Thank you! Oh, look, this is so cute! Why is there only one? Oh. I lost it. I love it. I got you some roses. They’re fake. So they won’t die and
leave you with the Beast. Thank you. Oh, my god, it’s midnight. I have to go right now. Oh, OK. Bye. Wait, guys, OK, I wanted to
read you a book that I wrote. It’s only 7,000 pages. So it shouldn’t take too long. “Once upon a time, there
was a beautiful princess. She was so beautiful that–” [DOOR BANGS] Whatever. I’ll finish the next chapter. “Once upon a time, there
was a beautiful princess named Belle.”

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  2. Jasmine: A pinyata!? Can i go first, please please please?
    Elsa: I dont care.
    Jasmine runs over and rubs the pinyata
    Everyone: 😞😞😞😞😞

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  5. Belle:"Aw! A taco bell gift card! Thank you Elsa!"
    Elsa:"Do you get it?"
    Belle:"Get what?"
    Elsa: "Bell"
    Elsa:"Taco bell?"
    Elsa: sighs
    Belle:"Do… you want it back?"
    Elsa: Pauses
    Also Elsa:"Yeah"
    hands over gift card
    Elsa:"Thank you.."
    Belle:"Um.. happy birthday.."

  6. happy happy birthday Belle you look so pretty oh my God I wish you anniversary happy birthday God bless you. The text is from Brenda walking

  7. 0:15
    Btw I’m a science nerd so sorry🤓

    If Elsa freezes everything she touches, and then Hugged Belle, all the blood in belles body would have frozen. Thus, turning belle would turn into a porcelain like substance

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