DISNEY PRINCESS MAGIC ART CLASS. (With Tiana, Pocahontas, Merida, Belle, and Cinderella) Totally TV

DISNEY PRINCESS MAGIC ART CLASS. (With Tiana, Pocahontas, Merida, Belle, and Cinderella) Totally TV

oh it worked hey Mego yeah it's finally time for art class I'm so glad I signed up for them yeah bad last time you said it was so much fun oh it's so fun just wait we better get inside I think Ariel Marriner already in there hey you guys are you ready for art class we sure are miss easel said she'd be back in a second but she had to go to the office or something so in the meantime to start drawing with these markers Oh that'll be fun I wonder what I should draw I think I'm going to color Miko wait a second you guys I have something even better magic markers um about these are magic markers no I need magic markers last time I was in art class Genie substituted and he gave us these what do they do you can draw whatever you want and it'll magically come to life but just be careful there was a whole tiger incident last time that we do not want to repeat okay I was going to tell her Miko with the regular marker but now I'm going to use this marker instead oh it worked Hey Miko welcome to art class oh he's so cute so what are you guys going to color easy I'm gonna color my famous beignets hmm not as good as my been a recipe but let me say it is good for marker paper and magic it's so fun I'm going to color a bow and arrow I have it home so cool let's see if it works [Applause] bullseye I know just what I am going to draw my other shoe yeah of a shoe yeah I lost one earlier I've no I'm here on one shoe all day you've got to get better about keeping it with your shoes I know bad habit but hey let's see what happens perfect fits like a glove Oh what are you going to color mm-hmm good question mrs. was coming back we should probably put our markers away just in case might make her nervous after that whole tiger thing welcome to our class ladies I'm feeling so much better since a few weeks ago today is extra special because we have a transfer student Oh a transfer student who is it let's have her introduce herself hello fellow students who I've never ever met before my name is Mallory and I'm so excited to do art class with you you look awfully familiar Mallory miss easel don't you recognize her she's a villain she's constantly trying to take over or marry someone or all other kinds of like bad things Wow but I mean girl who I don't know that's cold I've been out sick I've never seen her before we have to be nice to poor Mallory here show her princess hospitality thank you miss ezel now take a seat Mallory today ladies we are going to be coloring with markers Pocahontas did you bring your raccoon I thought it was show-and-tell but I guess I was wrong just make sure he doesn't mess up your drawing okay ladies begin I'll be on my desk so new friends what have you been coloring we I'm talking to you Mallory yeah we know you're up to no good fine suit yourself I'm just going to start drying miss easel you're needed in the office I repeat miss easel and need him in the office oh well that's odd I was just in the office oh well I will be right back ladies keep colouring and creating art finally got rid of her so tell us what you're really doing here I came for the magic markers um you have magic markers that's what your drawing with you know what I mean where are you hiding them we are tied in anything oh really then what does Belle have in her hand um nothing hahahaha that was too easy now what to draw with this thing Melissa please these things can be very dangerous if used incorrectly duh why do you think I'm here I know what to draw what do you think she's drawing finished what did you draw a dragon of course [Applause] hey just borrow the room where did he go who knows that this is way worse than the tiger problem we've got to fix this too late ladies the dragon will only do what I tell him to do you can call me principal maleficents um no way you are not the principal we have to stop this right now right and where is Miss eizan why did she get called to the office like that let's just say a little birdie told her to go in there thanks again Diablo you got a boss well today's markers have magic eraser magic whiteout no once you draw something it's here to stay that's right here have your puny little marker back oh and if this roof isn't fixed by the time I get back you'll all have detention forever ah this is bad this is really bad okay so since we can't erase it we have to draw something new to stop it but who or what do we know that can stop a dragon I can't think of anyone it's hopeless wait a second I know someone who can help us I read his book and he had to deal with several dragons Pocahontas can I borrow your marker I'm sure I wonder who it is that should do it I'd like you guys to meet Harry Potter blimey where am I how'd I get here hi Harry I'm Belle big fan of your books oh thanks you're a princess Academy at our art class odd cos that's way better I was just falling asleep in potions class the flesh is snake well art class would be fun but Maleficent aka Belgium art of our world just drew a dragon to life with some magic markers exactly so Belle called you because she knew you had dealt with dragons before it's been a while do you know what kind it is hungarian horntail chinese fireball um no big scary fire-breathing one that's all we know gotcha I'm assuming it flew through there exactly good thing I have my wand on me now let's go find the dragon there's the dragon what are you gonna do Eric know any good spells this is tough I know one island in Tom's class I hope it works no you did it where did the dragon go she's right here thanks Harry you got it now I need to get this little guy back to Hogwarts Hagrid will love it new pet oh wait Harry before you go can you do a little spell to fix our roof sure Rosario good luck princesses and be careful with those magic markers akio boom where's my dragon what no excuse me young lady that little bird of yours just locked me in the office and I was just now able to escape you are hereby expelled from princess Academy I'm sorry I didn't believe you ladies that's okay happens all the time luckily we had a little help from a magical friend thanks again Harry finally my favorite class of the day art class I wonder what I'll paint today maybe a boat or a giraffe or a pineapple oh there are so many possibilities hey Rapunzel hey Elsa hey Belle Wow Moana you're in this class too this is so exciting I didn't realize we all signed up for our class at the same time this is gonna be so much fun of course we all love art class whew I was worried I wasn't gonna make it on time so much air traffic hey guys hey jasmine let's go in I think class is about to start I'm so excited let's go all right ladies welcome to art class today we will be drawing with colored markers that are under your desk please draw anything you want anything at all maybe something from your movies or a boom I think I saw him as I flew in no sorry it seems I've come down to the rotten cold as a matter of fact I better go call a substitute teacher and go see the nurse continue drawing oh no wha I hope she feels better I wonder your substitute teacher will be I hope it's someone nice but anyway we should probably start to draw hmm what's you draw I think I'm just gonna drop Olaf he's just so cute oh except it's art class oh my gosh Genie you're our substitute teacher this is so exciting Genie is the best to be honest I've never had a friend like him hey jasmine Oh princesses and whoa come to genies art class I had no idea you were an artist genie yeah do you paint 10,000 years of being a lamp will make you pretty good at painting not doing there so what are we working on so far we are drawing things with markers are they magic markers they might be magic no I'm talking about magic markers they're really magic it's a blend of Genie magic and fairy dust change it my fairy godmothers wand yadda yadda yadda the point is that with these markers anything you draw come to life no tried wrong with these I'm gonna color a pineapple this reminds me of MOTU Nui draw whatever you want the world is your oyster hmm wait genie is allergic to shellfish don't put on the oysters wait what what do you mean our drawings come to life how is that possible go ahead and draw something okay I'm gonna color in this Genie you're the best substitute teacher ever thank you thank you much well I wasn't expecting this I'd like to thank the Academy the princess Academy that is for hiring me and getting out of this lamp wait my man where did it go I parked it right here I haven't seen it but I thought on my carpet flight that I saw a boo in a tree with something outside the window oh boo mysterious monkey okay kids be right back I need to go get my lamp back have fun with a magic markers be careful don't draw anything you wouldn't want to come tonight I'm gonna color Oh cute isn't he Elsa fine but how did I get here oh I drew you here with magic markers magic markers no magic oh wow our class that's almost as cool as you Elsa Wow if you were able to draw Olaf I wonder if I could bring in one of my friend who are you going to draw Pascal no I have an even better idea I'm gonna draw a good friend of mine who would love this art class where am I how did I get here one minute I was with Maximus at the snuggly duckling battling some Royal Guards and now I'm here I drew you here welcome to our class Eugene Shh call me Flint trying to keep the Eugene thing on the down-low okay when I do you here so now you can enjoy art class with us we're drawing with magic markers and I know you're gonna say they're different from regular markers they're actually magic that's amazing you drew me with these feels like you got my nose right finally someone gets my nose right and my smolder feels perfect oh I wish I could color in Prince Adam but I don't have a picture of him why don't you try drawing him freehand oh my gosh good idea can I borrow your marker Oh Belle how do I get here I dream here with these magic markers Wow those are magic okay so that means I'm the only one that hasn't color something yet but I think I have a great idea of what to color who are you going to color a Latin or cute new epic even better this is gonna be a roaring good time everyone meet my best friend Raja oh my gosh tiger run we gotta get out of here no don't worry you guys he's nice he's actually a vegetarian these days so he wouldn't hurt a fly oh so cute hi Raja of course he's the best whoo got my lap back I had to treat him five bananas well I still think I got the better end of the day tiger genie that wasn't just any tiger that was Raja remember him he wanted her to fly oh goodness I didn't recognize him he's lost weight let's do that Newton vegetarian diet we need to get him back the other teachers and students aren't gonna know he's harmless if anyone sees a tiger running around the school they're going tension teachers and students there's a tiger loose in the school I repeat there's a tiger loose in the school this is not a drill everyone please make your way outside no wait that's a fire drill um girl Jones your desk no that's an earthquake okay well um try to run away and not get you by the tiger oh no no everyone is really going to be afraid of Raja and they'll never let me substitute teach again they'll send me straight back to the Cave of Wonders don't worry Jeannie we aren't gonna let that happen we need to find him but he's probably scared we need to let him back in with some kind of bait great idea huge I mean Flynn Chapman what does Raja like to eat his favorite is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but I did bring one in my lunchbox o TG woman remember what you learned today in art class that's it Jasmine you can drop PB and J great dear Moana and you too Jeannie okay here it goes Jeannie you stay here with Olaf in case he comes back we will keep a lookout Roger that captain over out let's go Prince Adam okay let's go find that tiger Roger come on Roger here kitty kitty King we have your favorite sandwich I don't think this is working let's split up and all check different places then we can meet back here good idea he likes to collect things like my shoes or anything release if we see a pile of stuff he might be close by okay so Prince Adam Elsa and I will go look in one of the classrooms and fun and I can check the cafeteria I brought my frying pan just in case hey be careful with that thing what I meant in case he wants his PB&J grilled nothing better than a grilled PB&J sounds good Jasmine we should check the football field okay let's go Roger it looks like everyone ran out of the cafeteria they even left their lunch boxes empty okay this one has chips and an apple but no sandwich that's a clue and paw prints huh let's go come on Roger it's me Jasmine I have your favorite treats Roger wait what's this it looks like this balls been deflated and look there's bite marks on it that's definitely Raj's bite I can tell he has an overbite and look at those paw prints they're going right into the gym let's go hey guys we followed these paw prints us too hey they went here Raja I have your favorite PJ there you are silly boy whoa are you collecting things again I'll go let the principal know things are under control right after I take this guy back to Agrabah good work princesses good morning class today is going to be a very fun and exciting day but before we get into that let's jump right into roll call Jasmine here Merida I Anna here Belle here Rapunzel here and finally Elsa present the reason why today is going to be so exciting class it's because we're going to do a talent show a talent show which of you would like to be in the talent show don't worry I can assure you you'll all get a turn so how does this how shall work exactly like are there rules well anyone who is a student can enter into the talent show with their own original talent you can sing dance or whatever you like and then you will all decide on whose talent was your favorite is there a prize winner for the best overall talent there sure is the winner gets a trip to Disneyland for them and a guest I've never been I'd love to take Kristoff oh I definitely want to win that prize okay good luck students the talent show is tomorrow class dismissed guests are guests on have you heard the news spells finally broken up with beasts and wants to marry me no Gaston but the school is having a really big talent show and the winners get an all-expense-paid trip to Disneyland for them and one other talent shows pile of talent shows and if I win this thing I'd take somebody with me to the magical kingdom yeah you can take any one you want like your best friend oh yeah I can take Belle or you could take anyone else like your best friend no I don't think Hans is in town the field anyway I know exactly how to win this thing come on laughs ooh we have a show to win hello and welcome to the annual talent show prepare to have some fun because some of your favorite Disney friends like Elsa Belle and more they're all here and ready to perform their hearts out so put your hands together and get ready for our first act Merida hello everyone today I'll be demonstrating some of my archery skills now this is a town that takes years of practice patience and extreme precision a mistake up would you help me for a minute oh sure Merida what can I help you with dear which is down right there and be a model for me me a model oh yeah sure you're so sweet I'm mystique would you help this Apple for me sure you know teachers love apples no I mean on your head please on my head now far the danger sparked danger alright I will move back here and shoot the Apple off the teachers head hopefully I don't miss shoot my head missus on the count of three one it's okay weirdo you don't have to do this we all know you're very talented Archer – oh my goodness why did I say okay to this oh wow Merida that was spot-on good job give me a sec give me a peg hey give me an M not M give me an N riches in with it I think I got it I'm gonna go find the other girl I'm getting nervous there are a lot of people out there in that crowd yeah you guys are gonna be great I'm up next wish me luck break a leg well not really good luck good luck what a great way to start the talent show Merida great job next up is a beauty who has brains and juggling skills take it away Belle people say you just have to stop and smell the roses I say sometimes you have to stop and juggle and now for my next trick here we go thank you all this talent I am so impressed well here comes the next step did somebody call for Gaston and Lefou um no definitely not no one called you got sons ha ha ha very funny Belle everybody knows you loved having me around and when I win the crowd over with my amazing talent I'll finally be able to bring you on that dream day to Disneyland no way why don't you take someone else like Lefou oh and who's to say you're going to win anyway Oh else are you silly Sally everybody knows I'm going to win rights Lefou right no one sings like Gaston and then leans like Gaston well what are you even saying I just think everyone has an equal chance at winning the talent show exactly well I'd love to stay and chat my little belly button but that's my name being cold right now laughing let's go but they called your name Ariel next up is princess you mean the next talented talent on stage is me guest on oh I must have mixed up my notes somehow I guess the next performer is Gaston I am the strongest person in school and all the land actually I shall lift a thousand pounds Oh guests on you sir are the most talented person in school everyone should definitely vote for us hashtag gas Don's Got Talent yeah gosh fool now for my next amazing talent I shall lift my good friend Lefou who weighs one metric time hey isn't that right Lefou you wait 2,000 pounds yeah yeah I weigh 2,000 pounds a whole metric ton come here laughs ooh hi what an interesting talent you have Gaston keep up the great work Lefou please show mr. muscles to the backstage area oh but I'm not done I'm gonna juggle five dozen eggs although that sounds egg-cellent Gaston now we have a truly magical princess coming to the stage but wait wait my name is Jasmine and I've been learning a lot of cool new magic tricks for my friends the genie and magic carpet today I'm gonna show you one you all know how Agrabah has the most beautiful flowers so I'm gonna make flowers magically appear in this empty vase I'm gonna wave my wand three times and then I'm gonna place it in the cup and say the magic words ready everyone one two three voila I wish I could do that great job well next coming to the stage is a truly talented voice actress please everybody put your hands together for Rapunzel and her wild performance hi everyone I'm Rapunzel wow there's so many people out here today oh well today I'm going to do some animal noises for you I hope you have a good day bye wow that was amazing I can't wait for you to see who's next [Applause] here's my talent give me an edge give me an A hey give me any choice what's that [Applause] last but certainly not least here comes the ice queen herself Elsa can't wait to see what cool talent she'll be debuting today able to control my freezing powers but now it's time is passed I've gotten actually pretty good with it and I've started making sculptures out of ice so I'd like to present to you not only my ice powers but this little piece I've been working on called sisters next I'd like to up the cool meter with a new ice installation I've been working on called the ice castle and last but certainly not least I can even make edible aka popsicles what amazing that was really cool Elsa get it No okay great job everyone this group truly has talent now it's time to decide the winner see if you can stalks amongst yourself and pick a winner Oh everyone was so talented I know I can't decide whose talent I like the best me neither I mean I really liked Merida's bow and arrow trick I really liked your ice sculptures Elsa thanks so much I've been working on them and I really love your magic skills Jasmine everyone is so talented but I think I've got an idea of who I'm voting for I don't want to vote for just one person me neither I vote for all of us if I could but I guess I have to choose

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