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DISNEY PRINCESS TIME TRAVELERS. (Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Anna and Elsa See Their Future) Totally TV

DISNEY PRINCESS TIME TRAVELERS. (Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Anna and Elsa See Their Future) Totally TV

Later in this video. Yeeei! It’s finally the weekend! Yeah Saturday’s are mermaid days. That’s what I heard right Ariel? Right, that’s right. It is so cool that your dad gave you the ability
to come and go as a mermaid as you please. Totally. And now that I had this mini Trident I can
turn us into mermaids every weekend. So you guys ready to be mermaids again? Yeeees! Let’s do it! I just love being a mermaid. I know. Me too. I feel like I was meant to be a mermaid. Your movie is my favorite Ariel. Same here. So, what do you guys want to do? Let’s go look for a buried treasure. Great I know just the place, let’s go. Oh my gosh Ariel! What’s that? I don’t know, I’ve never seen one of those before. I think I read about this in one of my books. I think this is the Bermuda Triangle! I don’t know, it seems like a weird swirly
circle to me. No no, they just call it that. It’s a vortex. It transports you to who knows where? Another time, another dimension big mystery
but anyway, I’m pretty sure that’s definitely it. We should probably swim back. Oh, no I can’t! Whoa! Oh, it’s pulling us in! whoa, That was crazy. I feel seasick… Strange. It looks like we’re right back to where we
were. Maybe it wasn’t the Bermuda Triangle after
all. Yeah, maybe it was just a crazy wave. What are you guys doing here? Queen Ursula doesn’t like it when people
are swimming freely. Um, excuse me, who are you? I’m Melody but we’re all gonna be toast if
we don’t get out of these open waters. Wait, who did you say was Queen? Queen Ursula. Hello it’s like you guys aren’t even mermaids. Oh I’m definitely a mermaid and I know that
Ursula is not a Queen. Huh, good one. It’s like the whole Ursula take over never
happened. Keep dreaming sister. What do you mean Ursula take over? Are you guys seriously not from here? Not quite. Ursula took over a long time ago when I was
just a baby. She banished my mom and convinced my dad to
marry her which frankly I think he must be under a spell because that is so not like
him. Who are your parents? Princess Ariel and Prince Erik of course. Wait, what? Um Ariel’s not your mom right? Oh, you sound like you’ve been watching too
much TV. I’m Ariel and Prince Erik would never marry
Ursula and I don’t have kids. You’re saying you’re my mom? You kind of look like her but, younger. But you can’t be her. Ursula had her banished to the mermaid lagoon. Hold on a second, Melody what year is it? It’s 2045 of course. Wow, you guys are really weird. 2045! Oh the Bermuda Triangle! It transported us here. To the future! The future is terrible! How did this all happen? Like I said, something happened when I was
a baby and it all went wrong. Melody, can you take us to Ursula’s castle? I can, but her main castle is on land and we’re
all mermaids .Don’t worry, I’ll take us there. Let’s go. Oh my gosh! I have legs! Wait, how did you… Wait a second, Belle, Anna, Elsa, Jasmine. I’ve seen all of your movies and read all
your books. You guys were friends with my mom…. which means
… Melody, I think Ariel is your mom. I mean we traveled through time and we traveled
through this swirling Bermuda Triangle thing, so basically… I’m your mom from the past. This is weird! Oh my gosh! This is crazy. Hey mom. Call me Ariel. All this is a little too much for me. Same. Oh here comes Ursula and dad everybody hide. Oh, Eric you’re so slow. Sorry Ursula. I mean, Vanessa dear. You are so lucky to be married to me. That’s what you keep telling me dear. What? What’s going on? I told you, no way is he actually happy. He must be under a spell. What should we do? We have to break that spell. Melody, where’s your grandfather’s trident. Ursula has it but it’s locked up somewhere
safe. She’ll never let anyone get to it. She may have that trident, it but I have this
one. Will that work? It doesn’t have as much magic as the other
trident. But it should have some. How are we going to fix all of this? We need to go back to the time when Ursula
took over. Ariel, can you make that vortex reappear? I can try. Melody, you said this took place when? When I was a baby in the year 2028. 2028? Okay. I hope this works. Let’s go? It’s our only hope. Where are we? This looks really familiar. This is my room or it was the first year of
my life. It was my nursery. It sounds like somebody’s coming! We should probably hide. I read somewhere about not seeing your past
self in the future and it messes up the time-space, something or the other. Let’s hide over here. She’s finally asleep. It only took rocking her for hours. You know I thought she was gonna have my red
hair but it looks like she’s gonna have your dark hair. That’s true, but she has your eyes and thin. Luckily with the Trident, she’ll be able to
choose if she wants to be a mermaid or a human whenever she wants. There you go little one. Sweet dreams. Ariel, you’re so pretty. I mean of course you’re pretty but older you,
which is you. All this is confusing. We can’t get distracted. We have to find out when Ursula took over
and stop it from happening. I wonder who that could be. I have an idea. Let’s go see. Wow! We’ve been looking for a nanny for quite some
time. What did you say your name was? My name is a Helga. I am from Stannis of Lakhia. A tiny tiny country. That’s no nanny.. That’s Ursula. What’s with all these villains and all of their
disguises? Seriously, I can’t believe older me is falling
for that. Look! Older you is leading Ursula in. Come on in. Oh, I am so sorry. Do you have a washroom of some sort? I want to make sure my hands are clean before
I see baby. Of course. It’s right around the corner. Thank you. Oh and the nursery is upstairs? Yes? I will meet you there. See you upstairs. Now, where do you they keep that trident? She’s going to look for the Trident now. That must be how she took over. Yeah, this is the moment we need to reverse. Wait Ariel, where do you keep your Trident? It’s hidden in my library. I got the idea from you Belle, of course. We better go follow her and make sure she
doesn’t get it. Now, where oh where could that trident be? Hmm I know. I’ll use that little spell my good friend
Maleficent taught me. Trident trident, wherever you may be, make
yourself known, show yourself to me… Yes! Stop right there! What? Ariel! What are you doing here? And you changed. You look younger. Are you wearing a new moisturizer? Don’t worry about it Ursula. Yeah, none of your beeswax. Yeah. What you should worry about is that your plan
is spoiled. Yeah, no way are we gonna let you take over
Atlanta girl. Yeah, no way. Elsa, Belle, Anna, Jasmine and…. Wait… Who are you? Uh.. I’m new. To bad ladies. It looks like you’re too late. The Trident is all mine! Hahahaha… Uh, yeah, I don’t think so. Curses! Ice queen! Wow! You really do have powers like the stories
say? I do. I’m not really supposed to use my ice powers
but I think this is the exception to the rule. I’m gonna take this. Miss Nanny, Miss nanny where did you go? Wait, older me is coming. There’s nowhere to hide! What do we do? Miss nanny, miss nanny.. Wait, Jasmine, Belle, Elsa, Anna, what are
you guys doing here? Wait, is that… Hi me, it’s me from our past. Oh my goodness! You look just like me. Is this a dream? The Bermuda Triangle actually took us through
this time-space continuum. Yeah. You may want to sit down for this. Future Ariel meet past Ariel. Yeah. We came from the past into the far future
then we realized Ursula had taken over. And we knew that this is the moment in time
that it happened so we came back to stop it. Thank you so much. I was so confused when I saw you all. I just came from the park and you all were
there with your kids. Um. What? I can’t thank you enough for stopping Ursula. I don’t think we’ve met. Oh, we may have, briefly. Don’t worry, we’ll get to know each other
a lot better. We need to see if we fix things. Here. You’ll need this. Bye…Me. Bye friends and me. Okay. We should be back in 2045. Everything looks the same. Melody… Melody…. Mom. There you are silly. We’ve been looking all over for you. Mom, dad is Ursula still the Queen? It sounds like you’ve been watching our movie
too much. We haven’t seen that sea witch in ages. Wait, dad you’re a mermaid? Honey, you know I moved down here to share
your mom’s back in the woods in 2035. Are you being funny? Oh yeah, just kidding around… it worked. Oh yes. We did it… Great job you guys. We should get out of here though before we
mess up any more time things. Bye Melody, good luck. Bye mom…Ariel, thank you. I’ll see you in a few years. Let’s go guys. Do you think we made it back to the right
time period? Hey guys, want to go down to the beach? Eric, I’m so happy to see you. I’ll never make you carry all my shopping bags. Oh, um thanks. You guys, look! There was a note in my pocket that wasn’t
there before. Dear past Anna, try mustard on your sandwiches. It will change your life. Love, future Anna. What? I know, mustard. Who would have thought! All the girls keep telling me to use a brush. But I swear this dinglehopper really does
the trick. Ariel, there you are! I’ve been looking all over for you. Tiana! It’s so good to see you. It looks like you’ve been busy in the kitchen. That’s right. Mama Odie and I have been testing out this
recipe. Let us know if you like it. What a beautiful dream cake! I can’t wait to take it home and try it. Let me know what you think. Oh, this cake really is dreamy! Oh, so tired. Ariel, Ariel, wake up! Dad, what are you doing here? Prince Eric, he’s downstairs. Here’s a question to ask you. Eric, What a surprise! Sorry Ariel, I know you were napping but I
just wanted to ask Ariel, the mermaid, will you marry me? Oh my gosh Eric! Yes of course. Thank you today for coming to the wedding
of Ariel and Eric. They’re going to be married… Eric, I promise to always swim by your side
no matter what and I promise to always make you your favorite snack, seaweed salad whenever
you want. And I look forward to seizing every opportunity
together. They always told me that there were more fish
in the sea but I didn’t think I would literally fall in love with the sea. I promise to care for you and to not be shellfish. We will surf life’s waters together. I’m betting on a sure thing and that’s you. I now pronounce you husband and wife! Yeah, I’m so happy for them! I am so excited. I’ve been shipping this relationship for a
long time. Oh my gosh! She’s so pretty. I wonder if they’re gonna live on land or
in the ocean. Good question. I bet they go back and forth, probably land,
ocean, land. I am so excited to be married to my best friend. Let’s go start the rest of our lives together! Hey Belle, oh yeah, Anna’s here right now. Oh yeah, we just got our invitations too!. Oh pink skies up ahead. Please help us welcome our new baby as she
be part of our world! Oh my god! She is so cute! Yeah, actually Tiana just called right before
you and she says she’s heading that way so we’ll meet you there. Oh, I’m so bored. They say life is better under the sea but
I’m just down here getting soggy and old. Wait, what’s this? Belle’s Instagram story. Hey guys! I’m here with Elsa and Anna and we are on
our way to Ariel’s party for her new baby. So excited! Ariel had a baby? How did I miss this? Well, I guess I’ll just have to pay this party
a little visit. I wonder where Ariel is. Hi everybody, Thank you so much for coming. Meet melody! Oh my gosh Ariel! She has your… your… eyes? Fin! My father said he’s gonna change that when
she gets older. But she’s gonna start her life just like I
did, as a mermaid. Oh, she’s so cute! Oh, can I hold her? Hi little mermaid, she’s so cute. Hello ladies, good to see you. Oh hey dad. Hey Mister uh, Triton. Everyone, I have a big announcement, come to the ball room. They just left the door open? Who does that? This is too easy. Now that my granddaughter has been born, I
have a big announcement. What is it? Yeah, dad what’s up? I’ve been ruler for Atlantica for a very long
time and now I feel like it’s time for Triton to retire. Retire? What do you mean? That means you Ariel and Eric are gonna be
king and queen of Atlantica. What? She can’t be Queen. I’m supposed to be queen but I need the Trident
and in order to get it, I need bargaining power. Wait, I’ve got it! What? So not only is this a party for my granddaughter,
Melody, but it’s also a coronation. I will now… What just happened? Why did all the lights go out? I don’t like this. Dad? Oh my gosh, you guys my dad is gone! Look, there’s a note. If you ever want to see your precious father
again, meet me in Atlantica with the Trident. Signed Ursula. Eric, we have to go save my dad. Yeah, let’s stop Ursula. Eric and I have to go find my father. I cannot believe Ursula took him. How can we help you? We need someone to babysit Melody while Eric
and I go. Eric and I have to go find my father. I cannot believe Ursula took him. How can we help you? We need someone to babysit Melody while Eric
and I go. Elsa and I can do that. We can. Yeah, I mean we babysat a ton of times. Yeah, human babies not merbabies. It’s basically the same thing. I’m sure we’ll be great. Thank you both so much. Yeah, we really appreciate it. Tiana and I will guard the Trident just in
case she tries to come back . Yeah, you can count on us. Thanks guys. We’re gonna try to use this fake Trident we
had made to bargain with her. You made a fake Trident? Yeah. We thought it was best. We had a feeling something like this might
happen one day. The real one is hidden in the next room. Great. We’re on it. And Anna and Elsa, here’s a list of all the
things little Melody needs. She has to be kept in salt water for 80% of
the day, she has to be fed seaweed milk three times a day and a bunch of other stuff. I don’t know about this. Oh, we will be fine. Go, good luck. Thanks. Bye sweet angel. Thank you so much. So I guess we better put the baby in the pool. Right? Yeah, It makes sense. Ariel, you know I’m not a greatest swimmer. You’ll be fine. I have the potion that my father gave me to
turn you into a merman. Okay, let’s do it. Okay. Here we go. Where do you think she took him? To her castle in Atlantica. She’s dying to be queen and we can’t let it
happen. Let’s go. Anna, she’s crying. What do we do? I don’t know, check Ariel’s note. Uh, we probably need to put her in some salt
water. Yeah. Ariel left this salt here. Oh, and this must be her little baby pool. Perfect. Okay, I will add the salt. Okay. We can have her in. Elsa, we did it, she stopped crying! Huh. She must have just needed a little TLC or
should I say NaCl. Good job! Uh-huh, she crying again. Eric, there’s my dad! King Triton. You guys found me! Ursula took me so she could get the trident,
don’t give it to her. That’s right. I deserve to be queen of Atlantica. It should have been me years ago. No Ariel, she’s a villain. Don’t give it to her. Fine. No Trident, no trade. That’s the deal. Sorry dad, we have to give it to her. Yeah. We’ll do anything to get Ariel’s dad back. Here you go. Now let my father go. Foolish mermaid, did you ever think I would
really let him go? He can stay here forever now because I have
the power. What’s going on? Hahahaha. That’s not the real Trident. Way to go daughter. And you, we’re not true to your word. You didn’t release him. Uh, I’m a villain. That’s what I do. I don’t follow through. But, I’ll make you another deal and this one
I’ll keep. You give me the real Trident and I’ll swear
on Flotsam and Jetsam that I’ll give him back. Okay? Um, I have her seaweed milk here. Smells so seaweedy. I know but I’ll do anything to make her stop
crying. Here you go Melody. Oh my gosh! I think we did it. We’ve got this baby thing down. Oh noo. Hey Belle, it’s Ariel. Ariel? Are you still under the sea? How is she calling us right now? Well, I’m calling you on my shellphone but
that’s not important. I really need you to bring me the trident. Bring you the trident? You have the fake trident. No, the real one. Belle, are you sure that isn’t Ursula? No you guys it’s really me. Ursula knew that one was a fake. We have to give her the real one.It’s the
only hope we have of getting my dad back and he’s way more important than the Trident. You got it Ariel. What do we need to do? Just go to the ocean and throw it in. I’ll be there to catch it. Okay, bye. We’re on it. Uh, look Melody, what a ball. Melody look, it’s a… it’s a floater… nothing? Uhh, this is hopeless Elsa. Oh, Melody, I’m so sorry we have failed you as babysitters. Wait a second… Melody… Anna, that’s it, Sing an Ariel song.I don’t know, I don’t relly feel like singing after all of this. Come on Anna, you can do it. When it’s my turn, wouldn’t I love love to
explore that shore up above wandering free wish I could be part of that world. Anna, it worked! Oh my gosh! Melody loves singing. Of course! Great thinking Elsa. Okay Ariel, are you ready? Ready. Okay, here it goes. Thank you guys. Okay, good luck. Let him go Ursula. Are you sure you want to do this? Don’t do it. We have to. You have the Trident. Very well. Ariel. You’re free. I’m sorry dad, I did what I had to do. The Trident is all mine, hahahaha. What are
we gonna do? Ariel? What dad? Ariel, Ariel wake up. Dad? What are you doing here? Prince Eric, he’s downstairs. He has a question to ask you. Sorry, Ariel, I know you were napping but
I just had to ask. Ariel, a little mermaid where did you get
this cake? Don’t eat that. I just did and I had a crazy dream. Just to be clear, we’re not married with
a daughter and Ursula didn’t take dad and try to steal the Trident, right? Nope but I think I’ll pass in the cake.

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