100 thoughts on “DIY ❣️ Simple Cement Projects ❣️ How to SURPRISE YOUR WIFE

  1. Really it's waste of time never seen 👀such a boring video and finally wat happen to that fish plz don't post such type of videos

  2. Beautiful design but should provide more bigger space for fishy for spinning.. U can use design for fountain..will look more pretty

  3. At 9. minutes 38, the pot is far too small for those fish, and the paint might harm them.
    I hope they don't have to stay there : cruel.
    : (

  4. The idea is very beautiful but I have to agree with some of the other comments ,, you have to have more room for the fish,, , or build something safe that is gold fish friendly, maybe large gold fish bowl, and decorate around the bowl, with small rocks or the like,, but without the paint,🐠🐟🐚

  5. Seriously?!
    Not enough room, not even for the tiny ones!!
    Cement + paint = death
    Get those fishes out of there!!!!👉

  6. Usually when people get upset over fish being in weird tanks I think they are being dramatic. But this shit is fucked up, the big fish it's clearly in distress and can barely fit, let alone move, this thing is made of cement which would positively melt being in constant contact with water, the paint probably has some harmful chemicals, and there's no filter anywhere. I can't believe that this video have likes and that there is some asshole doing this horrible idiotic fish torture instrument and inviting others to do it

  7. Goodness, is anyone still married after these concrete creations. Just bonkers, dragging innocent fish into the whole extravaganza is going a bit too far.

  8. Lock up your wife inside the toilet and watch how the fish must be shouting if she could make her cries heard by you and me

  9. Fish need space and oxygen to be circulated in the water. I hope it was only for presentation for the video clip. Otherwise very nicely done.

  10. Los peces no se pueden no mover.. muy buenas manualidades, pero lo de los peces te lo podrías haber ahorrado

  11. Chingón tu proyecto pero creo que es una muy, pero muy mala idea poner esos peces en ese espacio, porque ni tú estarías a gusto en un espacio de 1 metro cúbico siempre con tus piernas encorvadas, solo es eso; por favor no vuelvas a hacerlo, repito muy chingones tus proyectos pero no la "cajeteés" con esas cosas de poner animales vas?

  12. Another masterpiece from this guy…….🤣

    Surprise your wife with a dead fish from toxic paint and cement dust in an awful looking, Idkwtf !!

  13. If you show something why you don't explain more clearly what is the white stuff you put on the cement?

  14. Great Ideas!😊🦋but The fish WILL DIE SOON & SUFFER BADLY bc of the lime in the cement and the paint may harm them!!!

  15. Il faut enlever les poissons ils n'ont pas assez d'eau donc ils vont mourir c'est dommage que la vie soit si peu pour vendre un truc

  16. Perdeu a oportunidade de mostrar um bom trabalho. Que idéia estúpida e cruel colocar peixes nessa cumbuca!

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