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DIY Cheap Art Supplies 2

DIY Cheap Art Supplies 2

hello everybody today i bring you two new tutorials that i truly hope will inspire you in your crafting your scrapbooking and in your arts in general so stay with me for the first project you will need any sort of craft foam glue scissors and a transparent lead this one for example belong to this sort of ink pad so I took advantage of something that I was not using anymore start by cutting a smaller piece of the phone so it’s easier and more practical to use and then all you have to do is pretty much cut out the shape you want now if you want one single shape that’s great for this example I wanted a triangle pattern so i cut out different triangles with different sizes and once i had them all i applied glue on top of all of the lead now you can see this glue is white but it dries transparent so no problem then i started placing the triangles where I wanted them to be and I pretty much went freestyle and for that reason when I go to the end of the triangles I had cut out I figured I wanted two more so i just took my phone and cut two more triangles to fit perfectly on those corners and finishing that way my stamp once it was dry time to try it and look at this i absolutely love it and of course i ended up trying different shapes cutting their my hand always and so here you see me trying them once and twice both of them I just think these stamps are amazing and they’re great because no one will have the exact same stamps as you so they are really one of a kind each of them now I’ve actually cheated on this one because I’ve used this small punch but the process was exactly the same and now you’ll see me using it and i love it but not as much as i love these now as you can see these are much bigger lead they belong to I don’t know cans of food and the process of creating this tree was the following I drew a tree now if you are not good at drawing you can just find a tree that you love and internet and print the picture wow this is amazing then I just place my drawing on top of the foam sheet and I secured it using tape and I did all the cutting with an exacto knife now of course you could cut it with Caesars if you prefer if it’s suitable but there you go I glued it and here you see me trying the stamp with the nice shade of light brown and the result is what you see then it’s time to do the lifts now I had previously stamped my image as I sec right now and I started cutting small Leafs I cut as many as I wanted I place them on top of the stamped image exactly where I thought they looked great and what i did was i applied glue to all of the lead as you can see his kind of yellowish and i simply turned it upside down and there you go I had all the Leafs glued on the lead and how great is this the whole project took me around half an hour the second tutorial is all about foil now you need a base like box or a piece of paper whatever you want your servers to be this is actually foil from the nails but when you buy for the nails and you also need caesars and double-sided tape now this is the basic technique you cut out a little piece of double-sided tape you glue it onto your surface you take the other and off you place the foil on top of it you press it a little bit and shut down there you go and now we can get creative this is a larger double-sided tape and what we need here is a sort of a sandwich of adhesive so you need the cover of the double-sided tape the cover that is non sticky on both sides so you can insert this in the punch without actually making it be glued all over so you use your punch there you go I have my snowflake in here and I just took one of the protections off I glued it on my surface I took the other side and the technique is pretty much the same here i have a multicolor foil and a result is absolutely stunning in my opinion you can use these with so many shapes and you see the greatest thing is you can even use the negative 1 2 3 and here you go look at this now this is for those of you who have this sort of glue pan this is a Martha Stewart glue pan you can pretty much draw anything you want right anything you want on the surface you choose as you can see him drawing your flower very roughly just one hand because the other one was holding the camera and it looks blue but once it’s dry it’s completely transparent and it’s sticky so you just apply the foil and the process is the same as soon as you apply a little pressure you can see the shape of the flower so you apply a little pressure and after a while you just have fabulous result so there you go to very easy and quite cheap ideas that will help you improve any of your words your crafting or projects I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and these new ideas and if you did please give this video a thumbs up thank you bye

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