DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas! 10 Creative Ways to Wrap a Present! + GIVEAWAY

(light celebratory music) – [Amanda] Hey guys, it’s Amanda. Welcome back to my channel, and it is day six of #AMANDACLAUS, which of course means there’s a giveaway at the end of this video, so stay tuned to check it out. But for today’s video, we are doing 10 DIY gift wrapping ideas, which I’m so excited for because gift wrapping is one
of my favorite things to do. Hopefully you guys find this helpful, but we have a lot to get through so let’s just get right
into the very first idea, which is this one. I think this one is like
very classic Christmassy. So you’re gonna start off by wrapping your gift in craft paper, which is very inexpensive. You could find this at the dollar store, at the craft store, basically anywhere. And it adds like a woodsy, outdoorsy feel to your present. And then you’re going to need a wreath. So I got this fake one
from the dollar store. It was $3, really inexpensive, and I’m using wire cutters to cut off the little pine branches. And then what I did is I
twisted three of them together to create a bunch, and then I tied it using some twine, and just tied it to the
box in a regular bow, and you’re good to go. I also added some small
pom-poms after (laughs), to make them look like red berries, and I thought it was really cute. So that’s the end of this one. The next one is sort of like an extension of that first one, but it’s just a different design. So I started again with the pine branches, and this time I’m twisting them together to create a circular wreath. And once you have the size
of the wreath that you want, you can twist it together
and complete the circle. Next, I’m wrapping some twine around the center of the gift and tying it in a knot, and then I’m going to be taking a label. You can write whatever
you want in the label. And I’m gluing the wreath to this, and then gluing that
whole thing to the box. So it just creates this
little message board that you can write your To and From, or you can write Happy
Holidays like I did. Again, I added the pom-poms to make them look like berries. So those are two ways to make these sort of woodsy,
natural-looking Christmas gifts. I love the way these turned out. It’s probably my favorite. I just really like the
way the craft paper looks with the pine needles. It just is a very nice look for a gift. The next DIY is this
chalkboard-like gift wrapping, and you’re going to start off with some black gift wrap of course, and all you’re gonna need is a Sharpie, preferably the white one because it shows up on the black, and the only step is to draw
right onto the black paper. Super easy, and you can really go for whatever design you want. As you can see here I decided to go for a bunch of snowflakes, which is very easy. You can just look up
pictures of snowflakes and try to recreate them. But this is completely customizable. You can customize it
depending on the person you’re gifting to. I think it’d be cool if you wrote the name of the
person you’re gifting to in like some pretty
calligraphy or something. And, oh yeah, here you can see I’m writing like a little
Happy Holidays message as well. I also, in this next clip you’ll see, I’m just showing you guys a bunch of different design ideas just for some inspiration. I also just had a lotta
fun drawing these things, ’cause I just love drawing
Christmassy things. So yeah, do whatever you want. Have fun with it, and they look really good all together. It just has sort of like
a chalkboard-like feel, even though it’s not chalk, because that would be very messy. But that’s it for this DIY. I love the way this turned out. Oh yeah, I just added a red ribbon after. I thought it was a very nice touch. The next gift wrapping idea is this minimal metallic striped design. So you’re gonna need this metallic ribbon. I found this at the dollar store. It came with a bunch of
different Christmassy colors. And again, this one is very easy to do. All you have to do is wrap
the ribbon around the box in multiple horizontal stripes. And it just turns out very minimal. You can also switch out the colors depending on the look you’re going for. As you can see here, I did a green and red with the craft paper and it turned out really well. And yeah, that’s it for this DIY. Just wanted to show you guys sort of like an unconventional
way of using ribbon, because I think this looks very beautiful. The next one is this paint splatter one, which is probably my favorite one, because it just looks very cool, and of course the only
step is to splatter paint. I decided to go with the
black wrapping paper. I think it looked really nice, and just a couple
splattering techniques here. You can flick it with your finger on the tip of the paintbrush to create sort of like a finer mist, as you can see here. And if you wanna achieve longer splatters, just flick it starting closer to the base of the paintbrush. I hope this makes sense, but I just went back and forth between these two methods. But don’t worry, you cannot mess this up because it is not
supposed to look perfect. The only downside, of course, is that it made a mess. So make sure you put some
newspaper down underneath, because it will get everywhere. But that’s it for this DIY. Just look at how beautiful
they all look together. I just am obsessed with it, and I think I might wrap my
presents this way this year, because it is just so my aesthetic. The next gift wrapping idea
is this ornament bundle. So for this, you’re going
to need some mini ornaments, which I just got from the dollar store. And I’m stringing them on to some twine, but you can really use any
type of string you want. And I did about five of these ornaments. Next, we are going to wrap the present using a standard bow. I decided to go for this glittery one, because glitter just
makes everything better. And I’m just wrapping it, just like a normal present, how you would. And once you have your ribbon tied, you can go ahead and
tie your ornament bundle to the center of this bow, and it just adds sort
of like a festive touch to the present, and it just looks really pretty, I think. The next DIY is sort of like an extension of that last one. It’s just a more minimal version. So I’m using the twine and the ornaments, except this time I’m wrapping it around and creating like these three rows with a single ornament hanging, and then I’m just tying it in the back and you’re good to go with this one. I think these ones look
very sophisticated, almost like something you
would see in a magazine. But you can of course
switch out the colors if gold is not your thing. But just look at how pretty it is. It makes me so (laughs) happy. Okay, so the next DIY gift wrapping idea is this monogrammed one, which I think is great because personalized
things are always awesome. So I’m using this glitter paper that I got from the
dollar store of course, and I’m just marking the
height of the present so I can make it the right size. And then on the back I’m drawing out the letter that I want. You can print out a stencil if you want, but I just decided to go and freehand. And then all you have to
do is cut out this letter and glue it to the front of your gift. And it just creates a nice
little personal touch, especially if you have a
lotta people in your family and you just wanna
differentiate their presents. You can just put one with everyone’s first letter of their name and it looks really cool. We are almost near the end, guys. This is number nine, and it’s this pom-pom one, which is so much fun I think. So I got these mini pom-poms
from the dollar store and it just comes in a
pack with multiple reds. And I’m using these, and just hot gluing them
in a polka dotted pattern to the front of my present box. And that’s it, guys. I just love how quirky and fun it looks. I of course added a bow to top it off. You can even play around
and do like patterns of different colored pom-poms if you want, or if somebody has a favorite color you can use that color for their pom-poms. Okay, the last one. We made it to the end, guys. This is number 10, and it’s this Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer one. So for this you need craft paper just so that it’s brown like a reindeer, and then I’m hot gluing a red pom-pom to the side of the box, where the nose would be. And I’m adding just some
eyes with a Sharpie. And now you’re gonna need
some brown pipe cleaners. And what I’m doing is I’m twisting two of them together, and then I’m just creating like a reindeer antler shape. So there’s no method to this. I kind of just played around, and it sort of ended up
lookin’ okay, luckily. But I hot glued that to the top, and you’re good to go with your reindeer. Look at how adorable it is. I think it’s so cute. Good for kids because, I don’t know. I feel like they would
like something like this. So those are all of my DIY
gift wrapping ideas, guys. I hope you guys found this helpful. If you did, be sure to
give it a thumbs up, and let me know in the comments below which one was your favorite. And now on to the #AMANDACLAUS giveaway. So today’s prize is skincare-themed, so there’s a bunch of
different skincare goodies, including a Clarisonic Mia FIT as well as all of my other
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how you can win this prize, all of the rules will be in
the Description box below, but other than that, don’t forget to check back on my channel for a new #AMANDACLAUS video and giveaway, every single Monday and Friday. I hope you guys have an awesome day, and I will talk to you in the next video. Bye guys. (festive upbeat music)

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