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DIY Gifts! 10 Easy DIY Card Ideas (DIY Cards with Christmas Gifts, Birthday & Valentine’s Day)

DIY Gifts! 10 Easy DIY Card Ideas (DIY Cards with Christmas Gifts, Birthday & Valentine’s Day)

In this tutorial I’ll show you 10 DIY cards
ideas, which you can make for your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends and family to show how
much you love them. Hey loves, we finally arrived into the holiday
season, which is my favorite time of the year. It’s time when we send our good wishes to
our friends and loved ones. But this year, instead of buying a bunch of greeting cards,
I decided why not making them ourselves. So here I’ll be showing you ten DIY greeting
cards ideas, not only for the holiday season, but also for Valentine’s, which is coming
soon, birthdays, or just any kind of day when you want to remind your friends and family
that you care for them. You don’t have to wait for the international day of love to
let them know how much they mean to you. Do it today, I’m sure you’ll make them very happy.
OK, enough talking. Let’s get down to work! Let’s kick off with this cuteness overload
whale card! You’ll need some cardboard paper, blue balloon, googly eyes, tissue and a few
bits like pen, ruler, glue and scissors. Cut two rectangle pieces one bigger and one smaller.
I like to take a pointy object and run it across the middle of the bigger rectangle.
This will make it easy to perfectly fold the paper along the line. There you go, that’s
how you easily get a plain card from a big piece of cardboard paper. But of course we
still need to decorate it! To transform a balloon into a whale draw on his mouth and
stick on a googly eye. Every whale also has a blowhole on top of the head for breathing.
Ok, our whale is ready but he can wait a little, because we need to draw the ocean for him
– draw some silver waves on the black rectangle. To assure the whale will keep the desired
form, scrunch a napkin and glue it on the back. Now we can finally put this buddy in
the ocean so he can swim. Fold his tail upward and glue it in place. When whale breathes
he blows the air out through the blowhole, which may look like a fountain since he’s
in the water. Make a white cloud where you can write a message like happy birthday, I
love you, congrats – whatever the occasion, and stick it on the card. I really love how
creative and unique this card is. And also the fact that you can use it for so many different
occasions. Next we are making this adorable Minion card!
These are the things you need. Googly eyes are optional but they add a bit of texture
and 3D feel to the card. For the minion’s glasses start off by cutting a thin black
paper strap. Then cut 2 black and 2 smaller white circles. I used a tape roll and a glue
lid for a stencil to outline the perfect circles. We must not forget our minion’s hair! And
lastly we need to give our yellow monster a cute smile. With a help of a tape roll I
am sketching a shape of crescent moon and cutting it out. Now we have all the parts
ready and we can assemble our minion. Put the glasses together by gluing black circles
on the black strap and the white circles on top. Fold a rectangle piece of yellow cardboard
paper in half to get a card and stick the glasses on the upper part like that. Add the
hair and the mouth. For the pupils you can simply use two small black circles or a pair
of googly eyes like me. How flipping adorable does this little monster look like! But we
are not completely done yet, we have to write a little quote on: You are one in a MINION,
like million but Minion. Get it? I think this card is so versatile, perfect for a birthday,
valentines or just any day really. You can give it to your love, friend or a family member
and you’ll make them very happy for sure! Let’s continue with this pretty candle card.
We are going to need similar things as before but also four birthday candles. I like to
sketch where I want to place each candle so I am drawing four lines on the black piece
of cardboard. You can use any cardboard color for this card, but I specifically went for
a black background because I wanted it to look like candles burning in the dark. Since
the candles are rounded they can be a bit difficult to stick on a flat surface. Therefore
I decided to scrap one side with scissors like so. You will get a flat side which will
be much easier to glue in place. For the flames I am drawing little silver hearts above each
candle. I think this card is so beautiful. It’s perfect for Valentines or just any
day and you can give it to your significant other or a friend. In the caption I’m writing
a note “You light up my life”! I just want to virtually give this card to all of you
watching this, because you guys light up my life every day, you need to know that.
Next is a lovely Christmasy card! Besides the usual, you will need some pipe cleaners,
little colored cotton balls and three buttons. Sketch a triangle shape on a rectangle piece
of paper and stick it on the red card to get a nice framed front. Take your pipe cleaners
and start cutting shorter and shorter pieces so you can cover the entire sketched triangle
with them. I like to use a variety of different colored pipe cleaners but as you can see,
I focus a bit more on the green. Green represents the tree, while other colors stand for the
Christmas tree decorations. For even more texture and dimension I decided to stick three
colored cotton balls on as ornaments. The tree would not be complete without a star
on top. You can draw it, cut it from a yellow paper, but I decided to use a yellow button
instead. To finish of I am also gluing down two brown buttons for a stem. You can leave
the card like this or you can add a little Merry Xmas caption next to the tree. And that’s
it! What a cute little card for this magical time of the year.
Next we are making a super cute and sweet butterfly lollipop gift. This time we use
a lollipop and a pair of tiny googly eyes on top of the normal necessities. Take a piece
of cardboard and fold it in half. Outline a shape of a half of butterfly’s wings like
that. Cut the wings out making sure that you are cutting both the upper and the lower sides
of paper. Unfold the paper and there you have a perfect pair of symmetrical wings. If you
want you can decorate them, I usually cut four small circles from a yellow paper and
glue them on. It’s time to write on a little note, which can be anything depending on who
you are giving the butterfly to. If that’s a boyfriend you can write something like I
still get butterflies when I see you. If it’s a friend you can write something simple like
have a sweet day. Make two short cuts on the folded side and slide a lollipop through that
opening – you get the perfect butterfly, see? If you want you can add a pair of tiny
googly eyes, but either way, this cutie is absolutely adorable and such a nice little
gift to anyone. It’s amazing how a little detail like this can make someone very happy.
You really don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a person smile.
Let’s now learn how to make this beautiful card with balloons in the sky. You mostly
need similar things as for the other projects, but you also need some buttons and some thread.
By the way guys, I’m really sorry for my very weird voice today – I’m a little bit sick,
but I still wanted to put this video on as soon as possible so I hope it’s OK. Then cut
out a bigger rectangle and fold it in half. For the framed front, cut out a smaller blue
rectangle and stick it on the white one. We need to decorate the sky with some puffy white
clouds so cut them out from a white paper and glue them on the card. Try to place the
clouds more on the sides to leave some space for balloons, which are coming in a second.
If you want to achieve that stitched effect you can draw short gray lines along the edge
of the clouds. See how the card gets that cartoony feel? Cut some white thread pieces,
place the first one on the card, add some glue on the upper end and put on a button.
I have these cute buttons in forms of Mickey Mouse, flower and a heart, but normal rounded
buttons would look just as pretty. Collect the threads, tie them together by making a
red bow and cut away the excess. Customize the little note depending on the occasion,
I wrote Happy Birthday, which I am soon having on Christmas day, woohoo!! This card is also
perfect for other celebration occasions for example graduation or getting a driving license.
Next idea is again perfect for the Christmas season. We are making this pretty card with
3d presents. Besides the usual stuff you’ll need a bunch of colorful tube beads. Fold
the cardboard in half to get a greeting card and if you want stick on a square piece of
some different colored paper. I am sketching two crosses where I want my two presents to
be and now we can start gluing the beads! All you need to do is grab a bead with tweezers,
dip it in glue and place it on the card. I went for pink and green ones. The green beads
will represent the ribbon and pink ones the package itself. I am putting the green ones
on the sketched cross and pink ones around to form a square. Lastly I also made a bow
using green beads on top of each pack. Below the presents you can write a little note,
I wrote I hope Santa treats you well this year. I think this is such a lovely idea,
sleek but with so much texture and dimension. Yep I do hope Santa makes all your wishes
come true this Christmas. Because you guys deserve it!
Now let’s make something super quick and easy but still very adorable! For this project
the most important thing you need is a stone. Yes you heard me right – so go outside and
find a stone you like. Then cut a little rectangle piece of cardboard, I decided to snip away
the edges to make it a bit more special. Give a pair of eyes and a big smile to your stone
and glue it on the cardboard piece. How quick and epic is this idea, right? The only thing
left to do is to write you rock my world or simply you rock below the stone. I simply
adore this one. It is literally made in a minute and could be such a lovely present
to your friend and loved ones. Let’s continue with the most famous snowman
out there – Olaf. I printed out the stencil from the internet and I also decided to decorate
the card with some pretty snowflakes. Start by cutting all the pieces out of the stencil.
By the way, I found this one by just googling Olaf stencil. For this greeting card I decided
to use blue cardboard. Fold it in half and we are ready to start gluing. Here come his
legs, body, head and in the end sticks for his hair and arms. Before we let the snow
cover this cute card, let’s write down a short note. I am going for Olaf is sending
warm hugs. Another one of his quotes goes like this “some people are worth melting for”.
Which would also work great here. To finish off let’s sprinkle this wintery card with
a bunch of snowflakes. I got these for less than a dollar in a craft store but you can
totally cut them out from a white paper and they don’t even need to have this snowflake
shape. This card is just so adorable and it’s perfect for this time of the year. You can
also use it as a birthday card for friends with birthdays during winter months.
Last but not least I have another Christmas card idea with Santa’s reindeers. Besides
the usual you will need two halves of a peanut shell and a napkin. I decided to make a framed
card front so I am just gluing a smaller green square on a red plain card. Draw a pair of
black eyes and a red nose to each of the two Rudolf reindeers. Then put some glue on the
inner side of the shell, scrunch a piece of napkin and put it in. This will make it much
easier to glue the shell on the card. I love using stuff in a non-conventional way, like
balloon, candles and pipe cleaners. I think it’s so cool finding an alternative way
of using things, you just need to think a bit outside the box. All that’s left to
do is to draw a pair of raindeer ears and horns to each of them. This card is super
easy to make and looks so adorable! I also think it’s so nice using peanut shells which
would otherwise be thrown to waste. I hope you enjoyed watching this tutorial,
let me know in the comments which card idea is your favorite. I think they are all so
cute, so it’s really hard to decide, which one I like best. I wish you all an amazing
holiday season with the people you love. Sending you a big warm hug! I love you and I’ll see
you soon. Instead of going to the crowded mall to buy
cards for your friends and loved ones, make them yourself. The time and the creativity
you will invest along the way, will surely reflect on that persons’ smile when they
receive it.

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