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– So Nancy, I wanted
to do something really creative and colorful for
this room because the boys, they’re creative. They’re doing a really
great job on their homework. And we need a place for them
to display all of the good work that they’re doing. So I have the perfect project. It’s elastic wall art. And it’s a 50-50 project. I love this because it’s less
than $50 and under 50 minutes, and we’re done.
– I love that. NANCY HADLEY: So what would
you like us to start with, which color? You know, I
think we’re playing with a lot of different
blue tones in this room. So let’s pick a
really pretty blue. Oh, nice. All right, very good. All right, I’m gonna
pull real tight. The tighter the “bettah.” So then now we
punch the holes. And gonna click. Go ahead and do your end. So we are just gonna take
this Phillips head screw and put it through
the plastic washer. There you go. Perfect. Yep, because we want it
as tight as possible. There you go. WOMAN: There it is. Good. So let’s test it out. Why don’t we get a
piece of artwork. All right. – Yay!
– Whoa! – That looks cool.
– Yeah. Very good. OK, well let’s get
to the next colors. MAN: All right. I really like this. This is beautiful. So orange is your last color? And should we weave it
under the other colors? NANCY HADLEY: This is when
we weave it under the colors. Yeah. I think this should go
under all of these guys. MAN: I agree.
NANCY HADLEY: Excellent. Looking good? NANCY HADLEY: Yeah,
it looks really good. Looks awesome. Want to do the honors? Indeed. It’s a ribbon-cutting
ceremony. – Yay!
– It is. Ready? Ta-dah. Dun-dun-duh.
All right. What do you guys think? It looks amazing. So awesome. All right, the
finishing touch? The finishing touch. How cool is that? This is really great. Good pop of color. Excellent art. A nice job. I mean, I didn’t think their
art could look any better. Under 50 minutes, under
$50, anybody could do this. MAN: I love it. NANCY HADLEY: [INAUDIBLE]

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