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DIY Matzah Cover for Passover (No Sewing Required)

DIY Matzah Cover for Passover (No Sewing Required)

Hi I’m Claire Sherman. Today we’re going to make a no-sew
matzah cover for Pesach to put on your Pesach the table,
your Passover table on top of the matzo. What you should not do… So here is a matzo cover that I made when I was a teenager and the first mistaken it
illustrates is that it is too small exactly the size of a piece of matzah
which is too small and the fabric that I picked was an old sheet and you can see
that in the last however many years it’s been since I was a teenager it’s
starting to fall apart so don’t use an old sheet. okay let’s do it. here’s technique number one these are fabric crayons so they’re specifically
for drawing on fabric the instructions tell you to draw on a piece of paper and
then transfer it but I find that the color is better if you draw right on the
fabric so let’s draw on fabric take your iron and a piece of parchment paper so that you would iron it and take the paper off and it’s permanent the next technique
you could use these fabric pens these are fabric markers usually you
have to iron them to make it permanent you should read the directions the technique I’d like to show you today is how to do it with fabric and and fusible
web so here I have my piece of fabric I like to use 100% cotton it doesn’t
matter that much just make sure that your iron is set or whatever whatever
you’re using now I’m going to show you how to use fusible web so this is my favorite brand it’s called Keaton bond but there are
other brands they’re all supposed to be permanent it’s better if you sew through
them too really make it permanent but I’ve been
using some of these matzah covers for years without so any sewing and you know
it’s lasted if they start coming off, you just iron them again so here is the fusible web and notice that it’s shiny on one side and has sort of a
texture and the other side is Pinker the other side is actually parchment paper
just like you would buy in the grocery store so i found these frogs I like frogs because frogs are for
Pesach and the plague I’m gonna iron my piece of fabric and I want to cut a piece
of this glue basically because that’s what this stuff is I want to cut it the
size of my frogs but I don’t want it to be bigger than than them because it’s
really you really do not want to get this on your iron you can also use a
piece of parchment paper to iron with so just a couple of seconds a couple
seconds and it’s on there okay so let’s start figuring out what we’re gonna do
on this challah cover matzah cover sorry so I took a piece of fabric that had
bricks in it and I decided wouldn’t that be fun to make pyramids out of so here
are pyramids and that you notice that has the fusible web on the back so you
just peel it off now if you have trouble peeling it off let’s say this one just
won’t peel you can take your scissors and you score it and then so you’re
making a place for it to come off sometimes it’s really hard to peel it
off let’s put that there maybe I don’t know eight seconds worth
10 seconds something like that done so there we go now the thing that says that
this is a matzah cover is the word matzah you could also do the word Pesach and
I’ve got some pieces of fabric that already have the fusible web on the back
and I’ve cut out the word matzah I left one for you to see now this what I use
to draw here is called a Stabilo pencil because if you use real pencil it
probably won’t come out peel all of these make sure that you’ve peeled them
because they won’t stick unless you peel them and notice how its shiny on this side
that’s the glue side and you can see that the glue is on there sometimes you
haven’t ironed them enough and the glue hasn’t stuck to it yet so make sure that
it’s really where you want it okay and just straight down you don’t want to
move around because you might mess things up straight down this is called
pressing as opposed to ironing and quilters know about this okay there we go we have a matzah cover for Pesach

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