100 thoughts on “Donald Glover on Singing with Stevie Wonder

  1. I feel like Stevie Wonder is underrated. Not enough people in this day and age appreciate what he did. I guess because a few of his tracks have been played to death. But that run from Signed, Sealed, Delivered through Hotter Than July is unprecedented. Bowie may be the only one with a better album streak. Innervisions legit changed my life.

  2. I wonder if it's depressing being Jimmy Kimmel talking to hundreds of people all having the most interesting lives and he's just the guy who talks to them on his little set

  3. Anytime Stevie says he sees something I smile lol a little lol.
    "For you there might be a brighter star. But through my eyes the light of you is all I see" I love it.

  4. "I see Donald Glover's here." 😂😂😂 His Stevie Wonder jokes had me cracking up. Is there anything this guy cant do? He can rap, sing, make beats, dance, act, etc. A modern day renaissance man.

  5. I had the honor of seeing Stevie Wonder in concert back in the early 80s. He has the voice of an Angel. It is something you just cannot describe adequately unless you hear it live.

  6. I know what can top singing with Stevie Wonder…playing in a DCI corps. (I'm not in one but I really admire them)

  7. Why would it have to be turned into Braille? He's always got lots of people around him who can read things to him.

  8. Stevie be faking blindness all these years.

    For real how do we know he's blind. He puts on the thick shades and tells everyone he's blind, so we accept it.

  9. There is app's specialized to help blind people to use the internet, to use cellphones… Screen readers that read messages, e-mails and so on… and also can write back once the person that is blind speak a "command" to it, and it start to write what the person speaks…

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