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Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Ross Draws! And today, I brought a really special guest, LilyPichu! [Laughter]
[LilyPichu] Agghh! [Laughter]
[Ross] Well you might have seen her from her videos with- [LilyPichu] Oh my god! [Laughter]
[Ross] Oh man. Streamer. She plays the harmonica.
[LilyPichu] Melodica. [Ross] Melodica!
[LilyPichu] Same thing. A recent video that I watched of her coughing of dying. [LilyPichu] Let’s not talk about that, let’s draw! [Ross] Okay, let’s draw! Well, I had a really fun idea that she would draw blindfolded. And I would take her sketch and then I would turn it into a painting. [LilyPichu] This is gonna turn out great. Ross Draws!
[Ross] With LilyPichu! I have this little blindfold here. Isn’t it cute? I recently asked on my Instagram story, about topics and characters we could draw blindfolded. [LilyPichu] I’m just gonna tell you right now. Don’t have too high expectations. [Ross] What!? No! I believe in you a hundred thousand percent. [LilyPichu] Ah-, eh-, alright. [Laughter]
[Ross] Okay. Put this on. Can you see anything?
[LilyPichu] Nothing! [Ross] Are you sure? You promise?
[LilyPichu] Absolutely zero. [Ross] So here’s your pen. Gotcha. Here is the screen.
[LilyPichu] Oh my god. [Laughter] [Ross] Our first suggestion is Benwise. And he suggested a mermaid.
[LilyPichu] A mermaid? [Ross] A mermaid. [LilyPichu] Oh c’mon-
[Ross] No, you got this! [LilyPichu] Alright, ok, ok. [Laughter] [LilyPichu] I can’t, I don’t eve-
[Ross] Dude, you’re so good. Are you sure you can’t see anything? [LilyPichu] Wait, I don’t even know where her arms are. [Ross] Left a little bit. Left, left, up. And that would be the right shoulder.
[LilyPichu] Right shoulder here! [Ross] Yes, yes.
[LilyPichu] All right. Oh nooo. [Ross] And we’re gonna throw in a curve ball.
[LilyPichu] What?! [Ross] A second thing you have to draw. This comes from Jack Seligmann, and he suggested, umbrella. Umbrella, yes! [LilyPichu] Okay, how do I erase the left arm?
[Ross] Right. Erase. [LilyPichu] I wanna draw her holding the umbrella. [Ross] Right.
[LilyPichu] Aw jees. [Laughter] [Ross] Take off your blindfold. [Laughter] Oh my god. Check this out. Wow. Why’d you add the mustache?
[LilyPichu] I didn’t- What did I intend for that to be? [Ross] A neck.
[Everyone] Ohh!! [Ross] You just mislocated the neck, that’s all. We have a mermaid and then we have an umbrella. I’m just gonna try to redraw this. [LilyPichu] This is how I think I look and this is what people take pictures of. [Laughter] I’m just gonna take this right here, and I’m gonna make a painting. Hey guys. Welcome back. And this is the progress of the piece. What do you think? [LilyPichu] I think we should add some flowers.
[Ross] Flowers? [LilyPichu] More around here. [Ross] There’s blue flowers.
[LilyPichu] Zoom in here. [Ross] Zoom?
[LilyPichu] Yeah, zoom [Ross] Like zoom?
[LilyPichu] Yeah, yeah. [LilyPichu] How much can you zoom?
[Ross] Like that. [LilyPichu] Oh ok, that’s good. Draw a worm.
[Ross] A worm? [LilyPichu] Yeah, yes!
[Ross] There. [LilyPichu] Yes, perfect!
[Ross] You can’t even see that! [Laughter] [LilyPichu] Put some more details on to the worm.
[Ross] More details into the worm? [LilyPichu] Yeah.
[Ross] Two eyes, right? [Laughter] There! You can kind of see it, right? I’m just gonna keep working on it and I’ll check back soon. Hey guys, welcome back. And this is the progress of our mermaid so far. [LilyPichu] Hey Ross! I had to draw blindfolded, so how come you’re not. You should try drawing blindfolded.
[Ross] Wha- I don’t think so- aghhh. [LilyPichu] Right now.
[Ross] Okay, alright. Ow! Ow my skin.[Laughter] [LilyPichu] [Laughter] You look great.
[Ross] Oh my god. [LilyPichu] Alright!
[Ross] Oh no. [LilyPichu] This, right here, you’re in the middle of her boobs right here. Maybe that’s the wrong place for your hand.
[Ross] Oh. [LilyPichu] I want you to draw a goldfish.
[Ross] A goldfish? [LilyPichu] Yea!
[Ross] Ok. [LilyPichu] Left, left , left, left, left. Ok stop, stop, stop!
[Ross] Stop. [LilyPichu] A little right.
[Ross] Up. [LilyPichu] Up. Ok now two up. Okay, now go all the way right.
[Ross] Oh my god! [LilyPichu] I’ll pick your color.
[Ross] Where’s my color- Where!? [Ross] Right here?
[LilyPichu] That’s the perfect place for it. [Ross] Really?
[LilyPichu] A hundred percent. [Ross] Oh my god! [Laughter] I think it looks like an actual goldfish cracker. [Laughter] I’m gonna wrap this up and I’ll check back soon. Hey guys!
[LilyPichu] It’s color dodge time! [Ross] Aw man here we go, Ooo! Oh my god! There’s something in the water. It’s so big! [Everyone] Arggh! [Ross] Oh! I caught a LilyPichu! I summon, LilyPichu! Bubble attack! [Laughter] Surf!
[LilyPichu] How do I surf?! I can’t swim! [Ross] Like, like- [Laughter]
[LilyPichu] Urghh! [Ross] Whirlpool! Yeah, harder! Whirlpool! Whirlpool even harder. [LilyPichu] I can’t!
[Ross] Go your hardest, whirlpool! [LilyPichu] Oh my gosh! [Ross] And the ultimate finisher. Hydro pump! Yes! Oh, I’m sorry. Hey guys, welcome back. I hope you enjoyed the episode. Lily, what’d you think? [LilyPichu] It was fun! I like how you took my shi- Can I curse? I like how you took my shitty blindfolded drawing and turned it into something cool! Let them know where they you can find you.
[LilyPichu] You can find me at Lily Picchu And my dog’s Instagram is L, I, L, Y, P, U, P, C, H, U You don’t need to follow me, just follow my dog.
[Ross] What’d you think buddy? [LilyPichu] Ruff. It was ok. Could be better. Seven out of ten. [Laughter] [Ross] And if you want video demos and bonus content. It’s a deeper insight into what I do. [LilyPichu] Go to his Patreon! [Ross] Come to my Patreon! And the print winner is…
[LilyPichu] Sarah Jin! [Ross] Sarah Jin!
[Everyone] Congratulations! And if you want a chance to win one of these prints, this video’s question is… [LilyPichu] What is your favorite Pokemon?
[Ross] What is your favorite Pokemon? [LilyPichu] Guess what mine is?
[Ross] Pichu! [LilyPichu] How did you know!
[Ross] I don’t know! [LilyPichu] You’re so smart!
[Ross] I’m so smart. [LilyPichu] Not only good at drawing, but good at guessing people’s pokemon. Wow!
[Ross] I know. Mine’s Raichu. Whoa! [Laughter] Excuse me. Raichu’s awesome! I love Raichu!
[LilyPichu] I made my Pichu hold an everstone so it never evolves. [Ross] Jesus christ, that’s so savage. Let me know in the comments below and she’ll choose a lucky subscriber [Laughter] Thank you so much for joining in, you’re absolutely awesome. Don’t forget to subscribe, and remember [LilyPichu] Every day is a color dodge day. What?!

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  1. Good chemistry huh?😍😍😍…Your Mom:You should find a girlfriend..
    Me:He already have one😍

  2. 6:02 you Vs the girl he tells you not to worry about.

    I KNOW someone did this but hey,lemme make one for us ladies.

  3. these people can draw better than me when their blindfolded

    and I thought my art was decent

  4. WOAH I know her from destiny's streams. It's weird how two completely different interests can be connected in some way.

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