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Drawing with a GLASS PEN

Drawing with a GLASS PEN

Hey everyone, so in today’s video I want to play around with a glass pen. I saw an ad for this on Facebook, and I think these have existed for a long time, but it was my first time seeing one and I thought, “Oh that looks so cool, I wanna see what it would be like to ink a drawing with a glass pen.” So the beginning of this video is kind of a miniature haul of the stuff I got for this video. So here I have the glass pen. I just got it on Amazon. They’re not very expensive. You can get them from anywhere from like 10 to 20 dollars depending which one you get. It may be even cheaper, depending where you live. The entire thing is made of glass including the tip and I think this spiral twisted design at the end is meant to hold ink. It also comes with this little holder you can set it on. Oh, yeah Is that even where it goes? Maybe it goes there. I don’t know. Then I have a couple inks. I do already have some black ink, but I just wanted to try a new one. This is the Speedball super black India ink, just a basic black ink and it is waterproof, which is why I wanted it. It’s just a little plastic jar two fluid ounces 59.2 mils. Yeah. Next up, I got some Windsor Newton gold ink here’s what it looks like. It is just a little baby jar. And it is a glass jar. I’m curious to see how it’ll work with the pen because it does have a bunch of little gold glitter in it, and so I don’t know.. how the pen will handle that? I feel like I have to constantly shake it, *some sort of laugh* because it settles pretty fast. Next we have the Big Boy the Dr. Ph. Martin’s inks. These are the Bombay Inks, this is a whole big set of them… WHoA Fancy and all. I’ve been wanting this for so long and I finally got them. *evil chuckle* These are the ones with the little droppers on top, so maybe isn’t the best for dipping a pen in there? Cuz I’m probably gonna have to set the dropper somewhere, but I did want the ones with a dropper in case I wanted to drip ink onto something. I don’t know. I just wanted these ones. There are smaller jars you can get- is that all the way? There are smaller bottles you can get that don’t have a dropper on top So these are my fancy new babies and I’m gonna try them out. Ooh, these need some, these need some mixing. I don’t want to really shake it but How do I get that to come off? almost needs a metal ball in there like nail polish? *chuckles, but not evilly* That’s starting to come off. Okay. Just keep rolling rolling rolling rolling. So I have a couple drawings I made that I’m gonna attempt to ink but first I want to just play around with this a little bit and see what it’s like Okay, I’m gonna start with this speed ball ink Okay dipping dipping That’s what it’s looking like. I don’t know if I dipped it enough! Okay.. Oh there we go now something’s happening Baylee. Woo. I’m gonna play around with holding it straighter versus more of an angle Straight doesn’t seem to work, which is good cuz I was hoping I didn’t have to hold it straight! So the first thing I’m noticing is that this is a fairly thick line That line ended up more thick than what I’m doing now I think when you first dip it the line is thicker and then as you use it it thins out Let’s see. How many lines I can make with that dip I made. Woo-ooo-ooo Okay, I think it’s at the point where it needs a refill There were a couple lines that got lighter and all I did was turn the pen slightly and kept going So yeah, it was at about this point is when I would need to re-dip. That’s not too bad I’m gonna try doing a circle. Oh, there’s a hair on there. *ah* I know that’s a horrible shape Just try to do – oh that was out of frame but I was just trying to do big round motions because the one picture I drew it’s a lot of heads and so I have To do a lot of big round lines which are the hardest to do Why did I give myself this task? Ok did not dip the pen as much and it’s already Dying, oh, there’s some there some ink. sometimes you just have to rotate the pen, find the right angle Mmm, I just dipped it and it’s not doing anything. There we go. Testing! I want to try writing quickly Not too bad a little slower Okay, it’s pretty neat. Obviously you won’t get any varying line width because it’s not flexible at all. It’s glass. *yet another non-evil chuckle* But I guess you can always go back over areas that you want to thicken Okay, I’m gonna wipe this off now and try using it with a colored ink I think I’m gonna have to run this under the tap To get it all out This thing is freaking me out because every time I walk around with it, I feel like I’m gonna drop it I probably shouldn’t be waving it around on the air right now. *nervous chuckle* It just feels so fragile. I’m scared. If I just drop it, once it rolls off the desk. It’s gone Anyway, I’m gonna take this orange ink and… Test it out just set the dropper aside. Okay, not too much ink actually sticks to the dropper. That’s nice Just don’t roll around this makes me want to do a Halloween drawing. *huh-ho chuckle* *oooh squeal* orange *very drawn out* AAAAH! So cool, I’m so excited to finally have these inks. I’m using orange as a tester cuz it’s my least favorite color *another non-evil chuckle* *Kiki meows* Okay, there’s no room for that petal Kiki’s calling me out on my crimes She’s like, “That petal doesn’t fit!” FAIL Yes, Kiki, I know you’re sad I know you wanna play *Another Kiki meow* Kiki… Are you a sad baby? *A sad Kiki meow* By the way the paper I’m using is my X-Press It- or not X-Press It blending card. Wow! I haven’t used that in years and I still accidentally say it It’s the Hammer Mill paper that I always use -the card stock. I do notice some feathering.. Whereas I normally don’t a lot of times feathering is dependent on the paper But it’s also the ink. Like this pilot ink I noticed was feathering mostly with the thicker lines And I don’t get that at all with my copic multiliners on this same paper. So… It’s a bit curious I mean noticing I think a little less feathering with orange. I mean, maybe not Well, the flower definitely feathered less than those thick lines- Oh Kiki’s attacking the thing *stressed chuckle* Baby, no. But, yeah. This glass pen is pretty neat. Okay up next I’m gonna try the gold ink Let’s see if I can just wipe this off. Its just orange shouldn’t affect my gold too much *chuckle* I’m scared I’m just gonna flick it the wrong way and the tip is gonna smash against the desk and it’s gonna break *slightly nervous chuckle* Just making sure this gold ink is nice and stirred. *A grunt-type noise?* Oh, no *Another grunt-type? noise* Oh Boy *A third grunt-type noise* *Only slightly evil-sounding chuckle* Ow, my hands! This is a nice grippy lid, too, it is just stuck! Why *Sad chuckle* What if I bite it? *OOOH*, it’s working the teeth saved the day oh, yes. Okay woot Yeet! Yeet! Yeet! Yeet! I can see the ink moving along the pen or maybe it’s just swirling over itself See it glistening, but it’s not working with the pen hold it vertically. Oh! Now we’re getting the big ball of ink. Oh gosh… mmm.. Oh yay, Oh lovely. Well I think because of the glittery nature of this ink, it’s not gonna work with this pen. Cry *sung* It’s very nice though. You just see the sparkle dancing oo-ooh if I want to use it in the future I’ll just have to apply it with a brush. I already have some gold palettes that I use with the brush And so I was hoping this could be used with a glass pen, but I guess not These are the ones I’m talking about the fine tech gold. These are super nice. Now. I’m sad about the Windsor in Newton gold *Sad sort of meow-type noise* That orange ink is stubborn. I cannot get it out of my pen even washing it in the sink I even use a little brush to scrub at it Anyway Let’s ink the other drawings! *laugh* Here are the two drawings I did in Procreate. I just printed them out and proceeded to ink them for the dog one I traced it onto the paper before inking it and then with the other one I just used my lightbox to trace it because it would take a while to go back over those faces and I wanted it to be accurate. So I just went straight straight on top of it The dog one is more simple So I didn’t mind just quickly tracing it in pencil before inking it This pen is surprisingly easy to control because it is so firm Whereas if you have a softer nib, like a really long brush nib It can be hard to control your lines because of how soft it is It takes a lot of getting used to With this you can have a little more pressure on the pen and not have to worry about it The one thing you can not control is the line thickness like I mentioned before if you want an area to have a thicker line You have to go back over it to add more ink The drawing of the faces is a little weird and I don’t know it was just me doodling not really worrying if it’s good I just wanted to draw different expressions and different faces, and it was fun I ran into a problem with my brown Doctor Ph. Martin’s inks. I tried two different Browns and both of them a lot of the ink had settled and So I would gently shake it up to mix it, but it still wouldn’t work So then I tried vigorously shaking it, still didn’t work. It was just not mixing properly and the ink was too liquidy And so it wouldn’t stick to the pen. It was really weird and so I ended up busting out this other brown that I just happened to have the Watermen Paris Absolute Brown ink and that worked much better the problem with that one is it did feather a lot on the paper compared to the Martin inks. I actually really did enjoy using this pen, especially since I do tend to be more heavy-handed when inking and so I didn’t have to worry about Destroying a nib. And since I used pencils or multiliners a lot to do line art I’m used to having to go back in and thicken areas as needed, anyway I rarely use brush nibs to ink and so this was normal to me It was fine that it didn’t have varying line thickness But I don’t think I would use this on a finished illustration that I plan on taking to completion Whether that means coloring or whatever it is for that specific drawing. I don’t think I would use it for that I think I would use it mostly for doodling because the lines aren’t so crisp and That might be a combination of the pen and the ink but when I use for example, my copic multiliners, like I said there’s no feathering but I do see that with this ink and this pen so It’s probably not something I would use on a regular basis just random doodles in my sketchbook or something It is very satisfying to use though *laugh* The other thing is you can’t get a very fine line with this pen It’s not.. Overly thick but it’s also not that thin and when you have a freshly dipped pen The line is thicker compared to when the ink starts to run out So I guess you could kind of control it that way like just dip the very tip in But then it’s not gonna last very long before you have to dip it again Really the feathering is the main deal-breaker for me But I do see myself using this more in the future just for fun little doodles kind of like what you see in this video Before I end the video I just wanted to announce the winners of my 1 million subscriber giveaway. So congratulations winners It was just a random draw out of everyone that entered Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys on Saturday for my next video

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100 thoughts on “Drawing with a GLASS PEN

  1. This is the first video of urs I've ever watched and omg ur left handed I feel bad for u coz this world was made for right based people honestly, u must have to get pens that don't smudge 😫 hope u don't find this comment any way offensive… have a great day! Xx

  2. You should try to hold it more vertically. The ink has to flow down. You hold it almost horizontally – ink can't flow… It's a spiraling pen 😅

  3. welp….i wouldnt be able to work with that….cuz i ALWAYS drop my pencils/pens….and i feel like that GLASS brush would break…… 😂

  4. Hi Baylee Jae your my inspiration since I start doing art's can you pls subscribe to my channel pls 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  5. These pens are really good for hatching and cross hatching cause it’s not flexible and won’t change the shape of the line when drawing them

  6. I don't know, you probably figured this out. But if you dip the entire nib, the ink flows for a crazy long time. Great for Journaling. TFS

  7. This is my opinion and no hate to the creator of the pen in advance. I really would rather go to dollar tree or somewhere to get a pen to outline my art with rather than that glass pen. It is not because it is bad but because you have to either already have inks or go buy inks so you will have some color or something to dip your pen in. Also inks cost a good amount of money and if you want more thank me color ink than you will have to buy multiple colors or a pack of inks. And I already have trouble with lining my work because I don’t draw straight lines well and with that pen you will probably have to keep picking it up to get more ink and that would cause me to mess up my line even more. And the thought of having to keep picking my pen up to get more ink in the middle of my artwork would bother me. Also I am clumsy so I might knock over the ink or not be quick enough and the ink might spill off the glass pen and drip on the artwork. This is no hate just my opinion love you Baylee

  8. I just happened across your page…and saw the thumbnail for this vid and thought…wait that's not a fancy Christmas Ornament?!?!
    I HAVE ONE OF THESE! I didn't know it was a glass pen (I didn't know about glass pens at all clearly lol)! I picked it up at a rummage sale, it was mixed in with some Christmas Ornaments.
    I thought it odd it didn't have a loop to hang it, so I tucked it in a basket on my desk with my watercolor water marker till i figured out how to hang it lol

    Biggest difference in mine is that instead of swirls on the inking part, it's straight grooves.
    So cool to find out what it really is! Thanks!

  9. I see a lot of great left handed artists! Right handed artists are equally great too! My brother draws and I think they are amazing

  10. Is it not strange that when we need to open something small and we can't, our first instinct is to bite it? 😂😂 I do it too

  11. Love your voice, love your handwriting, your artwork, and I love your black kitty in the background! In short, LOVE your video! ^^

  12. I haven't read the comments below but the paper will effect the ink. I use fountain pens as a daily writer and copy paper and cardstock will feather more than a good quality 24# paper or fountain pen paper like Clairefontaine or Tomoe River. Most paper is too absorbent which is the big contributer to the feathering. Really wet (lubricated) inks will feather more on cheaper paper too. You might have better luck with hot press water color or mix media paper. Sketch pads tend to be heavier paper (80# and up) as long as it's a smoother paper the texture will cause a lot of feathering too.

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