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Easy & Beautiful cookies for Mothers Day | بسكويت لعيد الام | هديه عيد الام في البيت

Easy & Beautiful cookies for Mothers Day | بسكويت لعيد الام | هديه عيد الام في البيت

since mothers day is near *in the middle east* I wanted to pamper my mom, and make her something special I made her Butter Biscuits and decorated them with her Favorite colors Then we went out on a picnic, had some tea and the biscuits and had such a good time even though these biscuits are very simple But it will mean the world to your mom becuase YOU have made them We’re going to make the biscuits in a very easy way Show you how you can easily decorate them and please dont forget to make her feel special, so that she can have fun First of all, we are going to start with these crunchy biscuits First off, we will start by mixing together the dry ingredients We have flour, salt, vanilla, and powdered sugar as always, Im going to leave all the Ingredients in grams and cups in the description box below We’re going to mix them really well Now were are going to use the food processor Because it going to make it so much easier If you dont have a food processor, check out my lemon tart video *top right corner* and use the same method to do this dough buy hand Then we will add the cold diced butter over the dry ingredients Its extreemely important to have cold butter, Because this is what will give the biscuit its crunchy texture I will put the lid on, and pulse start the food processor for no more than 30 seconds, you will see that its texture became like that of coarse breadcrumbs then we are going to add one egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of cold heavy cream Once we pulse them a little more this is how the texture will be It will look like coarse sand Then we are going to add 2 tablespoons of cold water Put the lid back on and process it for no more than 10 seconds you will start noticing that its coming together and it starts forming a dough really fast If it doesnt form a dough right away, you may need to add a little bit more of cold water half a tablespoon to one Once it forms the dough, stop it right away, dont over work it trasfer it over plastic wrap even if you see unmixed lumps, do not knead Just spread it a little bit with your palms wrap it well, and close it from the sides to prevent it from drying press on the dough to make it into a square To make rolling it out easier I wanna show you how you may have lumps of flour or butter and that its totally okay Once its chilled, sprinkle some flour over a clean surface and sprinkle some over the dough too and start rolling I stopped rolling once Its thickness was around half a cm buut you can have it thinner or thicker if you’d like dont forget to flip the dough every once in a while to make sure that it doesnt stick, and that theres enough flour Take out all the cookie cutters you have, Im using different sizes of circular cutters, I have heart shaped, but use what ever you have Transfer all your cut out dough ontop a pan lined with baking paper and put it in the freezer for 2 minutes to help maintain its shape Then bake it in a preheated oven at 180 degrees celsius for 25 minutes, or until they are golden brown Just like this, and you home smells like butter and to make your mom feel even more special, Lets decorate the Biscuits first of all im going to use fondant I put some corn starch onto my work surface to prevent it from sticking and I started kneading it Once you start kneading it, you will be surprised as how thin you can take knead it It could become pepr then, but I stopped when it was around 1 mm thick I want to use white fondant, and marbled fondant To make the marbled Fondant Im going to bring some pink food coloring and i applied couple of drops with a toothpick then rolled it into a cylinder, and started twisting it Then i formed it into a ball, and started rolling Once you roll it out, you will notice the beautiful marbling Its a very simple technique, yet it yields something beautiful Bring out your cookie cutters again and start cutting out the fondant to place them on top of the bisuits and to help the fondant stick on the biscuit we can use any frosting or icing you can ue powdered sugar thats mixed with a little bit of water, and spread it over the biscuit for decoration, Im suggest you use Royal Icing Im going to link a video of How to make royal icing But its a pretty simple icing consisting of powdered sugar, an eggwhite and your preferred color and here comes your creativty you can se whatever colors you’d like with whatever piping method you prefer I chose to make realy simple flowers and leaves and I wrote down Mom with an edible pen and using a diffent color, pipe over the writing I decorated in a couple of different ways But i used the same colors to maintain a theme I wrote Mom, Nona(her nickname), left some empty from the center Dont be afraid to try different decorations, she will love them either way and now that im finally done, lets go out and i’d like to remind you to always make your parents feel special every day, not just on holidays and god bless them all

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11 thoughts on “Easy & Beautiful cookies for Mothers Day | بسكويت لعيد الام | هديه عيد الام في البيت

  1. حبيبتي يا شوشو .. انتي احلا بنوته بالعالم وبفتخر فيكي وبشغلك المميز .. وعلى فكره كان يوم حلو كتير شكراً يا قلبي ♥️♥️

  2. والله انتي وامك كيوت 🥺💗 جد انتي بنت لازم الواحد يفتخر فيها الله يخلي لك ماما وتسلم ايدك ع احلى كوكيز

  3. Wooow shosho it's so nice to share your big heart with butifule Mom.
    Hope one day weak up from my sleeping and find Dad day 🤗🤗🤗.
    Go on my sweet daughter.

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