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[ENG cc] Create ART from PINK Emojis 💗 วาดรูปจากอิโมจิสีชมพู| Raveeoftitans

[ENG cc] Create ART from PINK Emojis 💗 วาดรูปจากอิโมจิสีชมพู| Raveeoftitans

Hi everyone, I’m back again with another Emojis challenge video. After I’ve done 2 videos on this challenge, you guys seem to like it a lot and many people requested for more video. So, I asked you to send me emojis. Today’s theme is pink emojis. I asked you since January. I wanted to post this video in February but I didn’t finish editing the video in time. So that’s the reason why I posted this video in March But that’s ok. At the end of the day, it’s published for you guys to watch it. Alright, this is for those who have never watched Emojis challenge videos before. I’ll give you a brief introduction. So I posted IG stories and asked you guys to send me three emojis. Specifically pink emojis. You can send any pink emojis to me. Then I’ll create drawings from those 3 emojis. That’s it. I already randomly picked emojis set for drawings in this video. I picked 5 sets this time because last time I did 6 drawings and just felt the video is too long. Maybe? Or maybe not. Well… It took me quite sometimes to do all of the drawings. So this time I’ve decreased from 6 to 5 drawings. Here are the 5 sets I randomly picked. Let’s get started. The first drawing will be of a flower, a shirt, and a flower. For this drawing, I actually could come up with a simple concept like a figure on a floral print shirt. However, I’d tried to come up with something more creative. Honestly, at the end, I don’t really think I’ve come up with any unique ideas. But I’d executed the challenge on this one quite alright. OK, I’ll look at my finished drawing while talking. For this drawing, I draw a girl doing this pose while sleeping? Maybe? I don’t know if she’s sleeping or not. But she is a witch because she wears a witch hat. So… I guess she is a flower witch..? Lol Well…That’s my general idea for this drawing; a flower witch girl sleeping and maybe dreaming about something because she is smiling while her eyes are closing. I decided to put lots of flowers around her. Tulip flowers in the background. One of the emoji I got is a Tulip. So I drew it. Then I added flowers around her entire body. The first emoji on this set, I think it’s a cherry blossom flower. So I tried to insert tiny flowers in her hair and hat. As you can see here. Let’s talk about the coloring process. I tried to keep a mostly pink tone for this drawing because both flowers and shirt emojis are pink. Also, I introduced some complementary colors, which in this case is turquoise green, into the drawing because there is some part of the emojis that is green. So I added some of that green in. Then I played around with colors a bit on her hat. Otherwise it might look… boring? Yeah, something like that. I think the emojis I got for this drawing is quite cohesive and compatible. So what I could come up with for this drawing may not be too exciting. But I hope you like it. Ok, for the second drawing. I’ve got a genie, a flower again, and shaved ice. My first idea for this drawing is to draw a genie in a version of shaved ice. But the final drawing looks more like a flower fairy The final drawing may not look like what I had in mind at the beginning but still, I think it turns out great~ I draw genie with twin tails. Her twin tails are quite puffy to resemble the shape of shaved ice. And during the coloring process, I’ll draw her hair like shaved ice, the bottom part of her hair will be white and red on the top. Then, adding flowers around her for decoration. And that’s why it starting to look more like a fairy flower. But she is still cute though. The color of this drawing is quite monochromatic. I’m choosing pink as the main color and adding a slight bit of orange color. The 3 emojis don’t really have any orange color in them but I interpolated a little bit of orange to make my drawing look more interesting. I don’t know why, whenever I’ve to draw genies. I always don’t want to give them a normal skin color. Last time I got Genie emoji as well and I created genie with dark blue skin. This time I created another genie with dark pink skin. I don’t know, maybe because they look fancy? Actually, this drawing and the previous drawing do share a similar theme; a girly character, fantasy, magic, and cuteness. And that’s all for this drawing, hope you like it. Alright, we are now in the third drawing. I got a flamingo, ballet shoes and I think it’s a wedding church. For all 5 drawings that I’m creating, the thought process for this drawing takes the longest. Even though the process I’m showing you now doesn’t look like it. It seems like I know what I’m going to draw from the beginning but I actually spend a lot of time brainstorming on the idea before I start drawing. My first idea was to draw Flamingo’s wedding and the flamingo wears ballet shoes. But…it’s just too simple. So I tried to put more of my thoughts into it and came up with flamingo with her owner, and her owner is a boy. The boy’s outfit is a reference to the wedding church emoji. He got a heart in the middle of his shirt. The colors will reference back to the wedding church emoji as well. In my opinion, I might be flattering myself. I feel like I came up with such a unique and different idea. I feel like the emojis I have to work with for this drawing are quite difficult because all three emojis don’t share any similarities at all. One of them is an animal, another one is an object, then a place. It’s a challenge to try to infuse three of them effectively. But I am still able to do it~ Lol. The color for this drawing is quite monochromatic, similar to the previous drawing. Red is the main color for this drawing. Since there is a lot of red in these emojis so I decided to use red as the main color. Also, I don’t want to use the same color as my previous drawing. So I keep this drawing with a red tone. We’re at the fourth drawing already, for this one I got a peach, a piggy, and a ribbon. Guys, I’m going to tell you right now that this drawing is going to be absolutely adorable. So keep watching until the end. And we’re already starting to sketch. My idea is to draw a piggy girl being so shy right now because she’s on a date with a boy. Yeah, that’s my idea Lol. I’m sure many couples are dating during Valentines, right? My idea is about these piggy couples having a date At first, I was going to give a human figure as a piggy girl’s partner but then I changed my mind. I’d changed to a piggy boy. So a piggy girl is dating a piggy boy. The piggy boy has these short bangs on his forehead which is so cute. In this drawing, there will be filled with sweetness, cuteness, and adorableness. Every delightful feeling will be in this drawing. The meaning behind this drawing is about how much they are being so shy on their first date. They can’t even look at each other’s faces but still, they want to be together. That’s the mood I’m trying to go for. The colors palette for this drawing are peach, pink, and a little bit yellow and orange. I did not include any peaches in the drawing. There’s little background with peach shape but there are no peaches on the drawing. However, these pigs’ shapes do have a rounded shape, which shared similarities with the peach shape. So I did not draw an actual peach. I used the word ‘peach’ too many times. With all that said, I’m presenting to you the piggy girl and piggy boy’s first date. For the last drawing. Of course, I always keep the best one for last. For this one, I’ve got a brain, a mouth, and a tongue emojis. I can actually go with a simple idea, like right now in this sketching process. I was going to draw some figure sticking his or her tongue out. Then drawing on some brain patch on the shirt or brain pouch. That’s actually enough to complete this challenge. But of course, I would love to think out of the box. So I came up with a demon girl and demon guy on a date. A date again!? Lol Well… I was trying to finish this challenge for Valentine’s content, that’s why there are so many romantic vibes in the drawings. This drawing is about this demon guy buying ice cream for the demon girl and he doesn’t hold an ice cream with his hands but with his tongue! Isn’t that cool? Ice cream is going to have a brain shape. The demon girl is really excited about her boyfriend buying her an ice cream. So, she takes out her phone to snap a picture. This kind of moment is really cute. So I used it as an idea for this drawing. I think if you see this drawing first before knowing 3 emojis, you would not be able to guess the emojis. I got a brain, a mouth, and a tongue emojis, right? I don’t think you could see anything in the drawing that can directly link back to the emojis. That’s why I really love this drawing. I’m actually pretty proud of it. The colors for this drawing are going to be vivid. It’s going to have different values of light and dark more than other previous drawings. I want this drawing to have higher contrast, more story and a lot of action are going on. Well.. this drawing does have more story than other previous drawings. The main colors in this drawing are red and pink. I added a little purple to make the overall drawing look interesting. And that’s all about this demon girl and demon guy on a dated drawing. There’s actually a funny moment on this drawing. I’d signed my signature on this drawing. I’ve never signed on any of my drawings. I didn’t do it on my previous videos either. But for some reason, I signed on this one. I guess I’m proud of it. I’m being like, guys look! My idea is so cool! Lol That’s all five drawings completed. Yayyyyyy. Let me know which drawing you like in the comment section below, or you can vote on a poll that I’ll have up. I’m not sure which corners the poll will be. But it will be there, a poll that you can vote on your favorite drawing. I hope you guys like this video. I know there are many of you who are waiting for this video for quite a long time. Well, there we go. I hope you guys enjoy this video. If you like, don’t forget to click like and share and subscribe to my channel. And if you want more emojis challenge videos, please let me know by leaving a comment down below. Let me know what color theme I should be doing next. Ok, that’s all for this video. Until next time. Bye Bye

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