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[ENG cc] drawing EVERYDAY in October ✒️ INKTOBER Day.1 | Raveeoftitans

[ENG cc] drawing EVERYDAY in October ✒️ INKTOBER Day.1 | Raveeoftitans

Are you surprised that I upload video today? Are you surpriseeeeeeee ~? Hi everyone. It’s Ravee. Welcome to October. The month of Halloween ~ *broken voice*. It’s almost the end of this year… Anyway, As the title said for this video. I’ll be drawing everyday for 31 days in October. It’s an Inktober 2019. Guys~ I’m so excited for this year Inktober. I’ve been making lots of preparation for it. It is quite over the top. So please stay tuned to see what I’ve been preparing. Um.. I want to explain about ‘Inktober’ a little bit first, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it. Inktober is an art challenge to draw everyday for 31 days in October using ink. That’s why it’s called ‘Ink – tober’. The person who created this challenge was ‘Jake Parker’. He wanted to challenge himself to draw with ink everyday to improve his inking skill Then Inktober exploded in the internet world. Many artists around the world participated in Inktober. So Inktober became like a tradition for artists to do during October. If you follow hashtag (#inktober) on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll be seeing a lot of awesome drawings. With that said, I’m going to participate in Inktober this year as well. Ok, I’ve been talking a lot already. Let’s start drawing and I’ll talk with you more. Let’s go Ahm… I’ll let you guys appreciate the setting I’ve done here. See? I told you it’s so extra. Ok, as you can see or not. I’m not sure. Maybe camera’s exposure is too high. But I already did a rough sketch here. Next step is to sketch more with this red pen and black pen. The red pen is from Lancer. The black pen is from BiC. These two pens are just your regular ballpoint pen. Meanwhile, I’m going to talk about my theme for this year Inktober. So in each year, Inktober Officials will give out prompts for everyone. However for my take, I’m not going to use the official prompts. I’m going to set up my own theme which is ‘Witch Cafe’. So I’m thinking of designing and drawing witches combined with desserts that are usually served in cafés or restaurants. Something like that. Which I don’t know if toward the last few days, I’ll still be able to come up with new designs. Or. I might just draw normal looking witches and wizards. So that’s my rough idea of the theme for my Inktober drawings. Also you guys will see an extraordinary thing happen on my art Instagram at @ravee_art. I’m going to post my drawing every single day in October on my art instagram. If you want to know what I draw each day for Inktober. Please follow my art instagram at @ravee_art. I’ll post all of my drawings on there. Ok, Next I’m going to use Sakura Pigma Micron number 01 and Sakura Pigma Brush. Then toward the end of the drawing. I’ll use gold ink, sound fancy isn’t it? Lul. Actually I’m not sure if it an ink or not. But English label said It’s a pigment ink. Anyway It’s a gold ink from Kuretake. Since this drawing is the first drawing for Inktober. I’m still not sure which art supplies I’m going to use or not use. But I’ll be sure to list all the supplies that I used for Inktober under the description box. From what sketching am I using to what supplies do I use for sketching. Everything will be listed it below. You guys can always check the description box, if you’re interested. Now, let’s talk about the drawing. What have I been drawing so far? As I said earlier I’m trying to combine desserts that serve in cafes or restaurants with witches. So for this drawing its a soft baked choc chip cookie witch. Her hat is made out of cookie, ice-cream and this long looking stem is actually a vanilla stem. I’m trying to pile up everything into a witch hat silhouette. I chose to draw this dessert because It’s one of my favorite dessert from my favorite restaurant in Thailand named…. Are you ready to know what it is? ‘On the table’ For those of you who have been following me for a while probably giving me a face with rolling eyes right now and say something like ‘again?’ Lul Well~ That’s my all time favorite restaurant. What else would I have mentioned, right? Basically, I got an inspiration from one of the desserts they sell in that restaurant. For the videos, If you have followed me for a while. You probably know that 2 years ago, when I did Inktober. I uploaded the videos every single day in October. However I’m probably not going to be that crazy like 2 years ago. I still want to spend my time on something else. So, during the process of making this video. I’m still not sure how often will I’ll be able to upload videos. But I’ll do it as often as I can because I probably have so many footages of my drawing since I have to draw every single day. So, I’m still not sure about the schedule, but hopefully you still keep watching~ So I’ll make it into time-lapse mode for you now. I’ll be waiting for you at the end of the video. Tadaaaaa and this is my first drawing of Inktober series. Allow me to remind you again that I’m going to post a photo of this drawing on my art instagram @ravee_art. Also all of my Inktober drawings will be posted there, if… only I can complete it. What do you think about our first day of Inktober? I’m really hope you guys will like it because I’m putting a lot effort into this. If you like please hit like and share this video. Also…. I don’t really say it but if you love what you see and want to follow my Inktober journey. Please consider following my art instagram, and hit that subscribe button. Lol~ I usually don’t ask for sub, now I’m cringing at myself. Yeah, hit the subscribe button and turn on notification bell. So you can get notified when I upload new videos and you’ll be able to watch my video really quickly. So… please root for me and hopefully I can make it to day31 *sigh* I’ll go draw for the next day. See you guys on my next video. Bye Bye. See you.

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