Erin Brockovich (1/10) Movie CLIP – On the Prowl for Papers (2000) HD

Believe it or not, I’m on the prowl
for some water records. You come to the right place. I guess I did. Just tell me what you wanna look at,
and I’d be glad to dig ’em out. I wish I knew. It’s for my boss.
He’s in this water dispute… …and he wants me to find all kinds
of papers, from all kinds of places. You know,
it would probably be easiest… …if I squeezed back there
and poked around myself. -Would that be all right with you?
-Come on back. -I’m gonna need you to sign in here.
-Oh, sure. -” Pattee,” is that your middle name?
-No, maiden. Oh, you’re married? Not anymore. -Can I just…?
-Yeah. I love your pants. Oh, well, yeah, thanks. Well, this is it. It’s impressive. I’ll call you if I need anything. -All right.
-Okay. -Thank you.

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