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Example Usability Test with a Paper Prototype

Example Usability Test with a Paper Prototype

So Amelia, thank you
very much for being here for this usability test today. We’re planning a brand
new website for kids, and we’d like your help. For your help today, I’ve
got a special present for you after we finish. Do you see that? You’ll get it when we’re done. And this shouldn’t take
more than about 30 minutes. If you need to take a break
at any time, just let me know, and we can take a break, OK? OK. Before we begin, I’d like
to ask you a few questions. First, how often
do you go online? Every day. Every day. OK. What websites do you go to? Nick Junior. And what’s your
favorite website? PBS Kids. Oh, so there’s more than
one website you like? Yeah. Do your mommy and daddy let
you go online anytime you want? Not any time. OK, so when do you
get to go online? If Mommy says yes, I can. If she says no, I can’t. Oh, OK. This pen will be your mouse. Why don’t you take it? Great. If you want to
click on something, just tap on it with your pen. So what do you think
about this website? It is great. It’s great. What’s great about it? I like the worm. What do you think
you can do from here? I could do games, coloring
pages, and videos. Great. OK, thank you. I want you to remember
that you came here to find pages to color in, OK? All right? So that’s what I’d
like you to do, is find some pages to color in. What would you do? I could click on here. OK. When you click on there, it
takes you to a page like this. Is this what you expected? Yes. What do you think
you can do from here? I take– click on the button. And what would that do? Take you to coloring pages. Oh, OK. What would you want to click on? Triceratops? Mm-hm. Oh, you’ll like all of them? Yeah. OK, great. So let’s go to the kitty one OK? OK. So that brings you to this page. Is this what you expected? Yes. What do you think
you can do from here? You can color it. Like this. Oh, OK. Great. So let’s try that again. You touched over
here first, right? Mm-hm. Can do that again? Let’s do it very slowly. Click on yellow, and let me
give you a yellow marker now. There you go. You click– what
would you do next? Then I could do. You click there? OK, if you click there,
this will become yellow, and that will become
yellow, like that? Yeah. OK, what else would you do? Great. Is this the best cat
picture there is? Wait. You clicked on blue, then what? All right. Wait. There’s just one more thing. You color the
background, like this? Mm-hm. Great. I could press the print button. And what do you think
would happen then? I could print it. Oh, great. And so you click on the
print, and does it just come out the paper, or
does anything else happen? Come out the printer? It comes out the printer. OK, does it ask you any more
questions before that happens? This? Clicking here. It tells you which printer. OK, great. Did you notice these over here? Yes. What do you think
happens over there? We get to another page. Can you show me how
you would do that? OK. See? Do you think– are these
all the kitty pages? There is an arrow, too. What would that bring you to? Another page of coloring pages. Can we try that out? Mm-hm. Show me how you would do it. That would bring you here. Thank you. I like that one. You like that one? So the picture is big enough
for me to see what you like? Mm-hm. OK, that brings you here. Now, I’m going to click on
the things that I’ll color. OK. Your favorite thing about
coloring online is what? I love clicking on the tools. What kind of tools do
you like doing online? There’s like filler bucket
and spray can and crayon. I like all that stuff. What’s your favorite one? The sprinkles. The sprinkles. That sounds like a lot of fun. Wow. What’s better, is this– is Nick Junior better,
or is this better? This. Why is this better? Because it looks funner. Does Nick Junior have
sprinkles and that stuff on it? Yes. It does? But sprinkles make
it more fun, right? Yeah. OK. Which one do you think is
easier, this website or Nick Junior? This website. This website. And what could we do
to make it better? Add tools. Add tools, all right. Is there anything else
I should know about it? No No. Well, you’ve been fantastic. Thank you so much, and let
me get you your present, OK? OK.

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