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February Scratch Box | Friedia

February Scratch Box | Friedia

hey you guys it’s Frida here and today I wanted to do an unboxing of my monthly scratch box if you don’t know scratch box it is a monthly subscription of nail wraps and they do a lot of cool collaborations with artists and I just got my box so I haven’t even opened it yet so you’re gonna do it with me judging I had a few boxes last year that I never got the chance to show you guys and i remember when i did my first video you guys enjoyed it and so I was planning on doing more but I didn’t and I apologize but I do have the februari box here just opened it and it says meta physical mmm this time they added some like a holographic paper in there I know if you can see it Sparkle but it’s really pretty the three wraps included in your februari box are designed by the lovely clairvoyant model designer and energy healing audrey kitching oh I know Audrey I don’t know know her but like I know who she is um she explored the theme of metaphysical for this box so with your monthly scratch box subscription the box usually comes with three nail wrap arts and every nail wraps set there’s like two of them so it’s plenty of nail wraps for the whole month or even longer I still have some from last summer so it comes with that and then it comes with like a tool or an accent I remember it had like charms and foil and stuff like that which you can apply either on your nail wrap or you can just put it over your manicure or bring it to the nail salon and have them use it in your gel nail and then it comes with a surprise gift now I don’t want to show you what my surprise gift is so I’m gonna keep the box down here so that you don’t see it ok so I’m digging myself all the way to the bottom of the box to grab the nail wraps I have fished out the three nail wraps and first off is this very cute at least for me it’s cute for some people it might be a little like off but I love this their little eyeballs on here and if you look back into my Instagram feed last year during the summer i did a spray stencil on my nails like this so now that it’s on a sticker even better so the little eyes come down to where your cuticles would be and then you would have just a nude coat for the tip of your nails which I think that’s really cool so I guess this is like the third eye maybe these are really pretty they look like stones sort of like an epithet and it has like really tiny um sparkle in it which I love it gives it a different touch and i love that each and every one of them are different patterns and shapes because when they’re all the same its kind of me but i love that they’re all just unique and really cool and then the last one i believe this is more like a chakra thing because it has i’m not very familiar with the symbols but it looks like how your chacras would be aligned like so and that you can add that onto your finger so that’s really pretty each and every one of them are different which I love again and then it seems like it’s on a clear um nail wrap so that’s very cool three of these nail wraps came with this really cute charm which I’m definitely going to use it is a moon with a star these are really great for when you do gel nails because you won’t have to worry about it falling out or moving around if you do use a manicure make sure you use top coat but even so it might have a possibility of falling out um so yeah you just got to be really careful with it or you can actually use nail glue make sure you do the manicure first and then apply the nail glue and then the top coat because if you do it directly you might hurt yourself then the next thing is it comes with some silver foil and I love oil because there’s so many ways to do it and I know a lot of people are like how do you use it but you can cut little pieces and coat it on top of your nail to give it like a little holographic effect or you can crumble it up and use it in your gel nail like there’s so many ways and this is a good amount for one person there’s a lot in there so it came with that and then it also came with little tools which I love that it’s always so miniature because you can carry it around a little file and I will wooden tool they can use for like pushing the wraps down and also the file to kind of file the wraps off love these guys so it also came with a surprise gift but I don’t want to show you guys and ruin the surprise because if you haven’t received your februari box you don’t wanna I don’t want this to be a spoiler alert I’ve been talking to scratch box and we have decided or they have decided that they are going to give us a big discount for all my viewers usually these boxes are thirty dollars a month and everything that’s inside is worth fifty dollars but just for you guys they are giving me a code for twenty-five percent off and that’s a big discount I think so everything will be written down in the description box below if you use the code you’ll get your twenty-five percent off and you will get the februari box with your surprise gift shipping is free within the united states and lucky for us if you are out of the United States you pay eight dollars and you still get the subscription which i think is great because a lot of these subscription boxes they do not ship overseas and I think that’s something I mentioned in my very first video if you want to know how to apply the nail wraps I will be putting a link on how to do so in the description box below so check that out there are also instructions on their website so I’ll link that as well so this is a new thing because I don’t remember them saying this or anywhere on the website last year but for the subscribers you get to actually pick or pass if you want that box so one month before you get a little sneak peek of what’s going to be in the box and if you want it you just leave it and if you want to pass then you can do that as well which i think is great because sometimes there are nail wraps that you would probably never use or maybe it’s just maybe you’re out of town and you can accept it so I think that’s a really cool perk and that way you’re never forced to take the box which i think is a really cool idea all right so hopefully you guys enjoyed the video and if you are interested everything will be written in the description box below thank you guys so much for watching and if you want to see more of me unboxing things then please thumbs up and let me know in the comments below and thank you so much scratch box for your coupon code hopefully you guys will use it and I will see you in my next video all right bye

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6 thoughts on “February Scratch Box | Friedia

  1. I love that Makeup on you Friedia! And it looks like you got a whole lot of Swag there. Wouldn't mind to see more of this. Have u also checked out Lootcrate as well?

  2. You always have such a pretty color on your nails in every video 🙂 and your makeup is stunning ! What is on your lips ? 🙂

  3. 一番最後のチャクラな感じ?のネイルラップが一番付けてみたいな〜✰フリちゃんは最近髪の毛染めない感じですか?地毛の色も綺麗そうですね(*≧∪≦) 

  4. フリちゃんの動画始めた頃ぐらいから見てるけど、ますます綺麗になっていくね♡ 今度日本にいるときあってみたい(^-^)♡

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