FILMMAKING creativity, YES!!! But your health comes first

Chet Chet Chet. Uh, yeah, what’s up everyone? Welcome to film stration. My name is writer-director ready to vatra. Let’s get down to business So I woke up on Thursday morning banged out some emails and Then it was off to work alright so after editing and doing a few other things this morning, I Hit the road, and I’m actually here on the border town of Nogales, Arizona you can kind of see there’s the border wall right there behind me and Let me see if I can go over here and turn around. We’re gonna do a little thing right now with the camera It’s called stand up when the reporter, you know, basically comes out on air. So we’re kind of up top we’re doing a story about the city and What the city of Nogales? is doing Nogales Arizona is the southernmost city in Arizona and Just below Tucson on the border. And so they’re You know Coronavirus stuff, of course. Just want to make sure you can hear me but here’s the here’s the gear so a little bit of the day as I bring out my my camera. So yeah Lots of fun times here on the border always neat to tell the stories But you gotta be it goes back to it what I’m always saying You have to be passionate about the storytelling you have to be passionate about Telling a good accurate story that gives people a really good clue as to you know from the point of journalism With regards to like what’s going on around you? And so that’s one of the aspects that I love so Anyway, there’s the border one more time And cameras all loaded up on the tripod I’m ready to go Here at the board and let me see if I can zoom in on this for you guys so that’s the famous border here in Arizona that separates, Arizona No, godless, Arizona from Alevis same name of the city, but on the Mexican side, it’s the Mexican state of Sonora Yep. There you go. So let’s grab the camera. Let’s film some stuff Thanks, listen not edit We always edit at this one restaurant, let me go ahead and show you called Las Vegas here in Nogales, Arizona except I don’t know if because of the coronavirus or not, but they’re actually closed and so that it was our regular editing spot so gonna transfer a bunch of the video that we just shot for today’s story onto my laptop here and Still be productive still keep on moving forward to produce tonight’s news pieces for six o’clock in 10 p.m And oftentimes when you are chasing the story, you’ll find that your office with your gear right there in the back There’s the laptop your office many times is gonna be some parking lot And guess what when your mobile doesn’t matter what matters more is? Okay, when you have the tools and the resources Are you gonna be able to get the job done the hope is yeah, you need to get the job done You need to tell that story Using the technology that you have at your disposal and so that’s why you know, that’s why I’m a big believer in like you even if you’re you know, Like I’m filming this on my my personal iPhone right now But you know still even with the most basic stories it does matter to have the good basic gear But what matters more is? Okay. What are you doing with that gear? What kind of storytelling are you telling me something interesting you? Know same thing goes for a filmmaker. So Alright very cool Stuffs being loaded up into the editing system. And so we’ll just give that a moment Here’s one of the greatest lessons that I’ve ever been able to take away from being a photojournalist for almost 17 years now You have to be flexible in your storytelling abilities. You have to get your job done I’m very proud of the fact that I always get my job done Yes, there have been times in the past when that hasn’t been the case for this logistical reason or that logistical reason but for the most part you have to get your job done and You have to be open and flexible to you know To any situation around you because you have to be able to like look for the stories around you in the world around you in the case of today it’s What’s going on with the coronavirus? Is there coronavirus in the Santa Cruz County which is the county below Pima County below Tucson So we’re basically in a border community just above the Mexican state of Sonora and you know it you have to be flexible in in where you go what you do because you have to follow the story to see where the story is at and you have to be able to Look for that story And decide okay. Here’s what’s going on. This is what I found. This is the story and Report on that story. So and you know, it’s a it’s a really cool Part of the whole thing that I love is the story aspect. It’s got to be about story. Same thing goes with filmmaking but yeah, it definitely has to be about story and And the power of that story, alright so plans change a little bit now we’re gonna drive back to Tucson and Basically find a spot to park over there and get the new story done. So anyway, talk to you guys later See you in the main video. Bye so ironically enough a few hours after we came back from Santa Cruz County the County Health Department put out that they then officially had their one first case of corona virus infection within that county And so it’s that’s how fast things changed when we were there. Everything was Well, they were they were declaring that they had no recorded cases and that changed literally within a few hours. So Came back, of course handled two stories for the six o’clock and 10 o’clock news if you want to check out those stories I will go ahead and put the links for you in the description of this video But that was Thursday. It’s now Saturday and I hope you are all taking care and following the proper precautions that we’re being asked to washing your hands staying indoors staying away from crowded places like You know your mall movie theaters. I know our clothes etc. Like just just self isolate now. That doesn’t mean that you do nothing For example, you know I’ve been busy here at the house all morning and then later on Wife and I are gonna be going to take a hike that’s what that sounds funny when you say it We’re actually gonna be taking a hike One of our local hikes not too far away from the house to get out and get air sunshine and exercise So I highly you know because we’re being asked to socially isolate does not mean that you Let your body turn to mush like and still get out there still enjoy the sunlight get some vitamin D all that good stuff, right, but the thing is that If you don’t well, let me let me talk about the other thing too. Also, I’m also seeing a surge of great positive Creativity and creative things that are coming out of the space now, I’m not saying the coronavirus is a good thing in our lives It’s not in my heart goes out to everyone affected by Somebody who’s been infected or if you’ve been infected or you know, there are also people even passing away My heart does go out to these people and those affected by You know very closely by the corona virus but You still have to push on you still have to push on in life Because this is not a situation where I want you to look at is like, okay The world is ending and that’s it like you can’t see it that way because we’ve been through worse as a country collectively and so you have to move forward you have to push on and so Back to filmmaking I’m seeing that translate into You know people like one filmmakers like hey I’m thinking of like in one of the groups that I belong to on Facebook and I’m thinking about doing a coronavirus movie or something of that nature How much like he straight up ass? like how much would you be willing to pay if I You know put this movie out there for sale and you know, some people said, you know You know, they wouldn’t pay anything I said somewhere between one to three dollars I think is fair other people said five other people said ten, so That’s my two cents. But here’s the thing if that filmmaker is gonna get creative in his home I think he might have some kids Then you know what I say to that I say power to him power to him for taking the situation and doing something with it and harnessing with harnessing it versus Allowing for it to harness him You can’t be scared of the situation. It’s a balance between Doing everything the doctors and you know The health officials tell us to do it just wash our hands stay away from people all that good stuff, right? Does not mean go apeshit at the grocery store, please don’t do that. Stop doing that There are elderly people who need Supplies too at the grocery store who can’t fend for themselves or probably not as well as the rest of us younger folks There are people with babies, you know There are people the very young kids that they have to watch out after you guys. Don’t don’t hoard. Don’t go Apeshit. Okay. I’ll just say that word. I’ll use that word Don’t do that But you know doo doo doo everything that you need to do on one hand to take care of yourself, but on the other hand move forward in life in this new normal Okay Staying away from people etc. Right. It doesn’t mean life stops. It means you alter life for you know in these certain ways We’re a little while. Hopefully it’s just a little while until necessary But you still move forward and you still bang out that script and you still you know do that thing That you want to do like that short film or in my case I have to you know, the the editing Continues the editing continues and so but you can’t do that You can’t do any of that You can’t and I’m happy to see this flow of creativity like this other guys on YouTube I was coming home. I think on I think that day on Thursday or or on yesterday Friday I saw a guy on on in one of the Facebook groups drop a youtube video Asking the question could self-isolation be a good thing for film makers Heck. Yeah, it could be a good thing. I responded right away. This is what I responded heck Yeah It could be a good thing because that means more time for reflection more time for strategizing whiteboarding Drawing out your plan Maybe getting creative and learning to once again. You see if I can brighten this light There you go learning to once again be creative of a very resourceful nature in other words aka with like very little resources But yeah self isolation can be a very good thing and you know for a lot of creative people out there who you know Maybe see themselves more on kind of like in as far as personalities go more of like a loner the lone wolf or or you know, just maybe somebody was more of a have a Good. Oh my god, the word is escaping right now Somebody who spends more time on the inside of themselves versus the outside My Jesus, okay anyway I’ll Risa an introvert an introvert, you know like self isolation to somebody like that you guys it’s nothing new, you know, I when when when I got severely bullied in the sixth and seventh grade and you know into the eighth grade and I Really severely disconnected from the rest of the world. That’s when my interest in writing and a Few years after that and early in high school my interest in developing Skills with my dad’s video camera kima like that’s when you spend time with yourself to really just be there with yourself and think about About who you are what you do? What you like to do what you’re good at what you’re not good at what your strengths are what your weaknesses are and then playing To Your Strengths that’s like when you do that you really figure out a lot of Who you are and then based upon that what direction you want to go in and so that’s why I was able to find out How I just naturally gravitated toward cameras toward editing systems toward creating stories and telling stories through the the visual format starting with my dad’s 1990 Panasonic camera that he bought for my that he bought from my sister’s eighth grade graduation Self-isolation can be a very good thing and again to like a lot of us loners or you know If you identify as such I’d I definitely do in in in the sense of you know Spending a lot of time alone with my creativity as I add it or not It could definitely be a good thing. But back to the health aspect you got to take care of yourself You got to take care of yourself. And so like let me give you guys an example right? I’m in the darkroom But as you can see the blue light back here Let’s open up the blinds. See what this looks like Oh, what is that? That is a beautiful day outside Let’s see. If you can let me take a look over there see if that adjusts. Anyway, that’s the neighborhood Those are the neighbors out there you guys It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood literally Wipes out and running some errands. I’m waiting for her to get back We’re gonna go for that hike and then later on in the evening gonna get back to editing Or you know just doing any other stuff, but let that let the creativity flow but in order to let that creativity flow we’ve got to take care of yourself and Also other creatives out there – I mean, you know reminder the creatives that you know, it’s not all doom and gloom Yes, you got to follow the guidelines that are I mean if you want to be smart then follow the guidelines don’t be one of those spring breakers, you know, or everyone’s rubbing up on each other and ignoring the guidelines You know remind your fellow creatives right now’s a great time to look at all of the positives that could come out of sight self isolation and Letting the creativity flow, but it comes from first and foremost is your health You have nothing if you don’t have your health if you don’t have your health you can’t do anything else, so Take care of yourselves you guys. I hope you guys enjoyed that first part of the video I’m gonna try to do a little bit more of that just to kind of bring those aspects of the day job and how to to give light – specifically to the following – Those technical and thematic aspects and how those cross over into my filmmaking life and all the lessons contain therein in the journalism life how those cross over again somatically or technically how they cross over and how they have served me in the filmmaking world because I can tell you being a Photojournalist has been a great training ground. It has been that film school that I was not able to go to that’ll be another Topic another video I guess because you know, like I should go to film school like that’s a very big one I understand then I have my own store with regards to that topic but So yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed that and just that I love you guys. Talk to you guys later and Run out there do your thing terror stories and don’t ask for anyone’s blessing anyone’s permission if you have a higher power consult your higher power, and if not again, do your thing Tiger stories if you haven’t done so, please Hit that subscribe button. I would love it. I’ll talk to you guys later, I guess

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