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First Studio Vlog – introduction, watercolor painting, and spoonflower samples.

First Studio Vlog – introduction, watercolor painting, and spoonflower samples.

So since this is my first studio vlog, I
figured it was best to do a little bit of an introduction. My name is Nicole. I
am illustration artist. I am originally from Australia but I live in Oregon with
my American husband and our cat. I have been doing illustration art as a, again
I’ll use the quotations, “job” for about two and a half years now it could be
longer than that. But I didn’t really get serious about it
until like fully serious I would say until about last year. I do mostly ink
and watercolor illustrations. The reason I want to do these videos – like I said – is
that I find these kinds of videos to be enjoyable to watch and just an
encouragement for me to do my work and keep me company and that sort of thing.
So I thought that maybe other people would find some value in something
that I would put out. I don’t think I’m doing this from a place of any sort of
expertise certainly not vlogging expertise, but I’m not sitting on a
pedestal saying that like this is how you draw and this is how you do this and
this and that. This is just the way that I do things – I’m constantly growing and
learning and and wanting to try new things and such. I just I think it’s
really valuable to see other people be creative and how that can be influential
and and encouraging to others to also be creative. I also of course I’m not going
to be dishonest here I would love to be able to grow my audience, and you know
have someone to sell my artwork to let’s be honest. But
more than anything just to have other people to talk about this kind of thing
and the act of making these vlogs I hope will be an encouragement to myself to,
you know get the work done and to create in different ways. Even the, you know, the
making of the videos is a sort of creative outlet as well. So I’ll just tell
you, I should say that like I mentioned the other video I did have a shop on my
website I opened that last year, early last year, but then ended up temporarily
closed in at least “temporarily” closing it late last year just because I found
that it wasn’t really working in the way that I hoped and I just wanted to take a
step back from it for a bit and see how I could finangle things and see what I
could do to hopefully make it more successful. I do still have my store on
society6 and last year I also started a Spoonflower store, which is a place
where you can put your art onto fabric that print-on-demand fabric that people
can buy and that’s actually been really amazing. I’ve been putting most of my
time into that recently as opposed to the society6 which has fallen off a bit
because I find that it has granted me a lot of like creative freedom in ways
that just the straight-up illustrations hasn’t recently it’s not that I’m
preferring it all the time but I don’t know if something about creating the
patterns has been really fun lately. So the big things that I’m working on at
the moment – I am in the middle of finishing a five piece miniseries that I
possibly will be making into postcards it’s a they involve
Australian animals – like I said – I’m Australian, and I’d really like to create something
to raise hopefully raise some money to help with those people fighting the
fires and facing what is going on in the hellscape that is Australian weather at
the moment. And I also have just started doing something that I’ve been putting
off since November – I wanted to upload and clean up and get ready all of my
pieces in October I did drawlloween which is sort of similar to inktober but
without the ink restrictions and it’s done through Mab Graves the artist Mab
Graves. And I took part in that and I’d love to get all those pieces up on my
society6 so I have to like scan them and clean them up and make them the right
size dimensions and everything for Society6. So those are two of the things that I’ve
been working on and I just yesterday finished my current Spoonflower
collection basically to make fabric on spoonflowerr you have to order proofs of
every single design you make so that you know it looks the way that you want it
to look. And you can’t sell a design without having already seen the proof.
And the most cost-effective way to do that is by wait until you have 30
designs because then it’s the best value for money when you order in the proofs.
So I literally, I think yesterday, finished my fourth or fifth collection,
and I sent away for those proofs. That takes a week or two to get them back, and
then I can then make those designs public on Spoonflower But yeah, so that was
a big thing I just finished, that usually takes me a month or two to do those 30
signs depending on like how many sort of similar patterns I make and that sort of
thing. So those are the main things I’m working on, I think I’m about oh I should
say it’s Sunday morning today though technically for me it is my nighttime
because I’m currently on schedule where I’m awake overnight- so I’m just about to
start getting scanning on my drawlloween pieces, and and then I’ll see
where I go from there. Hey so it’s Tuesday morning today and
you just saw me working on the platypus for my Australian post card set
and here is the finished result. Obviously I’ll do it more to a rectangle
shape once I upload it and fit it to the post card ratio, but yeah he’s a
little sleeping platypus guy. And then I finished three other ones of
that so far I’ve got the sleeping koala in a tree and I have this little baby
kangaroo and these adorable almost kissing koalas and then I have one more
left to paint and that’s the sugar glider, the baby sugar glider and it’s
sitting on a strawberry. And then I should be done with that part of it, and
then I’ll upload them and make them into postcards. And I’m not sure how I’m going
to handle it. I’d like to say that I could just order something and know that,
you know, people are going to buy it I because I should say I don’t print my
stuff at home I get my stuff printed elsewhere because I don’t have a good
enough printer system to do the whole print-on-demand
home thing. So I usually yeah just send away to get my stuff printed I at the
moment I prefer that That being said, because I haven’t made
that many sales it does leave a lot of product leftover, and in this scenario,
where I’d really like to raise money specifically for the the fire funds in
Australia, I don’t want to just sort of dive headfirst into it and order something
that possibly people don’t want. So I feel like I I’m gonna sort of scope out
and try and see if there’s much interest, and it’s you know if there isn’t any
interest, I mean I’ll do this anyway, I’ll be making private donations, but that’s
not why I mentioned it. I just I feel like I’ll do a feel out, possibly a
pre-order system something of that nature and see how it goes. Yeah let me know if you’ll be interested
in those. What it will be will be a five postcard set, and I can put those in just
a letter size sort of envelope with a protective sleeve and that will keep
shipping costs down. I believe I’ll make it free shipping and then regardless of
how much they should be in costs and how much the printer cost. I will be donating
100% of the sale to it not just 100% of the profit but like 100% of the price.
I’m thinking it will be $12 for the five postcards with free shipping,
international shipping, and then all twelve of those dollars will be going to
the charity. I haven’t pinpointed exactly the charity
that I want to donate to just yet. I have heard issues with like specific wildlife
foundation not wildlife foundation, but like, wildlife charities
being isolated to state-by-state situations. But I also would like to look
into if there are any charities that are run by indigenous Australians because
I’ve heard of incidences where, I mean these are just anecdotal, but that people
may be being overlooked in the charitable situation. So I don’t
know exactly where but if you could tell me whether even you’d like the look of
these guys at all and if you’d be interested at all in the postcard set,
yeah that would be a help. I’ll also, you know put a run out like sort of feelers
out on my Instagram stories and that sort of thing – my information will always
be done in the doobly-doo.Yeah I’ll go grab a postcard so you can see what they
would sort of look like because I’ll be getting them through the same people and
the backs of the postcard will be the same as the postcards I already sell. I get
my stuff done through Mew I get my stuff done through moo, who I am a big
fan of. I know that they are more expensive than say, vistaprint and stuff,
but I have ordered through Vistaprint and I just think the quality is not
there compared to Moo. I just I would prefer to have a really nice product and
people have said to me about my first cards and this isn’t down to my design,
this is down to Moo, that yeah it’s really nice quality they they make I find
people who want the postcards to put up on their wall because some people like
really small prints and stuff I think the quality of Moo is really good for
that, and also like you know surviving being in the mail and all that kinda
stuff. But I’ll go grab one now. I said I would grab one but I actually grabbed
one of my sets. So this is my red panda, my red panda postcard set. It’s sort of
like I wouldn’t say it’s gloss on the front, it’s got the slightest of shimmers
but like a a really nice feel to it. They’re very quality thickness. And then
my little design that I drew on the back. But so those are those three that’s what
obviously it won’t look like these pictures it will look like the
Australian animals are, but the back will look the same so just kind of thing. Yeah
so it would be a pack of five it would be in an envelope and the shipping would
be free international, so if you could you know let me know if you’d be
interested in that, that would be a huge help. I’d really appreciate it. So my latest
spoonflower collection arrived and I thought that I would open it on camera.
I, as well as my collection, I also ordered, let’s see if I can do this one-handed, I also ordered a sample packet of
all of their fabrics. It’s just like this is this really nice box. It’s just I
believe it’s a four by four of every single one of their fabrics so that I
can possibly make something in the future. I have an idea of something that I
want to make in the near future and I wasn’t sure what kind of fabric would be
best for it, so, this is only three dollars which shocked me because it
seems like it’s it seems like it’s a decent amount of size fabric not enough
to do anything with but like I was expecting like a little keyring type
size fabric. So $3 for that seems a good deal and so I got that I also saw
that, but as well as that I got obviously my
sample which is the thing on the bottom and then this, which I believe spoonflower
themselves create, which is just a color swatch fabric with all of the
colors and their codes on them so you can know when you, know when I’m working
in Photoshop, I can know exactly what the color is going to look like, at least on
on this petal cotton which is what I believe it is. I don’t really do full
digital stuff because I don’t have that set of expertise, but I do sometimes add
accents and that sort of thing when I’m working in Photoshop to make my patterns – so that’ll come in handy for that. And then this is my, this is how the samples
come. It’s a yard of fabric and they if you order all 30 which is what I do
every time they just put it into an 8×8 of each one. And usually I resize all of
the patterns before I do the order the sample, but I was doing this late at
night, and I was an idiot and forgot to resize my patterns. So these aren’t
exactly as they will look, they’re mostly way too large compared to
what I want, but that’s the point of the proof is that you can see what you want
to change color wise size wise and everything. And then you can make those
changes and then make the patterns available for sale. But even though these
aren’t the right sizes, it still allows me to see the kinds of colors that, yeah
these are huge, like that’s a bee right there so, and that’s like the corner of a
scarab so, and even bigger B. So these are way too enormous, but I kind of have my
other patterns to go by, so I can fix the sizing and that should be fine.
They’ll be a lot lot smaller than this. I mainly I do it sort of with the idea
that they’re going to be made for clothes, that’s my base sizing. And then
if I want to do like a bigger one I’ll do that as large scale, and if I don’t
want to do it a small one I’ll do that a small scale. Because you have to have
separate separate listings for different sizes of the print. But yeah, that’s all
looking good. So it’s Tuesday today and I think I’m gonna stop the vlog there. I
still have other footage, but I feel like it’s gone on long enough for a
first vlog, and I’ll just put the other stuff in next week’s vlog. So I hope you
enjoyed what I put out. I feel like I’ll hopefully get better at
it as I do it more, and I’m also hoping that I can get some sort of setup where
I can film top down so I can actually show making the art more often at a
better angle. Anyway so I’ll leave it there,
and I’ll see you next time but

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