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(Fluid359) Kontrolle über Zellen

(Fluid359) Kontrolle über Zellen

Hello everybody Now I want to take the second picture I already announced it this means put single cells I am here so it is a staff, a wooden staff for shashlik skewers has a little tip which I always noticed it always drips a bit is difficult to handle so I try it with a cotton swab you have a thicker tip but the drop may fall away because it sucks a bit more Just have a look let’s start so friends then let’s start the picture is 40 x 30 centimeters I still have the colors Brilliant Pink brilliant green Primer blue, black and a big mug of white for swiping well, I have here as I said such a shish kebab skewer already dirty But maybe I’ll try it with a cotton swab As long as there are still, one must also say so you want to stop good, let’s start Prepare my swipe again and then the colors are finished too OK bring a little bit more black in this picture that you once again make a slightly darker picture so that the contrast comes out better then that’s empty too I also make the blue empty then it is good OK then comes the white After all, I always do it a bit differently than a classic swipe but I like it so much better everyone can do it themselves as he wishes, huh ok, spatula again then let’s have a look mh mh mh now I have to take care again do not darken here That’s why I drive over it again with the white when everything is clean I do not really want to do that much anymore if I get some white on it then I can again drive here that’s OK so just my knife for a moment plaster my spatula knife, otherwise I’ll forget it later what I am doing now. To the difference of the previous picture I see here that a few cells come for whatever reason are now the bubbles too mh I have somewhere So I have no silicone in the colors so I still let it run a bit so I get the edges you know that and especially so that I can see the picture get as I want yes, it’s funny now. Have many bubbles in it and strangely, ahh it can be that of the other Biuld still that something has come in there yet? yes, well happened You can almost leave it that way, laugh no matter so So as I said, I’ll try it once with this Shash lik Sieß but break me off then he is not so long Hm take a small cup this time Fill in a bit Silicone, that’s enough. You do not need much So again from this 300er viscosity OK then let’s test it put some flowers or patterns there as they please me best along the line that is always Good yes, but there you can make beautiful flower forms do it here again it is really enough to immerse yourself once almost, I say now ok, cool but the thin rod does not drip so much either we still have room here. I’ll do that again I’ll put that in between now maybe I should have put something closer ah, great. Since you can make great patterns so now the cotton swab, as I said a little thicker that sucks but nice full with silicone and does not actually drip I’ll do it here but it also absorbs color that’s the next problem that is, it takes color too, it sucks full of silicone but also takes on color laughing but no matter I test it anyway continue but does not work so well like with this stick That’s why I continue with the stick come here we have a nice picture So you have to stay close to the other cells so that connects beautifully I noticed there you can do like honeycombs is cool too again exercise thing to approach with emotion I’m doing it a bit faster for you so you do not have to wait so long laughing ok, cool. That’s enough otherwise the picture is overloaded what I still do where I have the two cells. Wherever they came from I put something out there as well may also be okay put one here in the middle looks like an eye there you can draw nice patterns or sting So that’s almost more fun OK Good. I leave the picture like this now. Otherwise it will overload again that fits well, I’ll let it work again for 10 minutes and then I’ll show you up close laughing cool, then see you soon so friends i’m back Now let’s look at it so, here you see the layer was still too thick Cdas means, it’s still going somewhere mostly always at the edges a pity, actually but be careful best to let something go the picture before you do it starts to edit then not so much anymore Now I’m going up Here we come to this edge has also become really good I think that’s nice then this strip comes here then to the middle one So you see, it’s still working Here I have pulled the individual points we have to be careful not too much then down here has also become beautiful and here only you see it then over here so it was just an example with the round patterns or here you can do square or triangular ones what you want is only meant as an example but you see, man can do that get control over the cells cool Good, then I hope you liked it again? it has brought you something a new inspiration and then it was again from me I wish you something I thank you for mine Supporter, so my supporters and then like to thumbs up and write me in the comments as always See you bye Bye

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33 thoughts on “(Fluid359) Kontrolle über Zellen

  1. Återigen det är fantastiskt spännande att se på när du skapar dina konstverk. 🤩🤩🤩👏👏👏👏💐

  2. Hi Timo,
    wieder mal eine wunderschöne Arbeit von Dir – beide Daumenhoch!!! :-))
    Ich hab mich auch schon an dieser Technik probiert, doch leiderleider sind dabei keine Zellen entstanden. 🙁
    Lag es daran. dass ich keinen Swipe hatte sondern einen Dirty-Pour??
    Vielleicht kannst Du mir ja eine Erklärung liefern…
    Danke schon mal im Voraus!
    Schönes Wochenende!

  3. I really like this painting. My favourite so far. It made in me interested in buying some of the vinyl glue pouring medium that you are using, but it seems the only country in the world that is not on I love Art list of countries that they mail to – is Canada. That does seem very strange!

  4. A fairy flower garden…….very nice and I loved how you let the "flowers" run over the side, very natural………thank you!

  5. Нужно попробовать на белом, думаю, все цвета окроются🤔😉🙋

  6. Do you know what pouring medium or glue would be comparable in the US, as Canada does not have many Canadian companies for painting, and your German company strangely seems to have every country listed as a shipping option, except Canada. How could they forget us?

  7. Огромное спасибо! Подписалась и с удовольствием смотрю Ваши видео.

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