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Foil and Stamping

Foil and Stamping

Hello, this is Jennifer. Lately I have been
addicted to foiling techniques and I’ll link to a few videos that I’ve shared in the past.
However I really wasn’t pleased with the foiling that I was doing with my stamping, so I spent
quite a bit of time and a lot of experimenting trying to figure out the best way to combine
my stamps with foiling. That’s what I’m going to share with you today. I will tell you that,
as I mentioned I spent a lot of time, wasted a lot of foil. But it was definitely worth
it. The best part is you need to do firing with your stamps is probably a product that
you already have. I apologize because it’s hard to photograph these foil cards, but you
will be able to see the foil in action here in a little bit. Okay so let’s get our stamped
images ready for foiling. I have a stamp set here from Tim Holtz. Some Fineline Flowers.
I find this works best with outline images, but you could play around with what you have.
I have white are stock ready to go. We’re going to do some heat embossing. I want to
make sure that I rub this well with my anti-static tool, because you want to make sure that you
don’t get any powder where you don’t want it. So I am stamping my image here with VersaMark
Ink. You won’t be able to see it. That’s just a clear sticky ink. Then I’m going to add
regular old white embossing powder. This is the trick to getting foiling to work with
stamps. What I’ve seen is the Ranger White super fine embossing powder. I found this
works best with the fine powders. But you can try it with any that you may have. Really
I’m just using white, because I’m using a white background. You could use clear if you
wanted to too. Now I’m adding powder here. Again you want to make sure that you brush
away any excess of the powder, because anywhere you have powder on this piece of paper you
will end up with foil later on. If there are any spare bits of powder there will be spare
bits of foil on your final image. So there I went ahead and heat set that. So basically
all I have is a white heat embossed image on card stock. I also wanted to foil my sentiment.
I have a stamp set here from Clearly Besotted. I love this set. I’m going to use the messages
You are the Best and You are Amazing. I’m stamping this once again with VersaMark ink
on the bottom of this white piece. Again you want to make sure you use anti-static. If
you don’t have a powder tool like this for anti-static you could also use a dryer sheet
and that should work okay. Now I’m adding that white embossing powder making sure to
kind of flick off any of the extra and also brush away any. You really want to make sure
to get rid of that extra powder. I’m going to go ahead and heat set that and now this
whole piece is ready to do foiling. So I have a flower white heat embossed and a sentiment
white heat embossed. Next let’s talk about the foil that I’m going to use. I haven’t
gotten my hands on the Heidi Swapp foil yet and the Ranger foils also work. But the foils
I’m using today are from Thermoweb. They’re called Deco Foil. I really like this because
there are many colors. Many gorgeous colors and there are five sheets of foil in these
packages. So you really get a lot in these packages. You want to be careful to pull them
apart because they kind of stick. So you just want one. Now I’m going to cut a little strip
from the gold. This will be for my sentiment and then I’m going to cut from the pink melon
color, which is just gorgeous, a square for my flower. Now you’ll notice the back side
of this foil is like a matte silver. But the color you will end up with is whatever color
is on the front. So I have to pieces of foil to do onto our little piece here. So I have
two pieces of foil ready to go on our little piece here. Again the flower will be pink
and the sentiment will be gold. Now we need a way to make our foil stick to the embossing.
You can use an iron for this technique. I find much better results if you use a laminating
machine. I have laminator here that’s very inexpensive. It’s like $19. I am going to
use to stick that foil onto our heat embossing. So this is just a plain laminator. You can
try whatever laminator you have on hand. Now I have my white heat embossed flower and I’m
going to lay my pink foil on top that. Then I’m going to lay the gold foil on top of our
sentiment. In past videos you’ve seen me put this in a folded typing paper, as kind of
a carrier. This is the trick to making this work. Put it in my laminator with nothing.
I just carefully start feeding it into my laminator, before you know it the laminator
will kind of grab it and pull it all the through to the other side. If you use a carrier sheet,
like a folded piece of paper, you won’t get as much foiling. I’ll show you what that looks
like in a moment. Now I don’t know if it’s okay to feed this through here without a carrier
sheet. I didn’t break any rules in high school, so I guess I’m doing it now. I don’t know.
I didn’t find any problems. Let me tell you I did this many times, so I was just careful
to make sure that the foil was on top of the heat embossed images before I fed it through
and every time it out just perfectly okay. So I don’t think you have to have that carrier
sheet. Now the piece will come out the other side. I’ll let this cool for a couple of seconds.
Then I peel off the foil and then get ready to do a happy dance because this looks incredible.
Check it out; you get very smooth foil results with this. This is just gorgeous. I was so
excited when I finally figured this out. Now if you have tiny bits of foil where you don’t
want it, like if there was that one tiny bit of embossing powder that grabbed some of that
foil, you can scrap it away with a craft knife. Remember I said all of the embossing powder
will grab that foil. The shine here is very smooth. In past videos I showed how to stamp
with glue and then do foil on top. That doesn’t give as smooth of results as this. I mean
this is perfectly smooth super shiny and I just used regular embossing powder. Or a fine
embossing powder. Now this is a mess up. This is along the way. I just wanted to show you
it doesn’t scratch off. It’s a lot more durable then some of the foiling techniques I’ve shown.
So I’m scratching my finger nail on it and it seems to be okay. This is nice and durable
on it and I don’t have to worry about it rubbing off when it goes through the mail. I wanted
to show you something else. Before we did use a carrier sheet through the laminator
I wanted to show you the results when we do use a carrier sheet. Because the results are
pretty cool too. I’ve positioned my foil on top of another heat embossed image here and
I’m putting it inside a piece of folded typing paper. I’m going to run this through my laminator.
So this time the foil doesn’t get heated or press down as much, because that carrier sheet
on. I guess less heat makes it to it. So you get more of a fine bit if foiling at the end
results. I think it’s still cool. It’s just different. I wanted to be able to show you
the two options so you can decide what you like better. Also maybe one of these ways
works better for certain stamps than others, so you can either try with or without a carrier
sheet. I also found when doing this technique with your piece inside a carrier sheet, it’s
best to run it through twice. Just to give it a little more heat and really makes that
foil stick to the embossing powder. Now a lot of people have asked about the Heidi Swapp
Mink Machine which is great for foiling techniques. I just got mine, so I promise I will check
it out and do a video on it soon. Okay, so now I’ve gotten this to go through the laminator
twice. I’m going to go ahead and peel off the foil. This time you’ll see a little bit
less of the foil. You can a little finer detail with this technique. Really just depends on
what you’re going for. Check out that fine detail you get. Super thin lines. Again, you
want to experiment with different stamps and see what works well for you. I happen to like
it better when we don’t use the carrier sheet, but this is another option. Okay so let’s
go ahead and do these backgrounds. I wanted to show you that you could do foil on colored
card stocks for a great shine in the background. I have a piece of pink card stock here, putting
my anti-static powder tool on there making sure that I don’t get powder where I don’t
want it. I have a background stamp here from Tim Holtz. I thought this worked really well
with the flower image that we have in the focal point. I am inking this up with VersaMark
ink. Then I will stamp this onto that pink card stock. Now, earlier I used a super fine
white embossing powder, this time I’m going to use a super fine clear embossing powder.
Because if there are any areas that don’t foil after we do our technique I don’t want
white showing up I want clear showing up. So again I’m using a clear super fine embossing
powder. If you don’t have super fine, try what you have, it may work out just fine.
So I’m going to go ahead and heat set this and you get this lovely shiny tone on tone
result, but we’re going to add foil to it. Adding the foil to this background is very
easy. I’m going to use the technique I showed you at the beginning of this video. Just taking
the foil, laying it right onto our background. I cut the foil a little bit bigger than our
background and I’m going to carefully feed it into my laminator without a carrier sheet.
I found that I got better results again not using the carrier sheet and just running it
directly through our laminator. I let it feed it all the way through, let it cool for a
couple seconds and just peel it off you get this gorgeous foil that’s tone on tone, because
we use this pink foil on a pink card stock. It’s just beautiful. You’ll see, I really
do keep a lot of the detail using this technique. So you could use any of your background stamps
to get this great foil. It looks like a paper that you bought. The shine that you get is
just hard to beat. Now I assembled these into basic cards. I just matted the floral pieces
on a little bit of black card stock and then glued them onto white card stock note card.
I also made two others. This is a blue. This is turquoise on turquoise and the last one
I think would be great for wedding card. It’s silver on gray card stock. So I combined some
silver with some gold. I’ll be doing more with these techniques in the future so be
sure to subscribe so you can catch those. If you are interested in the products I use
here for using foil for good old fashion embossing powder, you can check my YouTube description
below where I will link to multiple sources. Or you can go over to my blog at
where I’ll have much more information and a fun giveaway. If this video is helpful,
please give it a thumbs up so YouTube knows you want to see more from me and we will see
you soon.

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100 thoughts on “Foil and Stamping

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