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– [Child] ZZ Kids TV! – Hi I’m Goo Goo Mom! – Hi I’m ZZ Dad and today we have… – [Both] Three glitter challenge! Yay! – Woo woo woo! – Fortnite tradition. – ZZ Kid, Goo Goo Gaga, and
Gaga Baby is gonna rate our art! – [Goo Goo Mom] If we did a great job they will give us a “Nailed It!” If we did a bad job they
will give us a “Failed It!” – Round one; The Cuddle! – Are you ready Goo Goo Mom? – Yeah! – Okay, let’s do the rock,
paper, scissors, shoot! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Aw man! So Goo Goo Mom goes first. Cover your eyes–
– Okay. – [ZZ Dad] so you can
choose your three colors. – Alright here we go! There’s one, two, and three! Open your eyes! – (cheering) Purple, red, and silver! – Okay, I wonder what
colors I’m gonna get? – [Goo Goo Mom] So cover your eyes. – Okay. – Go ahead. That’s one.
– One. – [Both] Two. – And these are some cool colors. I have pink, neon green, and neon orange. So Goo Goo Mom you’re going down ’cause I’m gonna win this challenge. – I don’t know, you might be going down. – Well we’ll see, so let’s get started! – Okay. – We have our glue here. I think I’m going to
start with the head first. – Ooh, I think I’m gonna
start with the suit. – The heads gonna be pink
baby, just like your shirt. Goo Goo Mom do you remember the first Fortnite dance challenge? – I think so, we’ve done quite a few so they might be running together. – First one was done inside the house. – [Goo Goo Mom] Yes. – Well let’s talk about the
one that was done outside. Do you remember our second
Fortnite Dance Challenge? The one by the swimming pool? – Yes, when you fell? – I didn’t mean to! I tripped over my shoe and the kids, they were laughing at me. Hey, here’s an instant replay of that. (jazz music) – [Goo Goo Mom] Don’t
trip over your own foot. – I can’t believe daddy
fell on the ground. – Boo, definitely boo. – Now Goo Goo Gaga and ZZ Kid, even though I fell on
the ground I’m your dad, so you should still
give me a higher rating. You cannot really see the
glue, the glue is clear so you have to differentiate
between the shiny part and the dull part of the paper. – Turn out, but we’re gonna try, ah! – Oh, so you coloring the shoes red? – I think I’m gonna do the whole suit red. – I’m going to use the
pink glitter for the head. – That’s one thing about
glitter, it gets everywhere. – Oh that’s tight, that’s nice. You know what? I’m gonna put it back in the
container, how about that? Alright so what was your favorite part about the Fortnite Dance Challenge? – Beating you. – Man you know what, you
did beat me a couple times. – He’s a great dancer you guys. – You’re so nice, I’m not a great dancer. I can’t dance at all. – You can, you have your own rhythm. Okay, trying to shake
this red glitter around. Whoa! – I think my head’s
coming out pretty nicely. Now I’m gonna color the space suit. It’s gonna pink and fabulous! – [Goo Goo Mom] So you’re
gonna have the space suit and the head matching? – You know what, thank you Goo Goo Mom. Even though this is a challenge
she just helped me out because if I had done that
I mean, it’d look terrible with a pink head and the same color suit. It’s a weird looking eyebrow. Alright so here goes the green eyebrow. Ooh! – Let me see. – It’s fabulous.
– That’s great, I like it! – No you don’t. – Yes I do, I really do! – [ZZ Dad] This is a super long process. – [Goo Goo Mom] It is. – Glitter is everywhere. – [Goo Goo Mom] It is. (upbeat music) – Your bear looks very fluffy and hairy. – Doesn’t he!
(laughing) – I think you used a ton of glue. – [Goo Goo Mom] See, your heart turned out so much better than mine. – So I can’t wait until
our family vacation. – We are taking the kids on an
airplane for the first time. – And guess what, we’re filming everything so you’ll be able to watch
videos of Goo Goo Gaga, ZZ Kid’s, and Gaga Baby’s first
time being on an airplane. It’s gonna be super fun. – Were you scared your
first time on a plane? – No, I was super excited. – It’s time for the reveal countdown, in – [Both] Three, two… – Wait, wait! – Let’s do the subscribe challenge. You have five seconds to
hit the subscribe button and the bell icon. – [Both] In five, four, three, two, one! – Done! Alright, here comes the reveal countdown. In three, two, one, scadoosh! Look at that baby! Yeah. – I think less is definitely better when it comes to all the glitter. – So let’s see what the kids think about our three glitter art! – [Goo Goo Mom] Hey guys did
mommy nail it, or fail it? Nailed it! – [ZZ Dad] Nailed it,
nailed it, and a failed it. – I don’t know, Gaga Baby. – And I’m just kidding! – [ZZ Dad] Oh she failed
it, oh two failed its! – Hey! – [ZZ Dad] Wait, wait, wait,
will you hold it up please? Yeah I don’t really think you nailed it. – Maybe it’s a little cluttered,
it’s a little cluttered. – [ZZ Dad] It’s very cluttered. Guys did daddy nailed
it or did I failed it? Failed it?! Dude, what, are you crazy? Look at dad, that’s
awesome, how did I fail it? – ‘Cause you have pink. – Hold up, she is pink. So what’s my score ZZ Kid? Nailed it, good job! And Gaga Baby, what do I have? Nailed it! Yes, I have two nailed its! I won round one, yes! – [Children] Yay! – Yay. – Round two, raptor. – Okay Goo Goo Mom, are
you ready for round two? – Yes! – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – [Both] Ah! – Scissors cut paper. Oh, ah! Your paper tried to attack me! (laughing) – Sorry! – I’m sorry I have to go first. Okay, Goo Goo Mom you spin, here we go. – [Goo Goo Mom] Spin the bowl. – I need some cool colors again! Okay, one. Two. And three. – Okay. – Oh! Pink, neon yellow, and gold. Alright Goo Goo Mom. – Okay it’s my turn.
– Your turn. – I have glitter all
over my hands so okay. – [ZZ Dad] Alright here we go. – One, two, three. – Open your eyes. – Oh, they’re so close to each other. Green.
– Neon green. – Aqua.
– Yeah, so aqua. – And
– Blue jeans. – Okay, so here we go, are you ready? – I am ready. Okay, let’s see, I need glue. – You know I played Fortnite one time and I do not understand
how it’s so popular ’cause the game is super, super, boring. – [Goo Goo Mom] It is, I
think the most excitement comes from when the avatar
is doing the dancing. – Hey, if you like Fortnite
games comment below. I like Fortnite because I
don’t like Fortnite games. Alright so I applied the
glue, but I don’t know what color I want to color his uniform. Hmm, maybe I’m gonna use the gold, baby! Hey my dude’s gonna look fabulous! He gonna look like a million bucks. – [Goo Goo Mom] A million bucks? – [ZZ Dad] Yup. – I don’t know if mine is gonna
look like a million bucks, but we’re gonna try. I’m gonna try not to do so much glitter like I did on the first round. – Yeah first round you
had a lot of glitter. – I did. Okey doke. – [ZZ Dad] I mean he looks okay. – I like the gold, he makes
him look very prestigious. I already put glue on, ha ha! Put some more green down
here on these headphones. Oh! – [ZZ Dad] Look at him,
he’s super awesome! – I don’t know where we’re
gonna go next with this. – So Goo Goo Mom, what
is your favorite dance from the Fortnite Dance Challenge? – Um, I like the, what is it, fresh? – I think you did pretty
good on the fresh. Hey, here’s an instant
replay of the fresh, of Goo Goo Mom dancin’. (upbeat music) Okay, now I’m gonna color his collar pink. – [Goo Goo Mom] So ZZ Dad, what’s your favorite dance from Fortnite? – What’s it called, the floss? – You like the floss? – The one you go like
that, that, that, that. – Yeah, the one I can’t do. – Man I cannot do the
floss for nothing man, watch the video. (electronic music) It’s a cool dance. – It is.
– It looks easy. – [Goo Goo Mom] It looks
easy, but it’s not. – It’s not. If you can do the floss,
comment “floss, baby” below. If you cannot floss,
comment “floss one day.” – One day. So out of this family trip
what do you really want to do that you think you’re gonna
get the most excitement out of? – I’m gonna be super excited by seeing the excitement from my kids. To see them super happy and on the rides and screaming and agh! Or, ooh I wanna go on that
ride, let’s go on that ride! I’m looking forward to seeing that. – Yes, ’cause you know they’re gonna want to ride everything. – Yes. Hey you might win this
one, ’cause yours looks freakin’ awesome. – Thank you. – I’m just joking! I’m gonna win! – Aw! – Boo yah, boo yah! Comment below! Do you think Goo Goo Mom gonna win? Or do you think ZZ Dad,
ZZ Dad is gonna win? – Goo Goo Mom, it’s gonna be awesome! It’s time for the reveal countdown, in three, two– – Hold on, wait, wait wait wait! – Let’s do the Like Challenge! You have five seconds to
click the Like button. – [Both] In five, four,
three, two, one, done! – Okay, here we go, time
for the real countdown. – [Both] In three, two, one. – Glitter dust baby! Look at that, that’s super awesome. – The pink eyebrows are so cute! – Yes, pink eyebrows,
who has pink eyebrows? Nobody but this guy! – I don’t know anybody but this guy. – We’re going to the kids
and see what they think about our artwork, you ready? – Yes. – Let’s go! – Okay. Did mommy nail it or fail it? – [ZZ Dad] Nailed it,
failed it, and nailed it! – [Goo Goo Mom] Aw, failed it! But I did so much better this time. – I think hers look nice. Whatcha all talking about dude? – Her look like disgusting. – [Mom And Dad] Nailed
it, failed it, nailed it. – [ZZ Dad] Okay, so
you got two out of one. – I do. – [ZZ Dad] Okay, now it’s ZZ Dad’s turn. Did daddy nailed it, or did I failed it?! Failed it, nailed it, and nailed it. – I love your mask. – Okay, you like the mask. – And I love, I love how you did this. It look pretty awesome. – But you forgot to color his more stuff. – Dude, you are too meticulous man. – No you forgot to color the headphones. – Man, come on Goo Goo Gaga. – You’re too tough kid. – Round two was a tie. – According to the kids. – How about you comment
below and let us know who you thought won round two. – Round three, Marshmallow. – Are you ready Goo Goo Mom? – Yes! – Are you ready to lose? – No! – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Crush the scissors, yes I go first! Alright here we go, I’m closing my eyes. – Okay. – One, two, and three. Man, red, neon orange, and blue jean. But these colors don’t, they don’t go. – It’s okay. – Okay now it’s your turn. – I have all confidence
in you to make it work. – Okay here we go. – Okay, one, two, three. Ugh, well purple yes! – [ZZ Dad] Purple’s my favorite color. – Pink and aqua. – Okay so this is gonna be very simple. – [Goo Goo Mom] Yes this doesn’t have a lot of detail like the
other two pictures we did in the other two rounds. – [ZZ Dad] It doesn’t. – I don’t think it’s gonna be that bad, I think it’s gonna be great this time. – So I’m gonna color his head neon orange. – I’m coloring his pants purple, he’s gonna have some jazzy pants. – He does look jazzy! – [Goo Goo Mom] And his
shirt is gonna be aqua. – I like the neon colors because it’s bright, it’s loud, it’s cool, but I don’t like the dark
colors like the dark red. Yeah, I can’t wait to go to the beach. Man we went to the beach last year and we was building a gigantic sand castle then all of a sudden it
started to storm and rain. The kids was sad, I was sad too, but this time we’re going to the beach and we’re gonna have fun. – It’s gonna be awesome! I can’t wait. – Alright now I’m gonna color his shirt. So Goo Goo Mom, are you
gonna ride and rides at Universal Studios or Sea World? – I don’t know. I think the older I get I’m just not that into rides like that. But you know if the kids are like, “Mom, please, please” then I’ll do it. – Yeah because you are an awesome mom. – Aw, thank you, you’re an awesome dad. – Well thank you. – Okay, I’m finishing up his
face, then I will be finished. – Okay, it’s time for
the reveal countdown in – [Both] Three, two, one! – Scadoosh, look at that baby, yeah! I like yours Goo Goo Mom! – Thank you! – Cool, you got a pink marshmallow! I’ve never seen a pink marshmallow before. Yeah, but look at my guy,
he has an orange head, he has the red gloves or red hands, and the red pants and the red shoes. – It matches. – He does. – I like it. – Well let’s go ask the kids
what they think about our art! Here we go. – [Goo Goo Mom] Did
mommy nail it or fail it? – [Mom And Dad] Nailed
it, failed it, nailed it. – [Goo Goo Mom] Okay I
got two out of three. So why did I get a fail it? – Because I hate all those
colors, it’s so girly. – It looks cool dude. – Goo Goo Mom, Goo Goo Mom, I like yours. – [Goo Goo Mom] Thank you. – Hey guys, did daddy nailed
it or did I failed it? Okay, I have two failed
its and one nailed it. Well compared to Goo Goo
Mom I did fail that one. I mean it doesn’t, I don’t like the red, the red just throws everything off. Okay guys so that’s the
end of our challenge! So I want you to comment below and let us know who won this challenge. Was it Goo Goo Mom, or was it ZZ Dad? – Goo Goo Mom – Let us know in the
comments below, peace! – [All] Bye, adios! – [Child] Hi kids, thank
you for watching ZZ Kids TV. Like, comment, share, and
subscribe for more videos. What are you waiting for? Subscribe! Thank you, bye-bye!

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