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FORTNITE Pancake Art Challenge!!

FORTNITE Pancake Art Challenge!!

– What is up everybody
and welcome back to Gage. What up, and today we are doing another very special video. Today, we are doing The Pancake Art Fortnite Challenge. We’re gonna do it. This is gonna be awesome. Let’s get right into the game. How this game is going to
work, is I’ve picked up five different things that come from the game, Fortnite. And we are going to try and make them out of a bunch of different colors of pancake mix, and we are going to make
pancakes out of them, and then at the end of the round, you guys are gonna go down in the comments below, who you think got the most accurate representation of the thing from Fortnite. And round five, the final round of the entire game, it’s going to be a very special round,
because we are going to be making the Dirtburger from Fortnite. – Woo! – With distortion goggles on. – Oh geez, really? – Yep, And then you guys are gonna tell us down the comments below who you think won. And whoever you think won, you gotta go follow them on Instagram,
which is also gonna be down in the description. – Haha. – Hahaha. (sizzling) For the first round of the Fortnite Pancake Art Challenge, we are doing the Shield Potion. – Uh, okay, okay, I am confident. – This is gonna be super easy. Anyway, let’s just get
straight into this thing. Three, two, one, and go! (upbeat music) What’s that? – That’s like, the handle. – There’s no handle. – It’s a ring, Gage. Because, yeah. – There’s no ring on. – There’s just like, I don’t know. Okay. – Nice try though. (upbeat music) Ready? – Three, two, one! – Oh my gosh! – That’s pretty good. – That is really good! Look, it even fades. It even fades. It fades, Luke. – That’s cool. – It fades. – That’s cool. I wonder if mine… (explosion) Okay, mine is ready to flip. – Three, two, one. Oooh yours is pretty good too! – Ooooh that’s pretty good! – Mmmm. – Mmmm. – Are you ready to reveal your medium shield potion? – Yeah! – Three, two, one. – Ohhhh!!! – Ohhhhh!!! – This is not that bad, Luke. – Yeah, looks pretty cool. I feel like I could drink it. (gulping) – Don’t tear it. Don’t tear it. Don’t tear it! You’re gonna tear it, dude. Good tear. That’s awesome. I think mine looks pretty good. Anyways, you guys are gonna have to vote down in the comments
below who you think won the first round. Into the next round. (popping) (sizzling) For round number two of the Fortnite Pancake Art Challenge, we are going to be
getting a Victory Royale. That’s right, guys. We’re gonna be making a Victory Royale from Fortnite. Let’s go into second round. – Okay, let’s go! – Let’s go! Three, two, one, go! So I’m pretty sure there’s like, a hashtag with the number symbol, and then one, and then
it says Victory Royale. – Are we doing the new one or the old one? – Doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. (upbeat music) (bottle squirts) (giggles) We just ran out of blue. (upbeat music) I am ready to flip in three, – two, one! (smacking pancake) (giggles) – Dang it! – Did you try to write it backwards? – I wrote it backwards. – Give me the spatula, I’m flipping mine. – I think I’m gonna try
to flip mine back over, because that’s the better side. – Three. – Let’s see how bad Luke failed this time. – Two, one. (explosion) – We both did it! Ha, ha, ha. Now it’s time to reveal
our Victory Royales. – Three, two, one. – Three, two, one, yay! Victory Royale. Now you guys go down to the comments below and who you guys think won the Victory Royale. Me. You cant’ eat yours yet. On to round number three. (sizzling) For round number three, we are going to be doing something very
well known in Fortnite. It’s something that everybody likes. (screaming) The Chest. – Oh okay, The Chest. – The Chest. I don’t think this one’s
gonna be very difficult. – Alright. I think we should go for it. – Hopefully. Are you ready to do this, Luke? – Yeah! – And three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) – Okay. – Just wait for this to cook. – [Luke] I’m gonna use this. – I better turn my skillet on. – Yeah, probably good idea. – I know what I’m doing. (upbeat music) Okay, mine is ready to flip! – Okay. – Three, two, one. Oh no. Oh, wait, no. – There goes the detail. – Kinda looks like a face. – What? – Don’t you see it? It looks like one of those tiki heads. Still failed though, whatever. – Okay, I’m gonna wait. Mine’s still cooking and it’s almost done. – Okay, Luke, flip yours
in three, two, one, go! Yours has a face too! Yours has a face too! What the heck? Now it’s time to reveal
our chest from Fortnite in three, two, one, wooooo! Look at that, wow. – Whoa. – Wow. – Mine’s really on detail. If you get really close up… – [Gage] Really, really, really close. – [Luke] You can see the lines, kind of. – [Gage] And you can see the faces and how happy Luke’s was. – [Luke] Eyes, nose, mouth! – And mine looks kinda like… – Meh. – Meh. Anyway, it’s time to move
onto round number four. Ohhh! So close! (sizzling) For round number four of the Fortnite Pancake Art challenge, we are doing the almighty Llama. – Okay, let’s get started. – Let’s get started in
three, two, one, go. Oh you’re going… which colors are you going for? – Blue and purple. – So then I’m gonna go for green and red. I think might go for orange and red. That’s not a bad one. (upbeat music) Ooh, mine’s ready to flip. Ready? – Yeah. – Three, two, one. That’s pretty dang good. I will say it. – Okay. Yeah, that looks decent. That looks decent. – That’s pretty good. It’s burned in some parts
but that’s part of it. Don’t judge him. – Mine is ready to flip in three, two, one, go! – [Gage] Pretty decent. Pretty good. – Kinda looks like a horse
but it’s pretty good. – Horses and llamas
are not the same thing. Are you ready to reveal your llama? – Yeah. – In three, two, one, golden Fortnite Llama. – Or, okay, mine looks like… I like how I have a portrait. It kinda looks like yours. – I really like mine. Mine has a lot more detail. I like mine. Anyway, now it’s the time that you guys go down to the comments below who you think won this round. Team Red or Team Blue. (sizzling) Luke, are you in? (suspenseful music) It’s the final round. – Oh yeah. – And it’s time for the Dirtburger. But this time, we’re doing it with distortion goggles. Oh my gosh. Now it’s time to go on to the fifth and final round. And at the end of this round, you’ve gotta go down in the comments below, who you won, and who you think did the best Dirtburger. In three, two, one, go. I’m gonna go for the blue. That’s the orange. Almost there, there we go. (upbeat techno music) I don’t now how big this is ’cause it’s like, magnifying
everything I’m seeing, making it really blurry. (upbeat techno music) Mine is really big. Okay, I’m ready to flip mine. – Okay. – In three, two, one. I wonder how it turned out. How’s yours going, Luke? – I don’t know. – I don’t know either. – I’m trying to make
it good, I don’t know. – What’s with the blue? – I don’t know, like a background, like I did the Llama. – Why don’t you do a white background? – I’m so dizzy! Is it done cooking? I can’t tell. – Okay, I think I’m allowed to take my goggles off now. Do you think so? – Yeah. – Just had a little voice crack there. Oh gosh. It’s not bad, actually. It’s not that bad. – [Luke] In three, – [Gage] Two, one. Oh glory. It looks decent. Now it is time to show our Dirtburger that we made with the distortion goggles on. But before we do that, make sure to like this video and subscribe if you like what I’m doing here right now. – In three, two, one. – Whoa. – [Luke] Hey. – [Gage] Hey. – Comment down below which one you think is better. – Yeah, comment down below, Team Red or Team Blue. And also, I’m gonna put a poll up in the I Card so you can go
tell me who do you think won the entire game. Was it me or was it Luke? Who got the most points? And that is it for today’s video. If you liked this video, click any of these other videos on
the screen to subscribe. Or watch our videos,
’cause I picked all of these videos out just for you. That’s right, they’re picked out just for you. And we’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye!

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