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FRENCH TIP MANICURE | BLACK & WHITE NAILS | Moonlight Cinema Nail Art Design Star Moon Movie

FRENCH TIP MANICURE | BLACK & WHITE NAILS | Moonlight Cinema Nail Art Design Star Moon Movie

Who has been to a moonlight cinema before?
Watching a movie under the stars is Pretty Romantic right. Well In this week’s video,
I’ll be showing you 2 ways of capturing the cinemagic on your nails.
I alternated the design with an open curtain and a closed curtain version. If you like
this Design please rate and favourite this video. As always, start with base coat and
base color and let it completely dry before moving on.
This next step is completely optional but if you want to achieve super straight lines,
you can give this method a try, instead of using the striper brush and adding them in
freehand. So we’re going to use some striping tape and cut them into smaller sections. Get
a few strips ready before applying them onto the nail. Using a finger to help hold down
the tape, make any adjustments if needed and line them on the nail leaving even gaps in
between. Then apply a black nail polish all over the
nail and quickly peel the strips off to get the super straight line effect. If the lines
didn’t come out as clean, you can go over with the base colour to cover any spots. Although
your still using the striping brush, its a lot easier to fix up certain areas than creating
super straight lines using only the striper. Next I’m just using the brush that came
with the black nail polish to section off the tip of the nail with 3 curved bumps. So
Start small and build towards the shape that you want. Then use a thin brush to line the
curved tips. Now for the Open Curtain design. I’m just
going to use the striper brush. Draw 2 curved lines towards the top of the nail and color
in the tip. Add 3 lines on either side to represent the curtains, then line the tip
edge with a white striper brush. Now use a dotting tool to add polka dots to the Special
shaped French tip and do the same for the remaining nails Using the Moon and Star shaped Nail Stickers
available at start placing them onto the nail. If you put it in the center
of the nail, it will look like it’s the star of the show. And if you don’t want
to get the sticker’s, you can totally draw in the star and moon shapes instead with a
detail brush. Once your done, Add top coat to secure the decals and presto. If you like
this design, feel free to share this video on your facebook, blogs or pinterest. You
can subscribe to my channel to be notified of my new videos. I upload new design every
Thursday. You can also follow me on instagram for snap shots of my daily life.

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40 thoughts on “FRENCH TIP MANICURE | BLACK & WHITE NAILS | Moonlight Cinema Nail Art Design Star Moon Movie

  1. Can you do a tutorial on how to use the pooh plate from your website? Pleeeease. I purchased it and I don't know how to use it properly. thanks. I liked this one 🙂

  2. hi, Meliney! ı am from Turkey and ı love your videos very much. I have got a blog for my nail arts. but I can't do shopping on the net for nail art tools. but one day, I am going to do shopping on your website. Kiss.
    (ı am sorry for my bad english. 😀 )

  3. Wow I love your work, I'm a beginer on the nail art and your videos are really helpful to me. 🙂

  4. I think it would look really cool if you added som glow in the dark clear polish over the white details, so that you can see the design in the dark! 🙂

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