Get More Into Music: The Living End

Get More Into Music: The Living End

I was really really obsessed with a lot of music in the 80s that I don't know whether I mean it must have influenced the living end but things like Wham Michael Jackson I was a huge huge family connections artist yeah and i think the pop side of those records particularly Wham I just had the most incredible kind of pop songs and hooks in their songs for our theme we were trying to decide I think there was a couple of options one was maybe a metal thing other than we can find something that addresses or dresses yeah no well then we we decided on an 80s themed so one of theirs there's definitely dresses involved i'm sure

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2 thoughts on “Get More Into Music: The Living End

  1. Que gran banda. Espero verlos por Argentina.
    That great band. I hope to see by Argentina.

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