Goran Adamson: Multiculturalism is a reactionary idea

Goran Adamson: Multiculturalism is a reactionary idea

okay I think I think we are recording now as you might know there has been a couple of a couple of interviews with me over the last few weeks there was one discussion between me and God and and then there was another thing a shorter one where I was compared I was coined the Swedish Jordan Peterson which was quite nice and people who have seen these these clips they have told me that they would like to hear more about my my books in my views about certain things so now therefore I intend to give a couple of very short lectures is not going to be like one hour and 24 minutes like the interview with God but very short something like 10 minutes I'm actually looking at the computer now and i will try to keep it very brief so this first one will be about actually some things that me and God said we never managed to approach namely my book the Trojan horse the leftist critique of multiculturalism in the West and I just want to give the the absolute basics of this book or maybe not the basics but the most important ideas in this book and this is this book in a sense revolves around a I thought about calling it a paradox but I'm not sure whether there is a paradox because a paradox is a seeming contradiction as but Slav Havel writes about in some of his very interesting place it's not a it's not a paradox it is an actual contradiction because I and the reason why it's a contradiction is because I think that the left is deluded and I have to say also before I go on that I have a lot of sympathy for the classic left I would say classic socialists classic feminists who were all and I'm also left-wing liberals and actually Wilson all of them basically trying to acquire a more modernist society I think that it's worthwhile and I have all the respect for it the unionist movements and suffragettes and everything this is something different this is a politically correct left and the deluded radical feminists etc these are the groups these are the subject of my criticism so the contradiction here is very simple the contradiction here is that the current multiculturalists and the diversity advocates and this entire entourage of politically correct leftists they are deluded because they are actually not at all radicals they are not progressives even though they claim they are and the entire entourage of the media the establishment academia and politicians who belong to this this this entourage this big big group of politically correct ideas they have been fooled I don't know by whom but they have been completely fooled I think this is intellectual swing I will explain why this is very simple and I think it is it is pretty obvious if you know if you disagree tell me and don't read my book or maybe you should read it because I think you have a couple of good arguments this is the point this is a very short point multiculturalists they only like to talk about one particular idea they only want to talk about one thing that's the most important thing in their entire agenda this is the idea of roots roots I would say is that the core of the entire multicultural analysis the virtue of roots the importance of roots and the the fact that roots are fragile we need to foster them when he fuel them and along with it comes the importance of identity you know that and the importance of belonging of course and the importance of background and the importance of what more history of course and the importance of past wrongdoings and this is all wrapped up in a nice sentimental framework of pessimism a pessimistic worldview and and all of these things that comes with it because the the the world is a hostile thing and we need to protect we need to hunker down and cover and unite as one nice homogeneous fine sweet entity we're inside of it there is no disagreement right so this is the other ISM airplane flying anyways this is the gist of the multicultural agenda ok now I've taught five minutes now there is only one other group in society where these ideas are equally cherished there is only one other group equally hypnotized by these ideas what's the name of this group I mean this is of course a simplification but this is brief has to be pretty simple this the name of this group is the right-wing populists s' that's it and I'm not going to finish now because then you will say you know you didn't give her a proper argument but but proper reason to believe you the reason why she believe me is that when she'd believe yourself the right-wing populists s– they also talk about endlessly about roots they talk about background they talk about the fact that we must unite and talk about identity of course and they talk about us and they talk about history they talk about past wrongdoings they talk about they have also a kind of pessimistic worldview where we have to unite because the world is a terrible place and the other ones they are getting at us they are trying to get us they are trying to kill us right so so these two groups they say the same thing and there's one difference though and I think this difference is not important the right-wing populists s– when they talk about roots whose roots do they talk about they talk about our roots they talk about Swedish roots they talk about Swedish identity they talk about British Empire they talk about Europe they talk about America it's us it's our own backyard they are offending to the teeth with all this romantic sentimental idealistic self eulogizing kind of peripheral ear and rhetoric the multiculturalists they talk about roots and when they talk about identity it is the identity of the other the roots overseas the background of foreign exciting cultures it's not about us it's about other cultures other religions such as Islam you see so so while the the right-wing populists this is the core of my book this is it basically you don't need to read it anyway this is the core of my book while the right-wing populists s– never stopped going on ranting about us the multiculturalists they never stop ranting about on behalf of cultures and religions overseas and then I have an idea about this I have an idea about this I'm going to expand this next time but but for now I'm just gonna say this I have an idea about this and this idea is that the people who pretend to be and the nationalists the people who pretend to be anti-racists the people who say that they are against right-wing populism there yes fascists and they are against National Socialism they are in fact under the surface diehard nationalists because what they are doing I would claim this and I say most of them what they are doing is that they are packing a suitcase with a frustrated feelings of nationalism with where all of these sentiments are like put in a suitcase and then they take the next intercontinental flights Emirates France anything and then they land on a different Shore and then they freely nicely unpack their suitcase and out flies the most horrendous nationalist romantic ideas about the past about suffering about identity about the the virtue of of of keeping together and about the dangers of the other and now the other is of course not exotic cultures but it's the west or Israel or Sweden or England or Germany etc and and when they have landed on honour honour on an exotic Shore they know that they can be as nationalistic as ferocious as aggressive and as primitive as they please because they can do it with a good conscience because they are doing it on behalf know I disappeared you know I guess I need to press this again to reappear I'm not sure if there was a cut here it doesn't matter then they can do it with a good conscience because they know they do it on behalf of a downtrodden group quote unquote cooked uncooked downtrodden group and so they are on the right side of the entire spectrum they are not nationalists on behalf of the West or of any country in the West they are nationalists on behalf of the other on behalf of any culture any religion any religion any any country overseas and this is okay so my point here is that that the danger here is where I think the all of these violations of print political principle comes in to that the point here is not to be a guest nationalism the point here is to be against dangerous forms of nationalism a nationalism is only dangerous at home might sound very strange but that's the way I would say the multi-cut first of you nationalism is only dangerous at home it is not dangerous overseas so take an intercontinental flight and unpack your suitcase then our flies all these fanatic ideas about about the virtue of keeping together and the danger of anybody else and if a swedish person or a British person or American would say the same thing you can't because the people of whom you are aware wouldn't accept it you could just count but you can say exactly the same thing under on behalf of other cultures and other religions and I'd like to finish off by by citing George Orwell I'm going to talk more about him next time he says that that this attitude is a way of attaining salvation without altering one's conduct it's a way of attaining salvation without altering your conduct which I think sums it up perfectly and yes you might understand this is too good to come from me this is your trouble of course one of my heroes actually one of the best one well that's it that's it thank you for listening I will get back to you very soon with some more talks about politics about

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  1. Dr. Adamson (and others) How do you respond to the "university authority" that the University has its own right to implement certain standards that need to be followed in order people to teach/or publish at that institution? What can the other side, the non-political correct side do in order to defend the freedom of speech?

  2. An Australian Prime Minister described this phenomenon when he talked about the public broadcaster as being, "on anyone's side except Australia's"

  3. I have for a long time been aware of a complicated rift between universal values and cultural relativism; yet I find the notion that multiculturalism and right-wing nationalism are mutual mirror images both shocking (which is good) and in some sense a little too neat (which is confusing). Your core argument seems pretty convincing, though. I look forward to more videos of yours, mr Adamson, as well as your upcoming book on masochistic nationalism.

  4. Göran, What do you think of the "Kalegri plan"? Multiculturalism in Europe seems to really correlate with kalegris "ideas" or his "plan" that people have made theories about. You won't find it in wiki and on the Webb I believe, since it's probably filtered out, but on YouTube you can seem to find a lot of it.

    But the way, keep yourself strong and crush those ignorant mofos that try to make your life bitter!

  5. Goran.. good to connect.. I think Ricardo Duchesne has a fourth book in the works.. you should get in touch with him.. .. I met him in May this year in Saint John New Brunswick.. I will be seeing him again this month.. I will pass on your regards to him.. and hope to connect you both… shared at my blogger in Canada.

  6. Stay strong my friend. You have people behind you and your thoughts. don't stop making videos like this its very enlightening. Another idea is to do more tv interviews

  7. It is true that multiculturalists and ultranationalists are both racial collectivists. They both stand in opposition to the true alternative that is individualism, which rejects the premise that human beings are born into preset and static characteristics.

  8. Far right: identity politics about the group they belong to.
    Far left: identity politics about the group that is seen as "oppressed" – which is basically a derivation of marxism.

    In both cases people are not seen as individuals but as members of a specific group, and in both ideologies the intended result can only be obtained by the suppression of several types of freedoms for all individuals, including individuals whose politics are supposed to help. Both ideologies are racist, sexist and bigoted in different ways and lead to a social and economic failure.

  9. Sadly, I didn't read the book yet but hopefully I will get the chance. I have my own experience with identity politics and how it fails to be social. I am weary of their account of history which is only pseudo history. It is not, say Hegelian account of history (which can rightfully be considered Eurocentric), it is not any valid history and in that sense they are right, it is a narrative but it self diagnosis in a way. It is very hard to clash with this lack of reason with arguments since the moving force is actually power, privilege, verbal violence and hermetism of consciousness as conceived by Ortega (quite the opposite of what this righteous riot stands for). Personally, I made tough choices not to align with this in my own country tho on a small scale and knowing other people are willing to do that too is very important.

  10. 03:23 "They have been completely fooled, but I don't know by whom."
    I know both how and by whom.
    They have been fooled by Theodore Adorno and others from the Frankfurt School. The Frankfurt School created Cultural Marxism. What we see today in Western academia and Western media is simply the perpetuation of the concepts outlined in Critical Theory. These concepts were drilled into the minds of most Western people under 40 years old from the time that they were young students until they graduated from University. As Western populations age, and retire, the younger generations who grew up being brainwashed with Critical Theory are assuming positions of power, and they are voting. This is what has happened, and there is no grand mystery to it. One generation allowed their children to be brainwashed by radical marxists. A few decades later, large swaths of Western societies hold radical, Culturally Marxist beliefs. Cause, and effect. Simple.

    What are Cultural Marxism, Critical Theory and the Frankfurt School? (see the following short video).

  11. Dear Goran Adamson, i think you should do more and longer videos. You speak well and there is a big market here for your ideas.

  12. Self important concern with existential anxiety is not especially insigtful or helpful. "Don't be fooled. They're trying to silence me. They have hidden agendas… on and on. They. They. They are out to get us." There are those who can see the security of building a longer view. Adamson is painfully pretentious, accusing swaths of "pretenders" of "something". As if he knows their motivations. His point?? Just nonsense. Cribbing a bit from Jordean Peterson.

  13. I think multiculturalism is a teenager rebellion against one's own culture. Multiculturalism is not really born out of love of others and altruism, but out of self-hatred.

  14. I think you're wrong in your main point about roots.
    Western culture and western nations had never any need to think about their own roots or nationalism. All that was taken for granted. It's only now that our roots and our culture are theatened by both foreign invasion as well as domestic attacks and self-hate, it's now that we realize the importance of our roots and culture.It's is now our whole way of life and values are under threat. It is now that YOU have lost your job for speaking your mind or writing a book. It is now our most sacred freedoms and rights are undermined from within home and from abroad. The so called "populism of the right" is nothing but a response to a very real threat. And I'm very sorry to say, the ONLY REAL RESPONSE so far. I'd like to see people from right, left and center rise against the totalitarian ideology of the facist far left. We must all unite under a commonn cause and the common banner that is our way of life, our values, our diverse but common western cultures, rights and freedoms.
    Leave our petty differences aside for the time being and concentrate on ways to avert the bloody civil wars or the explosions of civil unrest that are sure to come if we don't speak up now and instead stand down expecting things to get better and leave this cancer to spread unchecked.

  15. We need more channels like this. JBP is good and all but there can't only be one. Please post more videos 😀 It's really good to see other people's ideas about what's going on, and the more there are, the better you can draw conclusions from them.

  16. Well Göran. How a about all people who see Sweden fall apart and dont like it, are they all right extemist or what.

  17. Dear Goran,
    First of all – thank you for your video, sorry I only saw it today 🙂
    I agree with you completely, and I wanted to share a thought:
    Ed Schein, the famous corporate culture researcher divides organizational culture into three levels, which can be very useful to our situation:

    Artifacts: these "artifacts" are at the surface, those aspects (such as dress) which can be easily discerned, yet are hard to understand;
    Espoused Values: beneath artifacts are "espoused values" which are conscious strategies, goals and philosophies
    Basic Assumptions and Values: the core, or essence, of culture is represented by the basic underlying assumptions and values, which are difficult to discern because they exist at a largely unconscious level. Yet they provide the key to understanding why things happen the way they do. These basic assumptions form around deeper dimensions of human existence such as the nature of humans, human relationships and activity, reality and truth.

    Many people who are from the far left tend to be against the two upper layers of culture, but at the core of their existence these people use the same "Basic Assumptions and values" that people from the far right use. They need a strong group identity, strong urge for one. However, because they feel their culture didn't provided it to them, they "shift camp".
    This way they can funnel their collective unconscious fear from "the other", but now "the other" is their own culture.
    This approach allows them to keep all their "basic assumptions and values", including the elements of aggression and tyranny. They re-write their "Espoused Values", replacing statements that you might find such as "We believe in security for our citizens" to "The security of others is more important than the security of our culture citizen", while doing in most cases "soft" rebellion against the upper layer. You rarely see so-called "Social Justice Warriors" relocate to countries such Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Iran. They will be lost there, as their Basic Assumptions and Values are still of the European group they came from. Yes, including the darkness.

    At the end of the day, I think that the fear of facing one's inner darkness is what drives most of the far left. They are so terrified to admit they are driven by the same forces as the radical right, which is the illusion that totalitarian regime can remove from them the responsibilities of facing their own daemons.

    I understand them completely. If it wasn't for my son severe autism, I wouldn't been facing my own darkness. It's the hardest thing I ever experienced, and it knocked my out completely for months when it occurred. So I understand their fear.

    But the alternative of facing your own daemons is being controlled by them. The only way of not being controlled by your inner daemons, which are humanity daemons, is by confronting them, not by trying to avoid them. Your ego driven "you" might not survive, but the real you will shine through, if you choose truth, and love.

    Deep gratitude and blessings

  18. Hello Dr. Adamson, Please continue to post more videos, as I think you will start to get a bigger following once the word gets out. It would be very helpful to have a voice on the reasonable left entering the discussion, as the left will lose more ground than it deserves if things continue as they are. As a British man, it makes me very proud to hear people referencing John Stuart Mill and George Orwell, giants that they were. It is exactly by returning to these thinkers that sanity can be restored with the least possible damage. Best regards, Nick

  19. I think you're wrong. Multiculturalism is exactly a tool of the left to divide society and gain space in the search for globalism. Multiculturalism kills national identity and that's what this disgusting left desires. This is inserted in the strategy of Frankfurt School with cultural Marxism through the ideas of Antonio Gramsci. In the same wave is the destruction of the family, the implantation of the gender ideology and the excesses in the environmental policy. In our country we are fighting against this and they will not succeed although multiculturalism is not our biggest problem. Miscegenation is a characteristic of our country, the problem is the results of all these policies put together.

  20. Talking from the other side of the shore (meaning that I am one of the "others"), is there a link between multiculturalism and marxism? How do they operate to impose on us that world vision? What are the means they will use to push on us their agenda? We, as their targeted objectives, need to know these questions to be prepared to respond accordingly. Marxism is already deeply entrenched in our academia, but, thankfully, it has not been able to take a hold of the masses. However, multiculturalism is more appealing because we do have some historic grievances against Western cultures, which could be exploited. Thanks and best regards.

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