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Growing: Monday Mass, Holy Trinity Shaw

Growing: Monday Mass, Holy Trinity Shaw

Our Monday evening mass was attended by about 30 – 35 people. It had originally been a quiet, midweek, said Eucharist service
for a handful of adults but some families had started coming and some
work had been done before I arrived to try and engage them and then we’ve very
much developed that and to make it a service suitable for people of all ages
to join in, to engage in what’s going on, to play a full part in the service and
it’s just grown. It’s now about eighty, eighty-five people each week and God is
doing great things. It’s really good and we do a lot of singing and prayers. I get
to see a lot more people than I normally do and it’s just nice seeing
everyone and I really like it. I have turned up to love the people that God
has given me to serve and that’s what I’ve been doing. I believe very much in
the power of the Liturgy, of our worship to draw people in to encounter with God so
I try to ensure that in our worship people of all ages are able to engage
and join in through which they have a transformational life-changing encounter
with God.

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