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Hal Lindsey April 27, 2018 ‒ Israel At 70 ‒ Weekly Report

Hal Lindsey April 27, 2018 ‒ Israel At 70 ‒ Weekly Report

and now pal Lindsay good evening and welcome to this special edition of the howl as your report modern Israel at seventy 2,500 years ago the prophet Isaiah wrote that someday the nation of Israel would be restored and he said it would happen in a single day who has heard such a thing who has seen such things can a land be born in one day can a nation be brought forth all at once the British Mandate for the rule of Palestine was to end on May 15th 1948 that meant Israel had to issue a declaration of independence by midnight on the 14th David ben-gurion led the Jewish Agency and would become Israel’s first prime minister late in the day on the 14th he declared the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel to be known as the State of Israel just as Isaiah prophesied the nation was born in one day that day was May 14 1948 70 years ago in Israel they call it Yamaha’s MOT meaning day of Independence Israel celebrates his holidays according to the Jewish calendar and that calendar may 14 1948 fell on the fifth day of the month of IR the date moves around some on our Gregorian calendar this year the celebration began at sundown on April 18th and went through sundown April 19th celebration will also be held on May 14th the new US Embassy in Jerusalem is scheduled to officially open on that day modern Israel was a nation born into danger and the danger has not abated today the nation’s enemies are stronger and more fiercely determined than ever but Israel’s existence is a work of God even without knowledge of the country’s unique history a fair-minded observer must marvel at the State of Israel in just seventy years it has become on the world’s great nations it is a representative democracy in a region of strongmen and dictatorial rule a century ago the land was a desert waste after touring the land of ancient Israel in 1867 Mark Twain wrote in his book the innocence abroad it is a desolate country whose soil is rich enough but is given over wholly to weeds a silent mournful expanse a desolation is here that not even imagination can grace with the pomp of life and action we never saw a human being on the whole route there was hardly a tree or shrub anywhere even the olive and the cactus those fast friends of the worthless soil had almost deserted the country this was the condition of the land until the Jews began to return around the end of the 19th century but today that desert blooms precisely as Isaiah predicted the wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them and the desert shall rejoice and blossom as a rose it shall blossom abundantly Israel has a geographic footprint the size of Massachusetts and a population of only 9 million but it is a thirty third largest economy in the world the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report ranks Israel as 16th Israel’s computer industry is another marvel the Bloomberg innovation index listed as tenth in the world the nation has 140 scientists technicians and engineers for every 10,000 employees that’s the highest rate in the world for comparison the United States has only 85 and Israel is ranked ninth among the nations in space competitiveness one of the real marvels of Israeli technology has been in water conservation modern drip irrigation was invented in Israel in 1959 they pioneered desalination technology making sea water drinkable an article in Scientific American said Israel now gets 55% of its domestic water from desalination and has helped to turn one of the world’s driest countries into the unlikeliest of water giants with drought increasing worldwide breakthroughs in this area become more crucial by the day but even more important Israel is a haven of human rights in a region where such rights are usually unknown despite major media distortions Israel is a free and democratic country where everyone’s rights are safeguarded to understand the miracle of Israel we need to recognize that it is a Jewish state the Jewish people their history and their scripture make Israel utterly unique what other people can trace their continuous unity back nearly 4000 years 3500 years ago God spoke to Moses as the children of Israel journeyed from Egypt to the promised land he prophesied that the nation would be disciplined twice for not believing God and for rejecting his ways and it happened twice the Jews have been destroyed as a nation and dragged away as slaves under inhuman circumstances and twice the Jews returned to their ancient homeland and re-established their nation just as it was foretold other prophets would also give detailed and specific messages from God about these events for almost 2,000 years after the second dispersion Jews wandered the earth they adopted many lands but they never forgot Israel or forgot Jerusalem in their wanderings they often lived in fear of persecution and death it happened just as Moses said because you did not serve the Lord your God with joy and glad heart for the abundance of all things therefore you shall serve your enemies whom the Lord shall send against you Israel’s story is the story of prophecy fulfilled it stands as a sign to the whole world that God means what he says and he says what he means but he didn’t just warn of difficulties he also promised blessing to his people even when they don’t deserve it through Ezekiel God said I poured out my wrath on them meaning Israel for the blood which they had shed on the land because they had defiled it with their idols also i scattered them among the nations and they were dispersed throughout the lands say to the house of israel thus says the lord god it is not for your sake o house of israel that I am about to act but for my Holy Name I will take you from the nation’s gather you from all the lands and bring you into your own land this prophecy was fulfilled on May 14th 1948 but there’s more good news for the future in the next verse God says that after all these things then I will sprinkle clean water on you and you will be clean I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols moreover I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you first they would be regathered to the land then they will be given new hearts when you support the Hal Lindsey report with your tax-deductible gift you’re joining me is a watchman on the wall I’ve told you many times that I believe God raised up the howl it’s a report to be a voice of warning to the church a nation in the world I’ve also told you that I can’t do this job alone I need your help I need your prayer support and your financial support and praise God I’ve received both an generous supply in the past but we can’t stop now please stand beside me on the wall as we proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and warn the world he’s coming soon to support this program send your tax-deductible gift – Hal Lindsey media ministries vo box for 7:04 7’o Tulsa Oklahoma seven four one four seven you can also support this ministry online visit Hal Lindsey comm or call 1 888 raptured [Music] Israel’s regional neighbors have long been hostile but they recently received welcome news on that front Crown Prince Muhammad of Saudi Arabia recently said the Israelis have the right to have their own land a couple of days later a former Qatari Prime Minister wrote on Twitter Israelis have a right to live in their land in peace and safety Saudi Arabia and Qatar see Israel as a bulwark against their joint enemy Iran it’s difficult to gauge how serious those leaders are or if their words will have any kind of lasting effect on the region but in the future the Antichrist will negotiate a peace deal between Israel and its neighbors that peace won’t last long but the Bible says it’s coming but for most of their history the Jews have been to the world what Deuteronomy 28 37 predicted a byword among all nations for thousands of years mankind has shown and unreasoning an unnatural hatred of both the Jews and the nation of Israel our hatred of Jews and hatred of Israel related of course they are how could they not be Israel is now what it was in ancient times the Jewish state a deep well of prejudice in irrational rage toward Jews exist deep in the human psyche it often manifests itself as a hatred of Israel I’m not saying you have to agree with every choice made by the government of Israel they make mistakes like everyone else sometimes big ones love of the Jews and of Israel well sometimes honest criticism I’m not talking here about politics I’m talking about a deep visceral hatred that seems to run through human veins on this program and in my books I have gone into some depth about the reason for this hatred basically I believe it is a manifestation of humanity’s rebellion against God and His Word through the centuries anti-semitism has come in waves and right now a tsunami seems to be rolling in last week a man in Irvine California was arrested after a family member tipped off authorities police found in his possession killed this of prominent Jews in the entertainment industry also last week Washington DC councilman Trey on White was accused of anti-semitism after contributing to an event where Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan spoke earlier this year Farrakhan spoke of himself in the third person and said Farrakhan by God’s grace has pulled a cover off of that satanic Jew and I’m here to say your time is up your world is true he blames Israel and Jews for the terrorist attacks on 9/11 he once said of the terrorist group Hezbollah they called them terrorists I called them freedom fighters today we see Farrakhan supporters all over Washington sadly that seems to include keith Ellison Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee when former President Obama was a senator he was photographed with Farrakhan at an event in Washington that picture was only Reese after he left office it worse outside of America especially in Europe in Germany last week Neil nas’s held a rock festival in honor of Hitler’s birthday a German theater marked that day by opening a play called mine cops they offered free seats to anyone wearing a swastika those not wearing swastikas were expected to wear a Star of David also in Germany a rap album with anti-semitic lyrics just won a major Music Award in February Pollan ratified a law meant to regulate speech on the Holocaust the bill sends people to jail for up to three years for writing are publicly uttering the words polish death camp the punishment also applies to those who say that Poland are any of the Polish people were complicit with the crime of nazerman II but some Polish citizens did aid the Nazis that’s not a slam on poland there are always people willing to side with the invading power but other poles who ruika lee helped the Jews here’s what troubles me the ongoing worldwide rise in nationalism often includes an t jews and anti-israel cinemates that’s what happens in Poland Israel’s longtime friend in Europe anti-semitism is growing everywhere two weeks ago the European Jewish Congress reported there has been an increase in open unashamed and explicit hatred directed against Jews the Jew as exploiter the Jew as killer the Jew as banker it is like we have regressed 100 years Moshe cantor president of the Congress says the result is of a Jewish community in many places around the world living in fear last month an 85 year old Holocaust survivor was raped and murdered in her Paris home by a Muslim extremist Gaiman Yair wrote an article for the gatestone Institute called France soon with no Jews he wrote each time an anti-semitic crime is committed by a Muslim on French territory French politicians and journalists tried to hide who the criminal is or what his motivations were often they explained that the criminal is also a victim in Ireland the Dublin City Council recently passed a resolution asking the Irish government to expel Israel’s ambassador two weeks ago the Mayor of Dublin took part in a anti-israel rally in Ramallah in America memory of the Holocaust seems to be fading a recent poll commissioned by the claims conference found that 41% of Americans don’t know what else which was among those ages 18 to 34 that number rises to 66% 22 percent of Millennials had not even heard of the Holocaust the study found that 58 percent of Americans believed something like the Holocaust could happen today [Music] Hal Lindsey is pleased to present his latest teaching series God’s outline of history in this set of 13 audio compact discs Hal Lindsey will guide you on a scriptural journey from the Garden of Eden to the Millennium and last judgment you will learn how God views events here on earth you can receive this informative and inspiring series of 13 audio CDs for only $49.99 plus shipping and handling border God’s outline of history by writing to how Lindsay media ministries p.o box for 7 old for 700 alsa Oklahoma 7 for 147 you can also order online at Hal Lindsey comm R by phoning toll-free 1-800 rapture order God’s outline of history today through the years Jews have suffered the most insane and unjust persecution ever endured by any group of people Jewish survival is phenomenal but not surprising God said they would survive more than that he said they would return to the land he foretold their restoration as a nation it is surprising that so many Bible scholars missed this obvious point God knew his people would reject him and they did he said they would be scattered and they were he said they would suffer and they did he said they would survive and they survived it should have been a tremendous lesson thankfully some Bible scholars got it in fact going back several hundred years you can find men who insisted that Israel would be restored as a nation in those days they had only one reason to say so but it was a big one they knew it would happen because God’s Word said it would happen in 1864 John coming wrote how comes it to pass that as a nation they have been dispersed over every land yet insulated separated and alone amid the nations the predictions of their restoration are in words as definite only not yet fulfilled as a nation they were cut off and dispersed and it is as nation that they shall be gathered and restored but one closing act in this great dramatic history of an extraordinary people is yet wanting to complete the whole their restoration is predicted and demanded John coming was not a prophet he was a student of the Bible prophets in 1866 James grant an English Bible scholar wrote the personal coming of Christ to establish his millennial reign on earth will not take place until the Jews are restored to their own land how did these men know they read and believed God’s Word Bible prophecy reveals that a cataclysmic war will engulf the Mid East prior to the return of Jesus the bible describes catastrophic loss of life all over the world to modern ears the fiery mass annihilation we read about sounds like the result of a nuclear exchange every US administration pushes Israel to make land for peace deals with the Palestinians but land for peace agreement threatens to leave Israel with too little land to defend using conventional forces and that leaves only no clear through Ezekiel God said I shall send fire upon Magog or Russia if faced with anihilation you can count on Israel to protect its civilian population by any means necessary other Middle Eastern nations are now deploying weapons of mass destruction if Israel comes under assault from chemical biological or nuclear weapons how long would they be able to hold back from using their own nuclear weapons it’s clear that the Bible can’t be talking about any other time in history but today no man knows the day or hour when these dramatic events will occur but there can be little doubt that this is the generation it could start tomorrow we seem to be on the brink of some startling prophetic developments never before as the world stage been so perfectly set for the climax of history as it is today the times of the Gentiles are rapidly drawing to a close how serious is God about protecting Israel through Jeremiah he said if this fixed order meaning the fixed order of the universe departs from before me declares the Lord then the offspring of Israel also shall cease from being a nation before me forever he’s saying that Israel will last as long as the fixed order of the universe in other words Israel will remain a nation forever he’s never going to reject them even for their periods of apostasy but he’s going to bring them back things that were predicted hundreds and hundreds of years ago by different prophets are all being fulfilled four-fifths of what they predicted have already been literally fulfilled even so we are now seeing the last fifth fulfilled before our very eyes that means you can trust what God says right now if you are in doubt about where you stand with God listen to this for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life Jesus took to his cross every sin you have ever committed or ever will commit he paid for all those sins in your place he purchased a pardon for you all it requires is for you to receive that gift of pardon tell god you’re willing for him to take over your life and make it what he wants it to be will he do that right now just pray and say Lord Jesus I receive your gift of pardon right I’ll come into my wife and make my life what you want it to be [Music] that’s all for tonight folks I’ll see you next week I hope God willing you’ve been watching the Hal Lindsey report to support this program send your tax deductible gift to Hal Lindsey media ministries P o box for seven oh four seven Oh Tulsa Oklahoma seven four one four seven you can also support this ministry online visit Hal Lindsey comm

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