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Hatch Show Print Studio Tour in Nashville, Tennessee

Hatch Show Print Studio Tour in Nashville, Tennessee

(country music) – Hatch Show Print, located
in the heart of Nashville, has a truly colorful history of producing posters,
for many music greats. This is one of the oldest letter press print shops in America, opened in 1879. Much of the type that
they use, and the fonts, those are all original
from when they opened. They didn’t just create
posters for artists, but also circuses, minstrel shows, the Grand Ole opry, and so many others. – What we do add to the collection, at least every week, is hand carving. Everybody on staff carves. – Oh wow. These are hand carves! And they are from the 1932
presidential election. You’ve got Roosevelt,
and Hoover, right here. Well I mean not the people, (laughing) but the carvings! Oh my gosh! Whoa! I love this room, they
have all the posters displayed on walls
throughout their history, and each one tells a story. I’m making a poster of my own. (rock music) – Now pull that towards you. And then you wanna peel it up. – Oh yes! Oh look it’s in the camper! Look what I made mom! This tour was so much fun. We learned all about the posters,
and how they’re designed. We got to make one ourselves, and we learned about the history of this Nashville print shop.

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