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Have You Been Drinking Bendy Water?

Have You Been Drinking Bendy Water?

I’m just sharing some information yeah
did you know that a man set himself on fire and ran around on the White House
lawn just a couple days ago you know that no it was plainly out there yeah do
you believe that that happened so like Fox CNN what could you give me an
example if it was a National Public Radio I would probably trust it
okay why is that a fact check and all that stuff so if NPR was to do a story
about a 33 year old man setting himself on fire on the White House lawn and they
said it you would believe it if they covered it most likely even though you
didn’t fact check it yourself exactly oh why is it what’s we I don’t do that like
we I guess on the other side of the camera I guess yeah okay why is that I
mean like you’re giving yourself over to Authority and you’re like paying
attention to it so you’re treating it like it’s gospel like a Catholic or a
Christian would with the Bible and stuff so it’s government your God what do you
say okay so you picked scripture on what you want to believe coming from the
particular source yeah you’re right so you’re in a religion right you’re a cult
basically yeah okay yeah cuz if you were to say come on a guy set himself on fire
he was able to go on the White House lawn and do this no way you could even
get that far let alone have it on camera and then be put on TMZ but if I don’t
believe it I’m called a conspiracy theorist that’s not there right I’m just
like being critical of my thought and who I gave my heart away to you know so
I think that I think that’s a problem in our society what do you think I
yeah absolutely we are 100% controlled by interests that we don’t even it’s
pervasive to everything literally everything we’re controlled by basically
multinational hopes I you know feeling $1 right and yes that’s the way we live
you know and but there are ways to fight against that in the lifestyle that we
choose to live in how are you fighting against it like how
do you protect your mind that’s an awesome question isn’t the choices I
make so I’m for example okay and I mean I mentioned I actually am funny you
mention that I know some friends in Florida but continue yeah yeah well
that’s just an example of fighting corporate interest with my lifestyle
okay I’m not going out there and necessarily but I am deciding what type
of food I’m gonna feed myself with and I am
not listening to the government cuz they’re incomplete yeah you know
corporations about that that’s fuckin bullshit and like don’t know what yeah
right yeah educated myself and you know right um so yeah it’s it’s about
educating yourself I think it’s important to to get multiple sources for
you know to have community around it yeah because that I think that keeps me
honest like it’s yeah if you see honest it’s like it allows me to really to
others about this and like kind of check in and keep myself from going off
a tangent of what I am just doing what everyone else is doing
why not go on off on a tangent though oh but I am okay and I’m going off on the
tangent with people that are on the chanter with me gotcha so you don’t go
crazy because I don’t believe how many conversations I have 99.9% of the
conversation I have when people’s no one is hmm it is not a pleasant conversation
what highly offensive and very invested in this bullshit that we are trying yeah
and I was too hmm and so it can make you go crazy or make
kalique second-guess yourself so I think it’s important to have like like-minded
people around you hmm but also have like a diverse yes group of friends like
having a diverse group of friends and just like community is absolutely so are
you saying it could be dangerous to be in like an echo chamber yeah um with
that being said though can I throw you under the bus
no offense I’ll pay for the injuries sure you believe in climate change and
global warming also absolutely right um you seem really open-minded I would love
for you to check out my information um I was hoping to you that you would ask me
that do you believe you live here you do why
is that because we have science to prove it okay
an NPR told you – um no I went to college
okay so NPR or like various media had nothing to do with your belief and where
you live I actually learned about the science from experts so yeah okay so if
I was to if you would I were spent their entire life being an expert in this so
if I you and I were to go to school and be calm plumbers and electricians right
we could learn that trade and then apply it to real life right right okay how do
you apply a picture that you’ve never seen before with your own eyes as belief
that you live here because again you’re taking authority and appeasing to your
right yeah because other than a government no one with their own eyes
has ever seen the earth from this perspective before right so when we have
12 disciples I mean astronauts go to the moon and come back and say that they
don’t I’m not being hard on you I’m just like your approach why do you have to it
Blake I get it ooh and I’m with you here and yeah I think we should question
fucking everything yeah that’s why we’re here right
you know we’re it’s the mysteries of our existence our
infinite and the more we question the more wisdom we have I think when we
acquire knowledge like we think we we start to think that we new can you know
things yeah like oh well there professor so they know they know what’s going on
it’s like actually we none of us know and for you to tell me that there isn’t
climate change or is or whatever is doesn’t matter to me it’s like what I
appreciate about you being out here is we need a question shit hmm yeah we do
and like we’re all entitled to our own opinion and to question is to be wise
are you entitled to be wrong absolutely okay what if there are what
if there are facts that can back up and trump someone’s opinion what does that
do for you well that’s the world of discourse what we’re in okay you know
yes that’s what this is about and I’m sure you have facts on your side I’m not
sure if you’re gonna tell me there’s this I would love jabber dancing and
couldn’t share facts you’re way too but could we get back to the global warming
thing sure even was a little about this and so you don’t believe
lunch oh well can I lay it out for you so you can understand me I’ll lay it all
like a carpet here so if don’t you think it’s a little
narcissistic to think that human beings can affect the weather to the extent
that we would actually have to go to another planet because we’ve destroyed
this area yeah yeah so with water behind you right yeah
water lose level and flat which is that something we can agree with another
question yeah okay yeah so Waterlase level and flat and nowhere ever does it
ever gradually been to create a ball in outer space so this is a Photoshop okay
and I at the ISS has harnesses green screens and augmented reality and it’s
also done on a parabolic flight that’s all they’re able to make spheres of
water and in the plane it’s a parabolic flight right and then you come down yeah
it turns into a ball because you’re contained in a fuselage and if you were
to pull the airplane up what would happen yes yes yes and it started
raining really hard yep you’re dropping no I was at the time reading so hard
yeah it hurts yeah so suddenly we get shot down the raindrops that were so
they you could watch them they slowed down as we’re going faster than gravity
and then you see that doesn’t prove gravity ma’am I’m
sorry okay okay but did you know gravity is a theory and it’s never been proven
right it’s not have you know because you can’t because the government owns the
skies and you believe and you believe them no it’s not gravity it’s just basic
buoyancy density and electromagnetism you just need to have a better
understanding of your environment so well nothing to do with it I just
learned this three years ago well it’s not a belief because water lays level
and flat it’s not calling it whatever you believe you live somewhere you never
see okay says it’s a fact do you I hope that you will listen do
you think that you live honest on a disk floating in outer space I’m not gonna
lose anybody this isn’t my first rodeo man I’ve been doing this for quite a
while you know you set up your own table I set up my own table every fucking day
and like you go out to public and talk about I appreciate your being aggressive
no I’m just saying that you’re believing I don’t want you to believe you the way
you dealt with me you’re not gonna get anything done if you treat people like
that oh okay okay thank you well I appreciate that but also you believe you
live somewhere you can verify yourself and that’s a religion oh yeah so yeah
you don’t want to litter thanks a lot appreciate it no I appreciate it all right folks we’re gonna take her
advice and just keep hitting people in the mouth with Flat Earth are you doing
I’m doing well thanks I don’t know what that means but okay are you mocking me
it’s not very nice peace okay dude so that was a good little start to the day
just say you know here at late mm Bach I don’t know how to pronounce that name
it’s Lake Calhoun downtown Minneapolis they change Lake Calhoun’s name I think
like within the last year it is something that I don’t know how to
pronounce apologies so we just set up shop probably moments before the young
lady came up and spoke so I’m not allowed to defend myself I just I just
have to sit here and have people talk over me because people don’t know how to
have a conversation if you’re not gonna stop and have a conversation like she at
least did then you’re gonna continue to walk away then yeah I kind of have to
talk over her and then for vegan lady to feel upset you know well that’s your
problem not mine so what are you gonna do it’s absolutely
gorgeous out – the really weird haze that we have above us people like just
being sprayed I guess like insects and they don’t do anything about it so
instead of blue skies there’s literally like this haze up in the sky right now
this is what they call sunny downtown Minneapolis if you look at the forecast
it actually says it’s sunny right now so it’s kind of gross mm-hmm you came back
did you feel guilty or did I make you feel guilty I apologize yeah you’ve met
a friend no nope so you got any questions at all no I was just trying to
see what your setup is have you ever heard of those hashtags before space
bubbles folks okay so a couple days ago this guy or a girl
I don’t really know set themselves on fire on the White House lawn yeah
they’re 33 years old which is a really weird number but do you believe that
that happened like it’s a real story like somebody like random person lit
themselves on fire and then try just hang out on the White House lawn okay so
Otto hoaxing would be that you hear something or see something on TV and you
immediately think it’s a hoax and it’s not real because what you’re doing is
you’re giving yourself over to Authority and you’re assuming that everything that
they tell you is true but you don’t fact-check so of course you’re gonna
believe it because you don’t investigate on your own time
you would rather bike out at Lake Calhoun no offense but you know that’s
just what people do right so if you believe that they lit themselves on fire
then everything else mainstream media says is true like the Bible is to a
Christian and that’s where you get your scriptures and everything and then when
you don’t agree with something because Fox News or CNN you don’t agree with one
of those two platforms you’re just picking and choosing like bible
scriptures what you want to believe it’s fair enough okay so and so with
with that being said did you know that within the ISS that they train
astronauts underwater yeah yeah so let me do spacewalks so which is kind of
funny if you think about it this submarines right submarines they go into
a harsh environment but all their important stuff is on the inside why
would you create something out in outer space that you have to constantly go out
into a harsh environment and fix couldn’t they have taken some notes from
need the Navy and how they build stuff so they literally have a life-size quote
life-size ISS and a giant pool and they fix it but what they do is when they say
they’re doing a spacewalk they’re doing drills underwater and then they present
drills as if they’re real and what people have found out is that there are
bubbles that float up past the Pasteur knots because what they’re doing is
they’re CGI out the people holding them the astronauts and they’re you’re seeing
the bubbles of both the astronauts and the scuba divers you can watch this so
they’re not actually in space correct yeah what what incentive would
they have to their continuing the proper flow station of the outer space being
real in the ISS being real and astronauts and so on advantage well
obviously it’s mind control right because most Americans believe that they
live here right so you’re trusting government you’re constantly giving
yourself over to government over and over and over again and you think you
have free will and you really don’t because you never question the
information that they give you you just take it and eat it up yeah sure so
otherwise I don’t know what advantage by them having I don’t know what they would
get out of me other than funding for space programs that would be yeah they
are to their advantage and they are charging you tax money every year a tune
of fifty five million dollars a day to give you stories about outer space black
holes other planets and so on and so on so do you happen to know when we had the
rocket technology to go to quote outer space about the 50s late 50s or so is
when and then they started to really start to quote harness that in
technology in the 60s right so they were telling you the earth was a ball in 1927
when they had no way of telling you and knowing for sure
so it’s called predictive programming so they’re getting society used to such a
topic decades before the actual event happens and this is typical to do in
social structures and to change public opinion over 15 to 20 years is how long
it takes so if they’re telling you that you live
on a ball in 1927 and then all of a sudden tada
1969 they have a cool photograph of the Earth from space oh they had just so
happened to match and our stories are correct and people just go along with it well if you were to understand basic
maths you would know that at no height a civilian can get to they will ever see
curvature not on a shoreline on an airplane or even on a high-altitude
balloon even at the Karman line were quote outer space and our atmosphere
meets 62 miles you still will not see
curvature you have to be almost 2,000 miles from the surface of the earth to
see the earth from your left to right perspective 2,000 miles have you ever
been 2,000 miles up okay but astronauts have right and the government has so
when the government says it’s 12 disciples to the moon over a 4-year
period they come back with the testimony of grandeur of super fantastic things
that nobody ever here is going to experience but you believe them because
they’re the government and you know what you won’t ever question them so you pay
your taxes you go along with the game mmm because you have Friday night off
and you get to bike around Lake Calhoun I treat people incredibly differently I
understand that there is a type of magnetism in the air and an ether type
of way for us to understand that when people would say gravity gravity gravity
when it’s really just an understanding of magnets electromagnetism and
electricity that can be harnessed of probably 1,500 feet up in the air and we
could have an unlimited free energy we could have free energy so when you go
home and you charge your phone overnight that would never happen
in my particular reality and I would help encourage to change that and we
also are being withheld more land and resources I think we know who’s holding
us back I mean look at how long it’s taken us to get electric cars for crying
out loud there’s videos on YouTube of people
showing you how you can run your car on water are people doing that no because
no offense Americans are lazy they want the
government to do things for them and the only reason why we have electric cars
now is because it’s been financed through Tesla with government aid
because they’re able to control it tax it and monetize it I mean let’s be real
here right I’ve been three times at our ninth
district fed Reserve Bank to talk about taxes and 9/11 and see anybody else here
doing that if people complain so much about taxes why are we potholing and
filling up the potholes of our streets why don’t we have new streets every year
the type of money that they make from our gas tax I’m here I set up a table
y’all can join me whenever you want I have my information on these cards but
unfortunately people get wrapped into the system and you know okay and they
just they only really worry about themselves is what I get
generally from the public is if it’s not affecting me directly I don’t give a rip
so I think it’s all virtue signalling and there’s no action it’s a little
transfer to the government especially in this state there everyone most people
here are gonna want to transfer authority of the governments they
believe in big government want governments take care of them do you
think that’s the do you think that’s the biggest addiction over heroin and opium
is government assistance let’s face it the government said they would do two
things originally right one is to protect and wanted to provide some
transportation it’s pretty daunting if you had to like you know cover yourself
for some other countries invasion I mean that’s that you wouldn’t probably sleep
that well you probably would focus your whole life aren’t always trying to
survive so your basic perception is we need government to protect us yeah do
you think that you were feared into that thought where if we didn’t have
government people would probably doing be doing literally this right now if we
didn’t have police amongst us that we won’t try to take over each other okay
and if there wasn’t some kind of governing body in place so you’re saying
civilians are more diabolical than the 1% of the 1% running the earth right now
yeah Wow interesting I mean that’s I don’t at all agree with
that I have optimistic and hopeful because
that’s the best way to go how are you doing what are you doing for yourself to
help your inner self and then expressing that to other people how are you helping
other people with your knowledge of just whatever you know like I mean is there
anything that you’re passionate about that would cause you to set up a table
out in public and be vulnerable yeah I’d like to talk about trying to learn
Spanish people that speak Spanish and I try to teach them some angulation okay
maybe we roll around and do some jujitsu okay how is that change like taxes
having to pay taxes and I don’t mind okay so you’re fine with your taxes
going to things that you don’t agree with
yeah because okay there’s something for the most part I get to drive around on
car air almost every day when I’m driving to work I’m like man this is
nice like seriously like look Billy billion-dollar road systems that we have
garbage our road system is absolute and utter trash maybe Monica I don’t I don’t
care about other Road systems other than where I live that’s well attention that
are better places like Mexico their roads are trash shit that in comparison and it makes sense because we’ve got a
lot that’s cool that you’ve been to Mexico where did you go did you go into
any white non-white places okay what was that like how was the environment there
everyone’s humble there’s no real like I mean the infrastructure is very
primitive yeah it’s certainly dirtier and systems are shitty but there’s no
money and wealth and brand names and clothing to kind of corrupt people it
just doesn’t seem as competitive and it just seems back to the basics you know
it’s yeah I can relate I’ve been to Southeast Asia so I’ve experienced that
culture over there and I I see that there are people are I guess satisfied
with having little and it’s really quite I kind of I wanted that and when I came
back from there from Southeast Asia four years ago I actually did come through
like a minimal ization experience and I got rid of my TV and I got rid of a lot
of stuff I would spray I say almost 90% of my possessions within like 18 months
of me coming back from Thailand and then I was introduced to the earth being a
level non rotating plane and how water always lays level and flat and if we all
had an understanding of where we actually came from and not some cartoon
by some government that tells us because I can’t verify that that’s not science
to believe that we landed on the moon science should be verifiable by
everybody and if we have to take an authority word then that’s no different
than a Christian or a Catholic or a Muslim taking you know their stuff
any of this information it’s hard just like religionists if I don’t know what
I’m going to do differently if I have this information what changes am I going
to implement or make and if I’m not going to do anything about it becomes
irrelevant hmm so you just so do you ever like what do you ever investigate
new things or new topics or anything like that like with an open mind or do
you have a biased already okay yeah having people take more money from me
you know but that’s that’s them pushing their agenda on me and I’m not so why
not just stop paying taxes oh so you’re saying that if you don’t do you have a
choice though Yeah right well I have a choice that I can go to different
country but let’s follow that thought though okay cuz the government and the
police will say right you have a choice to not be here but if you choose not to
go and fight your ticket and you stay home your plead guilty and you have to
pay right yeah so you don’t really do you have a choice but that’s
psychological consequences but that’s psychological is our right and so over a
period of time we’ve allowed ourselves to just become more and more Pavlov’s
dog where we just kind of like just say okay just take it you know I don’t want
to fight anymore just take it and like over time our grandparents and our
parents parents and so on this is now where we’re at and so you do have a
choice not to pay and that’s up to you and the consequences I guess will have
to be dealt with but if people did understand what that
all meant I would feel more people would be confident not to pay taxes and get
things right because if I’m paying taxes for NASA and space exploration when I
know outer space isn’t real because it doesn’t match up with the second law of
thermodynamics how can we be spending money on outer space programs
do you think that there is some level of taxes that needs to be collected to pay
for stuff like do you think there’s I mean to pay for parts and relics and
stuff do you think that you should pay some amount of Josas I would have to
cross that bridge when I get to it because there look at our roads again
I’m saying like that’s not like that costs something more than zero dollars
right I mean money’s money is just a concept kind of constructs or cies if
you have to make someone take their time either day to go put that road in
opposed to doing something else right and what’s the benefit to them right
right so what I’m saying is yeah so if we all loved each other and we all
really appreciated each other and we all felt that we seek out to help others in
a village you know it takes a village to raise a child to have a thing I would
and the three of us could freely go and fix our roads given the proper resources
because we like to do it let me expand on that how about like electrical
lighting and stuff like that and disciplined in all those disciplines but I just got done telling him earlier
that we could have free energy it equal what drilling what I have a pretty good
idea – I mean there’s a lot of information out there showing that we
could harness the ether up in the sky and give us free energy energy source
from the sky but I’m saying actual wiring and implementing thank you sure
yeah and I’d love to look over a person’s qualifications as such a thing
and see if they’re ready to do that but who owns the power companies the
government does so could we do that yeah we could you do so you’re telling me
that you could freely play for Xcel Energy and be the largest stockholder I’m saying you’re saying that you can
put solar panels and wind generators around your house on a city block that’s
what I’m saying no you can’t not for very long okay well that’s your opinion I guess
I’m just okay okay so then are you seeing a stock
market space that’s a whole nother topic my friend but no it’s very real and it’s
able to manipulate economic things right now I think you have a better chance of
owning that bike than a piece of property yeah so you do agree that people own shares
of stock in companies ah I’ll agree with that just to kind of belabor the point
but yeah and then there’s there’s actually three types yeah so you seem
like you seem like government entities don’t subcontract other entities to buy
up stock for companies that have energy have you ever looked into HSB s aah what
is that China’s H HCMC whatever right no it’s some China’s bank HC something
anyways yeah so they had a problem a while back where they were caught quote
embezzling money and laundering money because they allowed people to come in
and just deposit money like millions of dollars cash all at once and they didn’t
fact-checked so there was a quote conspiracy that they were allowing drug
dealers from out of country to come in and launder their money into this bank
and on the United States property and there was just this big hubbub
so this Bank knows what it’s doing on the United States property and all of
these other people know that this particular Bank launders and money and
so they just use this as a recycling idea so I mean it’s to say that the
government doesn’t own electricity and so on or companies like that I see where
you’re coming from yeah ultimate authority regulating and
making changes that are wrong but they don’t
but I mean ultimately it is a large powerful forest but what if but wouldn’t
it make more sense just to have free energy and just give it away for free
why don’t we have to charge people because you say people are just gonna
freely work on it there’s just there’s no barriers to entry to be someone that
works on this how do you know that have you looked into this topic before okay
I’m not talking about electricity I’m talking about the electricity that you
get up in the air and diamagnetism and electron and magnetism and in different
things like liquid metal and whatnot mercury and stuff not just mercury but
you know there’s some other ideas you know that go along with that and then
you go on Shark Tank and then the companies buy it up and then you’re just
left with $100,000 and then they can put it on a shelf for 20 years right well
I’m just saying but that’s where that’s if you get big enough is it fair to say
that somebody’s gonna try to come out and buy you out it’s possible yeah okay money is what
drives everything the name of the game is just trying to have more money than
anyone else yeah right tell you which is the strive
for power which is what people intrinsically want is power over others
it’s kind of human nature I don’t know how to stop that it really drives things
would you pay for knowledge yeah what if this knowledge here that I’m giving you
is free and it could help you just understand your reality a little bit
better perception is reality I just want more freedom yeah great I don’t
necessarily need to yeah we all have our different paths you know and I clearly
on a different one than most and I’m just here to share information and then
if it helps me all it does it if it doesn’t then hey you know come outside –
you said a couple years ago someone introduced you to yeah yeah just never
crossed my mind that the images that we get from NASA okay our
paintings there is yeah one year they made America big and then
another year they made America small and the diameter of both of these circles is
the same but they literally can change the size of the continent because you’re
never gonna question it and you’re just gonna believe it because it came from
Guv but every two or three years they come out would have come out with a
different image of Earth from space and it seems to be different copy and pasted
clouds and so on so if people want to believe in a fantasy that I mean how
does that help the rest of your life if it’s built on sand this is like think that you’re sharing today and I
just don’t see how that affects anybody yeah sure well I mean your whole life
you believe you live on a ball right give it again I guess it comes down to
what are you gonna do with that information which how is the path of
your life gonna be different based on I won’t know until my life’s over right could I ask you a serious question
though maybe it relates to this if an alien invasion were to happen sometime
next month or sometime in the next year or so would you believe it it with you
if with your own eyes you saw what you thought were more advanced technology
than what you have seen even far beyond what Hollywood would portray and you saw
them hovering over Minneapolis these alleged ships would you believe that
those are aliens from another planet yeah so what if they’re not aliens from
another planet and it’s just electromagnet eyes vehicles that they
just I have understanding there are Holograms that you can touch which is
real technology right now and it just looks incredibly high definition and
they’re able to manipulate the environment and make it appear like it’s
something that it’s not like David Copperfield type stuff so yeah and they
really can do that now it’s called Project Blue Beam yeah
yeah very much so yeah typing Holograms that you can touch it goes into a lot of
the virtual reality and 8k stuff deep fakes are another thing to wear you’ll
wat you’ll watch TV and with the new 8k technology that’s coming out they’re
able to simulate a person’s face on TV and I can speak but they will be
projected out on the television as their voice and their face it’s called the
deep fake and it’s the idea is that at least over 50% of the stuff that you see
on TV all of it is CGI yeah typing deep fakes man it’s really fun
there’s a movie out there from 1981 called
looker and has a lot to do with that – how all all the people like your Walter
Cronkite’s and your Anderson Cooper’s are CIA agents put in place to control
the narrative that’s coming out Project Blue Beam ODT has a really good thing Oh
DeeDee Project Blue Beam so I mean so with that being said I guess I could
maybe sway you into thinking that if then alleged alien invasion does happen
what if it’s just us mm-hmm yeah so what if it’s just another
civilization on another continent that you’ve never been told about and it’s
just them with that type of technology and then they come over to our plane of
existence like this right here and they’re just out here out in this area
but then they just come into our area and then it’s proliferations from outer
space just you know a heads up you know I wouldn’t believe it because there’s a
ceiling above us and possibly water above us I don’t know I’ve never been up
they’re sorry for what you know I’ve been educated on it’s not been decided
yet or figure out what now I mean they call it a firmament some people call it
a dome it’s never been proven in my eyes that this dome curves or we’re in some
kind of a snow globe but we are 100% in a contained environment that’s why we
have pressure it’s like what we’re 14 point 8 psi so we live in a pressurized
contain system we cannot get out there is no outer space it’s just us our
Creator and the enemy that’s it so you know do with that what you want and the
idea is that you know demons and angels and stuff or their proliferator they’re
projected as aliens from outer space when really they’re just it’s just a
spiritual plane different vibration frequency and light beings you know so
the lights that you see in the sky as like stars right they could just be
vibrations of light in the liquid environment and so they’re liquid and
there’s their lights in the sky but when they come into our reality where we can
breathe they take on physical form and that particular vibration and that light
that they have comes out as a projection of what we see as human beings and with
our eyes so you look like you do because your thoughts make you who you are I am
you you are me so you know I’m here because everybody
needs me to be here whether they agree with me or not or whether they notice me
or not these people and you want me here to do what I’m doing right now I am you
you are me so we’re all just projections of each other yeah thanks for stopping
by fellows I really hope you guys have a good like no you’re good man I’m just I
give people a hard time because they give me a hard time I tell you what you
and I will be more successful just kind of like chill oh yeah because really the
aggression in the eggs it just gets the other person that way more I mean it
just like it gets people not thinking as clearly yeah and good discussions are
good even if you disagree with someone who either affirm up yours you’re right
you start to go home maybe I’m not right on this and maybe go maybe that is right
so it’s just important to be able to get just good at discussing yeah no I
appreciate you stop right people get to focus on cleaning
yeah right married to a thought and I have to win this is my no I feel yeah I
totally get that I’ve actually the last time I was out a couple of weeks ago I
was here at the lake and I had just in the five hours that I was out I had
probably three or four people where I just felt like I had to ask them and I
don’t ask people with this very much you think you’re better than me
and they said yeah I do and just because I don’t go along with the common
narrative that is given to us by our education and news media what do you
think of no ma’am sky you know about fractals and whatnot okay I just you’d
mentioned computer stuff right yeah yeah so fascinating fractals and no man’s sky
idea will be used because what fractals do is they take a basic equation and
then it just multiplies itself and it’s like being a human being where you’re a
conscious observer and nothing exists until a human being perceives it just
like the idea of if a tree falls in the woods and nobody’s around to hear it
does it make a sound and no it doesn’t make a sound because there’s not a
conscious observer to hear it and so no man’s sky gosh just fractals fractals or
Mandelbrot man brought VR OT Mandelbrot that’s another thing too and fractals
what it does in no man’s sky is it’s constantly generating the environment in
front of you based on the equation of quote the circle of life or flower
yeah fractals fractals in nature a curve or geometric figure each part of
which has the same statistical character is amol yeah so the Fibonacci sequence
okay so it’s similar to that did you high school man I’m just 38
years in the game yeah so no man sky is really a fascinating program it’s only
like 15 gigs but they say to explore it’s based on outer space too so it’s
really difficult for me to get into it but no man’s sky it’s only 15 gigs but
they said it would take over 500 billion years for you to explore the entire no
man sky universe hope so guys take screenshots of the Wikipedia page or so I hope you have fun exploring Cheers
thanks you too bye

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