HIDING (Official Music Video)

HIDING (Official Music Video)

Dad: Thankyou for coming father We have connected him to a more powerful machine Priest: But the voltages will be too high, you might Kill him! Dad: If thats what it takes to rid him of this unnatural disorder! Priest: ENOUGH!! (painful screams) (Gregorian Chanting play in the background) (Buzzing sound coming from the Electro shock machine) Electro Shock Therapy is performed. Luke screams in agony Ray: (whispered) Wake up Ray, Ray wake up! I felt the love in your eyes From the moment we first met And I imagined your lips touching mine I know it's hard for me to get I need to tell you here and now though i'm afraid to say it cause it may blow it, once you know it And I can't go on this way HIDING my feelings With the hope that one day, you'll say 'I Love You' No I can't go on this way HIDING my feelings I wish you'd come out and say that you love me too I can't call you anymore Cause the sound of your voice melts me inside Your personality's so kind, oh yeah Like the wind you make me fly You're the answer to my wish I swear the only thing that you are missing are your wings And I can't go on this way HIDING my feelings with the hope that one day you'll say 'I Love You' No I can't go on this way HIDING my feelings I wish you'd come out and say that you love me too The time has come for me to let go Cause I cannot camouflage my love for you anymore I hope she makes you happy when I am not around I hope that you'll remember me whenever you're down I'm not gonna, not gonna hide no more baby! I can't go on this way HIDING my feelings with the hope that one day you'll say 'I Love You' I can't go on no more I wish you'd come out and say that you love me too oooh I know what I want, I know what I deserve! Ray: Wake Up Ray, Wake Up! Sounds of Electro shock machine zapping Priest: My dear son We should NOT have to suffer for who we are and who we love The act of love should NEVER be condemned For we were created in Gods image Perfect just the way we are No longer will we be tormented inside No longer will we have to hide! I'm going to set you Free! Dad: Where are you taking him? You said you would set him free Priest: I AM!

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27 thoughts on “HIDING (Official Music Video)

  1. Beautiful. This is amazing. You should be proud of yourself. You are an amazing artist who totally deserves more recognition ❤

  2. This video is deep and captivating, haunting and breath-taking. Ray, you make your audience experience such a range of emotions with this video, and personally, it touched me deeply. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. You will ALWAYS be a favorite of the Philly Pride peeps! Much love.

  3. Ok, I may have just shed a tear… RAY THIS IS AMAZING! so empowering, so beautiful, so true, so real! So proud of you!! Your best work yet! I feel very special and privileged to attend your very first ever music video launch so many years ago! I wish I was able to hug you! xx

  4. Oh wow the most touching video i have seen in a long time..crying . Great message, lovely singing…lets all get out of the closest and love who we want without being judged and persecuted <3

  5. Thanks Ray, I really enjoyed your video. I love your voice. Thanks for sending it through to MCC Sydney Newsletter Editor. Lee

  6. Ray this is really a stunning video. And, after reading the comments below I had no idea you went thru this. I love the song, and I love the images. It's a beautiful message…much love to you Ray!
    This is from Gail

  7. Another beautiful song and video, Ray. I'm so sorry you had to go through such horrors because of who you are, when who you are is such a wonderful, beautiful, kind, and enduring soul. God bless you, Ray. ALL my love. <3

  8. I love this song and the important message within the video. Keep up the great work Ray, you are making a difference in this distorted world. W

  9. Great song! I can really feel the emotion. We believe in you Ray. Keep up the awesome work you are doing.

  10. Ray, I'm so very proud of you.
    Can I just say that it takes a strong man with an abundance of integrity and strength to break and shift barriers within our culture. You did exactly that. You have made history, first man from our little small village in Hadchit who finally made a stance not only for himself but also for your fellow gay Hadchitis like myself.
    God bless you

  11. Brilliant Video Ray! Loved every minute of this video, so powerful. You are a talent to look out for in 2016!

  12. Astonishing and beautiful; profound and terrifying. A perfect balance of truth and fantasy. Thank you from this Episcopal priest for your integrity, both artistic and personal. "From the heart to the heart."

  13. The emotion in this clip surpasses any of your other clips. You are growing Ray, not only as a performer but as a person! BLESS you man!

  14. Ray I had to create a new account to congratulate your spectacular work….great film clip, amazing song….👍👍👏👏👏

  15. Great work Ray. I believe this sends a strong message towards equality and acceptance and legalising gay marriage in Australia.

    Great work to all the cast and crew who made this possible and to you, Ray.

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