28 thoughts on “How Fabric gets Designed with Tula Pink – Part 2 – Drawing and Design | Fat Quarter Shop

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  2. Forgot to say Hi in my last comments and say we were in the high 70s yesterday and cold and snowing now. HELLO SPRING. Just bought fabric last Wed. for a project and a pattern from by Annies to use it in, can not remember the name on Tula material right now, the color was out of my comfort zone but thought it would be nice for me to use in my sewing items to take to classes. You are a creator and those people doodle all the time, keep doodling. Love your pillow next to you on the left I'm into pillows, do you have a pattern. So many things goes into to making the material, where did you learn how. Glad you do that and I'm just the buyer of your material. LOL

  3. I could listen to you talk all day. You are very entertaining and have a calming cadence to your voice. Can you talk to us (somehow) every day???

  4. This was awesome what a talent you have (Κ˜α΄—Κ˜βœΏ)(Κ˜α΄—Κ˜βœΏ)(Κ˜α΄—Κ˜βœΏ)(Κ˜α΄—Κ˜βœΏ)(Κ˜α΄—Κ˜βœΏ)

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I have always been interested in this whole process. What software do you use to put the design together? I would love to see a tutorial on that!

  6. I am almost finished piecing Tula's Serpentine quilt for my granddaughter. It has been a lot of work, but the pattern is so precise with its paper-pieced arcs for Nessie and the Fairy Dust background. I was wondering how I could ever thank her for the precision of the pattern, its great directions every step of the way and, this morning, in my isolated home, there she was! Thanks, Kimberly, for bringing her to me and a big thanks, Tula , for being a spirit, a force, and a wonderful guide into all things Pinkerville.

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