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HOW I CREATED DIGITAL ART | วิธีวาดด้วย SAI + Photoshop + Mobilestudio

HOW I CREATED DIGITAL ART |  วิธีวาดด้วย SAI + Photoshop + Mobilestudio

Hello again!! In this video. I’m going to explain. the work process of this artwork. I made this artwork for Wacom -Thailand. The piece has to be 2.5 meters high and 1 meter wide. one of the thing that is difficult about this piece. is that I have to do it while traveling a lot. so I couldn’t work on my usual computer. I prefer to use 3 programs for this work. 1. Clip Studio Paint. 2. Easy Paint Tool SAI. and 3. Photoshop. I will primarily be using Paint Tool SAI. Because of the program’s small size and it doesn’t take up much Ram. The brushes that I use according to my settings. I use brush-b-brush-brush The brush that is called Brush and the WaterColor brush. I use the Square brush and then select simple circle. Select the Blots option if you don’t want it to be too neat the brush is quite rough. I use Bristol for the hair. There’re some parts that I will use texture. such as the eyes and parts of the skin that I want to have some texture so it will look more gritty and realistic. I’ll select texture ->paper try to play around with Density. If you want to heavily blend some parts, use WaterColor Brush and if you want Density, use only Brush. One thing that is a particularly challenging thing about this piece is that I normally work with a lot of layers. flatten the layers make it difficult to edit later. But in this particular case, the size of the file is so large much larger than this computer can handle. It means that I can only have up to 10 layers at a time more than that I’ll have to merge them together Another difficult part is that I have to split the work into 3 parts In other words, crop it into upper, middle, and lower. Because I couldn’t paint the entire sheet in one go. All these methods whether it be using less taxing software, limiting and combining layers, and splitting it into multiple parts. These are 3 methods that I think are the most straight forward for working around the limitations of a weak computer. Clip Studio Paint is a program that I’ve recently started using for my work. I can either make a custom brush or use what the program auto-generated to incorporate into our piece. For example this is how to make a custom brush. By drawing the shape I want and then save as a custom brush. I can change the color and properties of the brush. After you’re done if you still find that the brush pattern repeating you can change the scattering range in this menu. In reality, the core principle of digital painting is virtually the same as hand painting one function that I use a lot that isn’t possible with hand painting is copy and paste elements that i’ve already drawn and then I’ll paint on top of it again, The row of Photoshop in this piece is tiny. I only use it for canvas setting, cropping, copying elements, and moving already drawn elements around, Now for the inspiration of this piece. what is the meaning of this picture? and why did I decide to draw it Wacom’s campaign is called my tag-line is “I created my life, what did you create?” This little drawing pen is actually a reference to the first-ever character that I designed Her personal weapon is a humongous G-pen The jizz is “hey, it all started by drawing” ” that’s why have what I’m having today, making this video ” This piece has a vibe of Byzantine /Medieval art more often than not the ideas that I get, the thing that I say or even deep contemplation happens when I’m drawing by my self that’ why i feel that I’m E N L I G H T E N while I draw I really try to put in everything that convey “I create my life” into this piece This fountain up here represents “The Foutain of Youth” It’s like the fountain of life when I draw I feel… like I really wanted my work to last forever to be immortal in a sense It really makes me feel like I have a purpose in life That’s why I put The Foutain of Youth in and……also I really like redhead chicks that’s it I just have to draw something and I’m way outta ideas and the artwork is so massive so I decided to just put everything that I like in (including redhead chicks) if you look closely you’ll see poems they are poems that I wrote my self I think that I’ve explained a lot of my work by now and some of you already know what kind of person I am to a degree now You try to interpret it yourself what it really means to you. Thank you for watching this video and of course we’ll meet again in the next video bye byeeee~~

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