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How it works *part 1* – Morandi’s sale | ART SHARE

How it works *part 1* – Morandi’s sale | ART SHARE

Hello after Introducing myself and Mr. Claudio Poleschi and the way our company was born My intention was speaking about the way our share works in my videos When I say I share I mean at the same time Art Share service and Art Shares the company that manages that service But there was a news that changed my program Actually in the first days of March Art Share sold the Giorgio Morandi Still life with pinecone So I’m pleased to tell you Collectors and friends that it has been an important success for our share and all the co-owners of the art work It is a graphic work of 1922 the 19th of a 30 etching run that Art Share offered in shares to its collectors at the price of 8,500 euros at the end of January. The entire work, we call it whole work in the General condition of sale, was sold at the price of nine thousand three hundred and fifty euros after 40 days on the market. The artwork was divided in a total of 85 shares of 100 euros each. This means that every share sold must pay back 110 euros before Commission. The Commission for Art Share is the 2.5 percent of the price that means in this case 2.75 euros of Commission per share. The net profit of the investment is 7.25 percent in 40 days. That means over 65 net percentage per annum. This is an example of how Art Share works It also provides faith that our aimed annual increase of value of 10 percent will be reached very often. In my next video, I will explain specifically how Art Share works Thank you very much for you attention

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