28 thoughts on “How Multiculturalism & Diversity Destroyed The Native American Indians

  1. As a Native American, division and diversity is what destroyed us. The whites, aka Europeans took advantage of this and played each tribe off another. By the time, Natives united under Tecumseh's Confederacy, it was pretty much too late. The Europeans by this point had grown too powerful to be pushed back, all the Natives could do what protect what they had and try to maintain it. But, as we all know that failed, and Natives were continuously pushed back til we mostly ended up on reservations.
    Nowadays, I can see that happening, ((they) are try doing this to Europeans now. But, they can't destroy a strong and patriotic people, like Germany in the 30s and early 40s. So, they used Communism disguised as Liberalism to subvert Europe, to weaken them. Like what happened to Natives, migrants will come and take the Native (Europeans) generosity and good nature for granted and ultimately destroy them.
    I can only hope Europe and by extension, the West is able to stop the Marxist disease and recover from this.

  2. Whites never approached it as “multiculturalism” (whatever that means) but came as makers and doers of white supremacy aka manifest destiny aka colonialism aka spreading democracy aka creating free markets aka many other things.

  3. Is this how people on the Left think the pilgrams dominated the land? Is that why they take all these approaches? The pilgrams initially had no intentions on pushing out the Native Americans. The fact they keep reinforcing that they were "Indians" as if everybody doesn't already know that on top of everything else tells me this was made by someone on the Left and they are trying to point out hypocrocy in the reactions to the video, but they are stupid because non of this is how it went down anyways.

  4. The Native Americans were the ones who made the argument that nobody even themselves owned that land or any land. The pilgrams were not the ones who made that argument.

  5. When you're fucking stupid but believe you're fucking smart. At least the bubble must be nice? It isn't? What with all that fear and loathing?

  6. See just like in the Americas, I can foresee one of two scenarios happening with the foreigners coming into Europe. One of the scenarios is like what the Spaniards and Portuguese did go the Slaves/Natives, rape there women and ultimately created this sub culture away from the two original cultures (European Male + Muslim Female). The other scenario is the “separate but equal”, where the Muslim and Europeans will live two entirely different lives but be segregated without integration, similar to what’s happening right now.

  7. There is likely more branches than homo sapiens, and native americans are just another type of human species. Just gotta honour your roots and stick by them, and acknowledge that there's other human species on this planet with respect of others differences.

  8. If it was ok then it's ok now… and soon americans will celebrate a new thanksgiving.
    Karma is a bitch

  9. everyone says whites are so racist , haven't you looked at South Korea , Vietnam , Japan or China ??? Those Asians are the most racist of all. If these guys see a black person they freak out internally because they are scared of black people !! Also when they see a white person with no asian face they look to you like you are an alien.

  10. PLLEEEEAAAASSEE DO RESEARCH!!! Multiculturalism isn't taking away culture or forcing anything upon anyone. Multiculturalism is a way of unifying together to work together, this does not mean that race is not important. It is working together and being proud of your race.
    In this video, they use the European vs. Native American side to tell their story. Anyone who has read a history book can formally agree on that Europeans raped, killed, and took over the peaceful Native American tribes. This is not multiculturalism this is fascism, genocide, and the disregarded and one of the largest massacres of human history. They intruded on Native American culture and lacked respect for them. This Native Americans in the video regard the land as "theirs." Native Americans never took possession of any land, instead of that everyone had a right to it- if they were grateful and careful with the Earth/land.

  11. Yeah, is self explanatory, but it needs to be said. Indians would not call themselves Indians, and also murder killed Indians, along with very extreme prejudice, not multiculturalism. I live in Indiana. Near where I lived, a few hundred years ago, several US troops forced thousands of Native Amercians out of there homes, And literally walked them to death. All because they were a different culture.

  12. Am from Colombia and this is a mess we don't have any identity or attachment to this place so everyone does as they fit. We had around 25 indigenous groups so when spinnards came they forced everyone to be one, we are divided in 32 "states" which have different accents and costumes … Sorry for my English I hope my idea came across.

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