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How to Draw 1-Point Perspective: Step by Step

How to Draw 1-Point Perspective: Step by Step

How to Draw using 1-Point Perspective 1: Draw a horizontal line higher than the middle of your page, this is your Horizon Line. 2: Mark a cross in the centre of your horizon line, this is your Vanishing Point. 3: Draw two diagonal lines either side of your vanishing point. Think of these shapes as two long walls going away to your vanishing point on the horizon. 4: Draw vertical lines to show the edge of buildings. 5: Add horizontal lines to your vertical lines to create the front of all buildings. 6: To draw arches, draw a curved line between any two vertical lines. Remember to keep vertical lines parallel to the edge of your paper. You could add more buildings as blocks on top of blocks. For all buildings, vertical lines are edges and diagonal lines are the sides. Your horizon line represents your eye height, the height of the viewer of the image. You could add a raised walkway, using two diagonal lines from your vanishing point. You could add some brackets to the walkway. A horizontal line is not in perspective, but a diagonal line from the vanishing point is. In this way we can draw roads going towards the horizon. By drawing a vertical line between two diagonal lines we can change the road into a vertical wall. Draw a curve between these two vertical lines to make an arch. You could draw some horizontal lines to make a road or bridge in the foreground. Draw a vertical line for the ends of the bridge, and two diagonal lines for the sides. Add one more horizontal line for the bridge, then use an eraser to tidy up your drawing. Now draw more buildings on the right, the top and bottom lines always go towards the vanishing point. You could just repeat shapes like arches and roads, to make a more complex drawing, but using the same technique. You could add a series of arches on the side of the bridge. Add lines from your vanishing point to create train tracks. On the right of the drawing we can see the right side of each arch, and on the left, the left side of each arch. You might have space to draw a Suspension Bridge. For this drawing I add some tone at the base of each building.

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  1. wow that is very nice thank you for every thing yo do💜..can you draw the parliament of bucharest in romania?please

  2. Very good tutorial, I definitely enjoyed the additional details you added as you drew (kind of like a buildup to make that wide landscape in the end).

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