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How to Draw a VW Camper Van: Narrated Step by Step

How to Draw a VW Camper Van: Narrated Step by Step

Hi, Tom here with this week’s Circle Line Art School video, how to draw a VW Camper Van, first draw a shoebox shape with a
slightly curved top now draw a line down the side and then a V shape at the front of the box, I think I’ll make the curved roof line
a little bit taller, next draw a line down the front and at the base sketch in a few lines for the metal bumper, now on the long side draw two shapes for
where the wheels will go and next just sketch in the wheels, the circles will be at an angle, the same angle that the side that the van is at, the thickness of the wheels will be at a different angle, the angle of the front of the camper van, next draw a circle at the front of the
VW for the sign and divide the side windows into sections, sketch in the interior a bit, erase
some of the lines that you no longer need, now is the time to add a few details, the
front headlights, the curved corners of the windows, extend the V line from the front, along
the side of the windows, along the base of the side of the windows now darken
the interior lines a bit, add wing mirrors and add some details to
the front metal bumper, now draw the VW letters on the front,
in the circle and add some hubcaps to the wheels now shade the interior in, for this drawing
I’m just using a 4B pencil, but anything would work fine make the wheel arches really dark, add
some dark shading to the tires, you could add some mid-tone, sort of soft
shading, to the side of the VW camper van then add a strong shadow directly below
the van! thank you for watching this drawing
tutorial if you would like to learn please visit my website Thanks for watching and see you next time 🙂 you

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  1. Daaaaammmmmnnnn i was watching a video about the VW westfalia campervan and i received your notification about a VW bus….😁😁😁😁

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