How To Draw An Ice Cream Tower (Folding Surprise)

How To Draw An Ice Cream Tower (Folding Surprise)

can you tell our friends what we're gonna drop today ice cream we're gonna how many scoops are we drawing one scoop that turns into force yeah four scoops this can be a lot of fun we hope you get a fall along with us you got a marker some paper and something to color with all right you ready to start yes now in this lesson we're going to fold our paper first so let me have one sheet we're gonna take the top edge and we're gonna fold it down to the bottom edge so it's right in half and now we're gonna crease it right down the middle and then out to the side here you can just practice right oh so lined up so I always go right down the middle like that and then out to the edges yeah what are you talking about you did a perfect fold okay then we're gonna take this top flap and we're gonna take the edge and fold it up to the middle or the top now we've done this a few other times right we've done this with our monster lesson and also our pumpkin lesson this is a lot of fun we like doing these because they're magical okay now that we have the fold in here it should look like this when we open it up like that and then it can fold back down now we're gonna get extra sheet of paper to put underneath our folded paper so that when we're drawing on this top part it doesn't bleed through and get onto our table now we're ready to draw we're gonna draw our first scoop on this top flap and we're gonna draw an upside down u so we're gonna do it drop right in the middle of our paper and we're gonna go up like this around and then back down that's our top scoop like how tall your ice creams gonna be perfect now down here on the bottom part so this came all the way to the edge of our paper now down here on the bottom we're gonna draw the bottom of our scoop and we're going to draw a wavy line that goes this all the way over and connects both sides so when we open it up that should be down here at the bottom and we have our the top of our ice cream at the top now we're going to draw our cone and we're going to draw a curved V we'll start over here we're gonna draw a curve via comes down and then we're going to draw back up to the other side like your cone good job now we're gonna draw the texture on our cone we're gonna draw diagonal lines that go across all the way down and also all the way up now this part we're kind of doing fast if our friends need more time what can they do yeah you guys can pause the video to complete this step if you need to so we're going to draw diagonal lines going the other direction also your ice-cream cone looks awesome and we finished our single scoop except what is it missing yeah let's draw a funny face we're gonna I'm gonna drop two circles right here we're gonna draw a happy ice-cream cone so I'm gonna draw two circles up here on the top scoop oh I like how you changed yours use that one looks happy now I'm gonna draw smaller circles in the top right and if you want you could add eyelashes you could also add draw your face for the smile I mean in between your eyes I'm gonna draw a happy face with a little tongue sticking out I'm gonna draw eyelashes on mine too but our friends don't have to if they don't want to you guys can leave these off all right but it looks super cute with eyelashes and an open mouth all right having we finished our single scoop ice cream we need to open it up like this oh there you go it's super tall now we got to add we got to draw all of the other ice creams in between so the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna repeat this same step up here so we got to draw the bottom of this scoop so we're gonna draw another wavy line it comes all the way over and connects the bottom good job now let's draw the next scoop of ice cream we're gonna draw two curves one on the left side that comes down like this and we'll draw one on the right side comes down – yeah and then one on the other side then we're going to draw that wavy line for the bottom of the ice cream scoop then let's repeat those same steps to draw the next scoop we're going to draw one more scoop right here and we want to leave enough room so we can add one more scoop down at the bottom so I drew those two curves on each side so it can come down about two there on each side and then draw that wavy line for the bottom of the scoop well I love your ice cream tower it kind of looks like it's gonna tip over I love it it looks awesome and then at the very bottom we're gonna complete the last scoop so we're gonna draw a curved line here and also a curve that's all the way over here yeah it looks like it's gonna fall that's my favorite part about your drawing I think yeah I like it and then we draw one more on the right side yeah it definitely looks like it's gonna fall now what are we missing on each of these scoops yeah let's draw more funny faces this one I'm gonna draw is gonna be his sideways I'm gonna draw this one with its eyes closed yeah yeah you like this one the eyes closed like that yeah I'm gonna draw the mouth like this now you guys at home can draw any kind of funny face you want in fact we have a whole lesson on drawing funny faces I'll have to leave a link to that lesson that's okay yeah we're practicing right yeah yeah you want to draw a funny you want to draw a mouth on there yeah there you go and then on this one I'm gonna do the same thing you did up here on this one I'm gonna draw upside down use for the eyes and then I'm also going to draw this one kissing so I'm gonna drop the number three for the lips normal eyes I like how you switched yours then I'm gonna draw an angry one down here at the bottom I'm gonna draw two diagonal lines like this and then draw the eyes underneath those diagonal lines and then I'm also going to draw these shiny color men draw a little highlight in there and then clear in the big part of the eye there we go this one is super angry and then I'm gonna draw a wiggly mouth because yeah he's upset cuz he's on the bottom he's carrying all the other scoops okay all right heavily we did it we finished drawing our scoops of ice cream except we need to still do what good yeah we need to color our ice cream to make it look even better or a tastier but we're also gonna add sprinkles and some other things like toppings to this part we're gonna fast forward but at the end you guys composite to match the same color ready to fast forward yes honey we did it we finished coloring our ice cream and it looks awesome because we got the little topping at the top and I love that you chose to color yours strawberry or pink all right you ready to show our friends of what our drawings look like one two three ah I love that you have a lot of pink in yours and one of the things that we found out too is that you've got to color the top and the bottom the same color right so that it matches when you fold it up like this yours is my favorite you could be super proud of your drawing did you have fun yeah and we hope you had a lot of fun following along with us and drawing your own ice cream I'm sure your drawings turned out awesome I will see you later our friends good bye no-oh-oh uses scary ice cream

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