How To Draw An Island

How To Draw An Island

Kaplan stage went yeah Alan yeah we're going to draw a cool island out in the middle of the ocean we hope you're going to follow along with us you have something to draw us and some paper you ready to do a cool drawing no all right often first we're going to draw the island or the beach the sandy part so we're going to draw a big rainbow line right in the middle of our paper but down towards the bottom okay we're going to draw a big rainbow line it says and back down yeah you drew a kind of high but that's okay okay now we're going to draw the water that's around our beach for our island we're going to draw a wiggly line that's like this this is the water so it's going to come down do some Wiggles and then come back up alright you did that was kind of a tricky line ah now this part right here the line right here can come out further just like you did on the other side yeah and that's because we're going to make the waves on each side okay so now let's do let's do a crazy line like this on both sides I'm going to do a popcorn line on both sides looks like waves so start right there do popcorn line that comes over to there good job keep going yes and then let's do one on this side too so start there popcorn line all the way over to there pop pop okay okay now we're going to draw another popcorn line that goes the other direction so that's a bunch of you connected and we're going to connect to that line start there yeah okay we're going to do use on the other side also we're going to do that same line over here on the right side yeah and then connect good okay now let's try the bottom of the wave so now we're going to draw another ways like this and I'm going to draw it kind of zigzag and crazy you could just draw anywhere you want it's just if you want to make it even easier you could just draw a smile line one yes that's an easier way to drop just draw a curved line that looks like a smile okay now inside let's draw a couple more lines like this to just make it look like water so we draw a couple lines here draw a couple all right I've said good job with our eyelid missing punching a palm tree okay we're going to start right here and we're going to draw a curve that comes up and curves off to the right so start here curve you could draw yours a little shorter yeah good job now let's draw another line on the other side and as it comes down to the bottom look it gets further away so start close and then down at the bottom you can go a little further further away from the other line yeah okay now let's draw the texture on the palm tree we can just draw little lines that go across makes it look like a ladder huh yeah good keep going all the way to the top okay I said now we need to draw our palm tree leaves so let's draw one curve that comes down like this and I connected it yep at the top okay then we're going to draw the other side of the palm tree leaf like back yeah that looks like a banana huh yeah okay now we're going to draw another one draw it coming out the other side yes and I will draw another line that's curves and connects another banana shape do you like bananas well what's your favorite part about bananas oh don't you few of them down yeah man I'd eat them bananas eat bananas I'm on TV that's why you're a monkey mm-hmm you like bananas here okay also we're going to draw two more leaves on our punctured we're going to draw another one again out on the top turns out up here good this one I'm gonna connect on the bottom yeah well I get give me one now we're going to draw another one over here on the right side big curve or a straight one okay so now this one the next one you're going to draw a curve like that and I'm going to draw the inside yeah we did it okay we drew our palm tree but we're missing something on our palm tree what do they usually have at the top okay yes coconuts okay we're going to draw a circle underneath the leaves there's one coconut oh you kind of yeah look squishy I like it you made it work and if you if you don't have room you could just draw like a c-shape so it's underneath the leaf that one looks really good okay we finished our palm tree what is our beach missing down here oh yeah we should draw some starfish we should also draw some shells some seashells Wow okay we're going to draw a shape for the first part of our starfish yeah and then we're going to draw another a shape on the side yes and we could draw another one on this side you can keep going I like it just keep going going until you go all the way around yes yeah it looks awesome good job now I'm going to draw the rest of mine I drew them with long arms okay let's draw a seashell next okay we're going to draw a spiral so we're going to start in the middle and we're going to spiral all the way around that cool yeah looks like a seashell so start in the middle and spiral yes go one more time around and then stop perfect and then we can connect it now we could draw a lot more seashells we could draw a more starfish but let's leave it just like that let's draw the Sun next we're going to draw it coming up over the side of our island so I'm going to draw a big son shaped like that cool start there draw a big circle and if you need to you can go behind the leaves okay yeah that's a good spot to start oh yes I like it oh you can even you know what you can even draw the Sun coming down over here on the other side so it's behind yeah it's behind that's called overlapping the tree is in front of your son well okay now we need to draw the sunburst behind so I'm going to draw zigzag zigzag line so here we go oh this is a fun line to draw look I'm getting a point it's a bright Sun huh I'm going to go behind my palm tree that's a little tricky but you can do it we're going to go up like that and then keep going all the way around your son okay now if you want to try and be tricky you could add a little one in between look at that you don't have to do this if you don't want to do you want to okay you're up for the challenge makes it a little more tricky yeah and do one right here yeah put one right here – oh we did I do give me five you did awesome on your sons that was tricky but you did a great job and if you guys at home need extra time to finish a step you can always pause the video pop pop club and pop pop pop alright let's put our brushes off to the side which would you next all right yeah it's gonna look way better once you clock him well it's an island I think until you finish coloring your Island did you have fun what was your favorite part net punching the poultry palm I like drawing the palm tree – I really like adding the details on the beach now what else can we add to the beach chair and a pirate oh that would be really cool you can add a treasure chest and you can draw that pirate ship off in the background that's a great idea dude yeah and we hope you guys had a lot of fun following along with us and draw on your own islands and we'll see you later our friends good bye are you doing

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