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How to Draw Darth Vader Pancake Art

How to Draw Darth Vader Pancake Art

– Hey everyone, I’m Jerry James Stone. We’re here at the YouTube Space LA. This video is brought to you by Farin’Up. I’m here with the amazing
Jasmine of Get Caked. – Hey, hey. – Hey, hey, hey.
(Jasmine laughs) And we’re gonna make an amazing
Darth Vader pancake today. – Yes we are Jerry. – Yes, super excited. So if you’re ready to join
the dark side of the force, let’s get to it. – You’re about to get caked. (loud music) – So weird, it’s like action on a pancake. Are we making action?
(Jerry laughs) (Jasmine laughs) [Jasmine] So this one
is gonna actually take a little bit more time. – [Jerry] There’s a lot
of detail in Darth Vader. – [Jasmine] There is a lot of detail. In this one I wanna make it – [Jerry] It’s not easy being evil. – pop. No, it’s really not. It’s the struggle being evil. So when I start with pancake art, I always start with the eyes. It gives me an idea of where I’m supposed to put the face at, how big it’s supposed to be. (quiet, suspenseful music) – [Jerry] I keep hearing the… (sings “Star Wars Theme
Song” by John Williams). Like that should do it right? – Throughout it right? – Yeah. – [Jasmine] And everything
is low and slow. That’s the name of the game
when you’re making pancakes. (quiet, suspenseful music) So I always say, the rule of pancake art, what you do to one side,
you must do to the other. So now that he’s got most of his face in, because he’s a lot of black, we’re just gonna go ahead
and fill it in with that. And when you do the lines and when you’re filling it in, you’re actually not gonna
be able to see the outline because we’re using black for the outline as well as black to fill him right now. – [Jerry] Okay. – And then it’s all
about the little details once you do extreme, we’ll call it extreme pancake art. (Jerry laughs) Once you hit a level of pancake art, where it’s kinda just like, you’re really good at pancakes, but you’re trying to challenge yourself. Once you hit that level, it’s just more about really
adding in the small details wherever you can. Because the details are really
what makes a difference when it comes to pancake art. (quiet, suspenseful music) And of course a little bit more black here and there, just to
give it some more depth. – [Jerry] But this is
just three colors, yeah? – Yeah, so it’s just gonna be three colors, but the cool part is,
is that when it comes up on the other side, so right now you can’t really see. – [Jerry] On the dark side. – Yeah, when it comes up on the dark side, you’ll actually be able to see like all the little colors fit together. (quiet, suspenseful music) So a cool thing is, is let’s say that your outline looks a little bit thinner. – [Jerry] I love the
outline part by the way. – [Jasmine] Thank you. – [Jerry] It’s really smart. – Just so it holds
everything into place too. – [Jerry] Yeah. – One of the cools things
is, is if your pancake is a little too thin,
all you gotta do is just put pancake batter on the back. – [Jerry] You can never
have too much pancake. – You can never have too much pancake. So the biggest thing is,
again the hardest part like I always say, is now we
gotta wait for it to cook. And we’ll reveal a Darth
Vader pancake when we’re done. – [Jerry] We’ll flip to the dark side. – We will flip to the dark side. There’s been occasions
where it’s just like, oh, this was supposed to be so good. And then I rip it. Or like, oh this, I
think it’s gonna be good, and then I flip it and it’s nothing like
how I wanted it to look. So then you just do it again. And you just keep practicing. – [Jerry] Well if this,
this could just be the end of the Return of the Jedi when his mask is broken, you know? – Yeah (laughs). We’re gonna make something up and tell you this is the version of Darth Vader that we were going after the whole time. So now it’s on 200 to 250. hat’s a really good cooking temperature for pancake art. And again, the hardest part
is really just being patient, waiting for everything to bubble, that way I can get the edges up, and then once the edges
are up, we’re ready to flip. So now it looks like it’s cooking a little quicker on the edges. So when you see it bubbling
at one of the edges, you wanna take your non-stick spatula and really just get
underneath it a little bit. So I’m not prying at it, I’m just sliding it underneath and going around real slow and very delicate, because we do not want
this pancake to tear. We wanna make sure that he comes full flip to the dark side. – [Jerry] Yeah, you don’t
wanna tick off Darth Vader. – No, no I don’t. He’d be the worse pancake
out of all of them to tick off. (spatula scraping) So I’m just sliding it, and as you can see in the middle it hasn’t bubbled as much and that’s perfectly fine. That just means we gotta
cook it a little bit longer. (spatula scraping) Alright, are you ready for the flip? – Kinda. – Alright
(Jerry laughs) You gotta count me down again okay. – Okay.
– Ready? – Three, – [Both] Two, one. (pancake smacks off pan) (both sigh in relief) – Looks so good!
– So that’s a Darth Vader pancake.
– It looks so good! – Yeah! – Well done. – Thank you very much. Alright, so we just made
a Darth Vader pancake. It’s my very first one. I’ll be honest. – It looks good. – You like it? – I’m a little, even though it’s a pancake it still scares me. – It’s a little scary.
(Jerry laughs) It’s part of the dark side right? – It is part of the dark side. – Alright one question
that I have for you. – [Jerry] Okay. – What flavor would Darth Vader be? – That’s a great question. So, he’s scary and evil and mean. – Yes.
– Right? – Yes.
– I feel like it would be like a, like a licorice
or something as like. – Eww, a licorice. – Kind of, you know like,
that sort of like, I don’t, yeah right, like I don’t know but, ’cause like what does evil taste like? – Evil tastes like…
– I don’t know what it tastes like.
– chocolate mint. (Jerry laughs) That’s what evil tastes like? – That’s what it tastes like? So Darth Vader would be
a chocolate mint for me. (Jerry laughs)
That would be his flavor. – Okay, okay. We would love to know what flavor you would make Darth Vader. Let us know. Drop a comment, hit us up on Twitter, @jerryjamestone @getcakedla Let us know, and if you
make Darth Vader yourself hey, we wanna see your photos. We’ll see you guys next time. – See you guys. (loud music)

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