How To Draw Pip Squeak Pickaxe From Fortnite

How To Draw Pip Squeak Pickaxe From Fortnite

hey your friends today we're gonna draw a pickaxe from Fortnight picks creek pipsqueak it's the one that makes a lot of squeaky noises yeah we hit it it's like right it's like a dog chew toy yeah for this lesson you need a Merkers something to draw with and some paper and something to color with something to color with you're ready to start yes we're gonna draw the pickaxe diagonal so all of our lines are gonna be diagonal we're gonna draw the the top of the pickaxe first or the middle part we're gonna draw two lines right next to each other about this size and they're parallel also so that means they're going right along each other there you go yeah this one could be a little higher so that it's equal with the other side that might be a little too high but that's okay now we're going to connect them that perfect now we're gonna now we're gonna connect them with a curve so we're gonna do a curve at the top and we're gonna repeat that at the bottom there we go now on each corner let's extend the lines out a little further just a little further on the left and the right and also down on the bottom side yes down at the bottom then we're gonna draw another line right next to it that's agonal and parallel with it and we'll do that over here on the left side also this is the yellow center part yeah then we're gonna connect those with curved lines also yes next we're gonna draw the red squishy part so we're gonna draw three lines right next to each other and they're all going to be parallel but they're also short so we're going to draw right here we're gonna draw one two three see how they're running long right next to each other and they're parallel good now let's do the same thing over here on the left side and we want them to be the same length and the same spacing good all right now we're going to connect each of these with a V so in between we're gonna go like this we'll go down and back up down back up down back up yes and then let's do the same thing over here and also on the bottom will do upside down V's to connect them next we're going to draw a shorter line right here and we want to make sure that it's a lot shorter than the first three that we drew then we're going to draw another one right next to it that's as long as the other three both sides and now we can connect those all so we'll do it with a V so we'll go down back up down back up all right cool now we're going to draw the ends or the orange piece on each side so we're going to draw a curve that comes down like this and then we're going to curve back up and connect to the other to the bottom yeah so come really far down and then back up yeah there you go and then let's repeat that same thing over here on the other side he's looking awesome looks really cool dude yeah now right in the middle let's draw a line that goes right down the middle on each of them kind of look like ends of bananas it looks like a banana with a Springs thing yeah now we're gonna draw the handle coming down from the middle yellow piece so we're gonna draw it we're going to repeat the same steps we did here but they're gonna be really short and we're gonna draw five of them so one two three four five good now in between each of these let's draw another V so we can do it on both sides and we're doing sideways V's to connect all of these lines together then we can drop let's do one more that's a little shorter and then we're gonna connect it in now if we ever go too fast what can our friends do pause the video yeah if you need more time you can always pause the video now we're gonna draw the rest of the handle and yours is gonna be a little short because it's coming right to here and that's okay I tried to aim mine down here so I can make it a little longer and that's alright now let's try too long we're gonna draw two long lines and we want to leave a little room down here at the end so we can draw the red handle at the very end and we're gonna draw another line right next to it yes and then we can connect these right here at the end and let's actually draw that an extend it past on each side and then we're gonna draw one line coming down on the front and the one on the back is going to be a little bit longer good that's okay you're running out of room on your paper you can just imagine it going off your page so and then we're going to connect these two with a diagonal line we did a jack we finished our pipsqueak pickaxes yeah and they look awesome except they're gonna look even better once we do what color it color yeah this part we're gonna fast forward but at the you guys composite to match the same color Jack we did it we finished our pipsqueaks and they look awesome we even added the little sticker that's on the center part it says smash and I think it's the llama double ahead and then it's got this purple or pink explosion around it but you can leave that off to keep this lesson a lot easier will be a fun join your pipsqueaks yes we do yeah we had a lot of fun John your pipsqueaks I don't see you later our friend bye

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