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How To Make A Birthday Cake Slice Box | DIY Gift Box

How To Make A Birthday Cake Slice Box | DIY Gift Box

Hi everyone! today we’re creating this
birthday cake slice gift box. The first thing you’ll need to do is go to the
link in the description, where you can print these patterns and then cut them
out and then fold them on all the fold lines. Starting with this biggest pattern
first we’re going to create the base for the cake slice, so I’m using some cream
colored card stock paper and this works best with paper that is a little bit
heavier than regular paper and I’m just tracing around that. Next you’ll need a
tool to score the fold lines with, I’m using a cricut scoring stylus and then
just go around and score each of the fold lines. Make sure to get the ones on
the tabs, also. Then go ahead and cut that out and then just carefully take each
side and fold it on the fold line and then fold each of the tabs and now
we can put it together. So you just want to put some hot glue, or whatever kind of
glue you’d like to use, on each of these tabs and then just press it against the
other side. Just adding some glue here and then finally adding some here so it
should look like this if you have anything sticking up that
didn’t quite line up you can always cut that off. Next we’re going to create the
lid for the box. I’m using some pink paper so it looks like pink frosting and
we’ll just repeat what we did before tracing around all the edges and then
make sure to score each of the fold lines and on the tabs. Then cut that
out and then carefully fold it on those fold lines. Once you’ve done that, just go ahead and
put glue on each of these tabs. and finally the last one. Trim off any
extra that’s sticking up, and it looks like this. So now you can go ahead and test it
out by putting it on the box. Next you’ll need to trace and cut two of the pattern
that says frosting middle, and I’m using the same color of paper. Cut those out
and then just decide where you want it placed on the side of the box, put some
glue on the back and press it in place and trim off any extra at the end, now
adding it on the other side trimming off the excess. So it looks
like this. Next I’m taking this pink sprinkle paper that I got from Hobby
Lobby and I want to add it to the top of the lid and the back of the slice of
cake, so I’m just taking the lid off the box, flipping it over and just tracing
that triangular portion onto the backside of this paper and cut that out,
so it’ll go on the top here, just go ahead and glue that on, press it into
place and because I’m using hot glue and it dries really fast, you can see that I
glued this on in two sections. So here’s how it looks, and on the box it looks
like this. So now I just wanted to add some of that paper to the back of this, so I
flipped the paper back over and just traced around that back section. and then cut that out and glue it on, and
then if you have any extra paper sticking up, you can always trim that off. Now I just want to add some of that
sprinkle paper to the back, so I’m taking this frosting back pattern and tracing it
onto that paper, also. Cut it out and glue it on. so at this point the box should look
like this, next you’ll need some white crepe paper. We’re going to use this to
create the look of frosting on the edge of the cake, so you’ll want to cut a piece
that’s a little wider than the cake box. and the folds of the paper should be
going horizontally on this rectangular piece. Then go ahead and cut two more of
these. So you’re left with this, and then take
each of those and cut slits in it, be careful not to cut it all the way
through to the other side and then just kind of stretch those out and move them
around. Repeat this on all three pieces. Then I’m
just going to take one of these pieces, decide where I want to place it on the
edge of the cake, and just go ahead and glue it in place. Then you can just move
those around and scrunch them up, then take the second piece, and just add it on
top of the first, and then just play with it until you like how it looks. Then
finally I’m going to add that third piece, gluing it on top of the other
two and then just keep adjusting the fringe until it starts to look more like
frosting. Then finally I decided to add one more,
so I just cut another rectangle that’s a little bit smaller and I cut fringe
closer to the edge this time and then that will just go on top in the front.
Just glue it in place and then just keep adjusting things until you like how it
looks. That’s how it looks at this point. finally I’m going to add a candle (or a
pretend one, I should say) this is just a paper straw and I cut it down so it was
about the size of a candle and just keep making adjustments until you like how it
looks. Then I’m taking some yellow orange crepe paper in a square shape, and just
stretching out the top and then scrunching up the bottom. This will go
inside of the straw, so just put some glue on the end and push the crepe paper
in place and then just kind of adjust that flame and then you can cut some off
the sides to make it look more like a flame shape. When you’re happy with it,
you’re ready to glue it to the top of the cake, so just decide where you want
to place it and put some hot glue on the end and then just hold it in place until
it sets. and that is the finished box. So now you
can just take the lid off, and fill it with candy or any other small gifts. And
that’s it! Thank you so much for watching I don’t think you can ever have too many
birthday gift ideas, that’s something you’re always going to need. So I hope
you enjoyed this video, and if you’d like to see more for my channel, feel free to
subscribe, and I will see you next time.

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  1. Several years ago I made an entire cake made of of this type of individual boxes, with no pattern. Boy was that difficult. Now there are several patterns to utilized, so I think I will use one and make another. Nice tutorial

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  4. this was so fun I used it to put one of my sister's gifts in it for her birthday thank you so much you are the best

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