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How to Make Bread from Scratch- NO BREADMAKER NEEDED

How to Make Bread from Scratch- NO BREADMAKER NEEDED

(Intro music.) Hey, it’s Vanessa from Today
I’m going to teach you how to make bread. Yes! You don’t need any fancy machines or
breadmakers or anything like that. All you need is what you see on the table right here.
So let me walk you through everything. Here you need a bowl, obviously. I prefer
glass but you can also use a plastic bowl. You’re going to need a whisk and a wooden
spoon. Then you’re going to have a measuring cup with one and a half cups of hot water.
Here I have some honey, and I’ll show you how we use this in a second. A half-cup measuring
cup; some measuring spoons. Salt and oil; I have Olive Oil but you can use any oil you
like to put in your bread. Here is the yeast, of course. And then we
have two different types of flour. You can just use white bread flour, you can use just
whole wheat, or you can mix them like I do. I find that just the whole wheat makes the
bread way too dense for my flavor. So I like to mix them both, and I’ll show you what the
ratio is when we start mixing things up. So let’s get started. First thing we do is take some hot water.
Make sure it’s not just lukewarm. You want it to be like hot bath water, somewhere around
103 to 108 degrees. I never actually use a thermometer. I just gauge it by hand and I’ve
never had a problem. I’ll show you what you’re looking for. Now, the honey, I’m going to drizzle just
a touch in there, because the yeast actually feeds on this. So make sure you don’t put
a lot, especially if you’re making savory breads because you don’t want the honey flavor
to come out; you’re just using that to feed the yeast. I move it around with my whisk
just to dissolve it. If you’re using sugar, go through the exact same process. Now comes our yeast. For the one and a half
cup of water I put, I want to put one and a half teaspoons of the yeast. And notice
what I’m going to do: You’re not mixing it in, you’re just sprinkling it across the top.
That’s one teaspoon and then I’m going to get the half. And the same thing. Just sprinkle it, don’t
move it, don’t touch it. Just take a clean dish towel and cover it up. Now you’re going
to let it sit for five minutes. After five to seven minutes, this is what
you want your yeast to look like. It looks a little puffy to the top and it’s one sheet
across the entire top of the bowl. If your yeast doesn’t look puffy like this, you want
to just dump this out and redo it. Make sure that the water’s a little bit warmer, maybe
it wasn’t warm enough, or maybe it was too hot, so just try it again. And once you get
a feel for it this won’t be a problem. Like I said earlier, I’ve never had a problem with
the temperature; just try to go for a hot bath water. Now I’d like to start with the whole wheat
flour. Going to add a half cup — here’s a half cup measurement — of the whole wheat
flour. Just level it off like that. And you’re just going to dump it directly into your bowl.
And this is where you want to really whisk this up to activate all the gluten and the
flour with the yeast and all. So, you see how it’s nice and frothy, just keep whisking
it for about 30 to 45 seconds or so. If you want to add more whole wheat flour,
you can go ahead and do so at this point. Some people just use whole wheat flour. I
tend to find that it’s too dense, so I like to do a mixture. So half a cup is all I’ll
use in this batch, so I’ll put away the whole wheat flour. And now, at this point, I like to add the
salt and the oil. So, I like to add two teaspoons of salt to this one-and-a-half cup of water
that we started with. So here’s my teaspoon measurement. There’s one. Some people find
this too salty, but if you want you can start off with one teaspoon and then go from there.
And that’s two. Move that around. (Whisking.) Now the oil. I’m going to add one tablespoon
of oil, and I’m going to be using Olive Oil today because I want this flavor in here.
But, again, I said you can use Canola Oil or whatever oil you want to use. So just one
tablespoon, just like that. Whisk that together. And now we’re just going to add our regular
white bread flour. And you’re going to add the flour in half-cup increments, okay, because
you don’t want to overflour your stuff. You want to mix in every half cup and keep going,
until I show you the consistency you’re looking for. So here’s half a cup; add one. And I’ll usually
add whatever my mixings will be right now after I put in this second half cup of flour.
Because it’s still kind of liquidy and you can mix things in here nicely. So, for example,
if you wanted to make Rosemary baguettes, I would chop up either some fresh or dried
Rosemary and dump it in right now. You can add anything you want, really; raisins, sun-dried
tomatoes, basil, anything. I mean, at this point you can make the bread
into whatever kind of bread you want. So it’s really great to just play around with different
ingredients you have in your house and see what you come up with. I’ve actually even
put pumpkin puree, canned pumpkin puree in here and it turns out great, it’s really moist.
If you want the bread to be a little bit chewy, go ahead and crack an egg or two in here if
you want that, just play around with it. It’s a really versatile recipe. Now I’m going to add another half a cup. Now,
notice I’m still using the whisk but you’ll see after I mix this in it’s going to be a
little too clumpy for me to keep using the whisk, so this is where I’m going to switch
over and actually use my wooden spoon to just stir this stuff around. Okay. So I’m going to put that aside. Add
another half cup, and use my wooden spoon, and just mix it around until it’s all incorporated
and just keep going. And the reason I don’t tell you specific amounts
of flour to use in total in this batch is because it really does depend on how much
moisture there is in the air. If you live in a more humid climate, you’ll need to add
a little bit more flour than if you live somewhere a little bit dryer. So I’m really just going
to show you a close-up shot of how you want the consistency of your dough to look like. Add another half cup of flour, and just keep
stirring. And really this is not so hard. Just takes a little elbow grease and that’s
all it really takes. You don’t need an expensive, fancy breadmaker or a mixer or anything like
that. I have one of those big commercial mixers and I don’t even use it for this, because
really it’s unnecessary. Another half cup. And you’re going to keep doing this in half-cup
increments until you get to a point where the spoon can almost no longer turn or stir
the dough, because it’s all into one huge ball. I can still see it’s a little bit loose, so
I’ll incorporate the rest of this in there. Just keep going. You see how it’s getting
together; it’s all combining itself into one big ball. Okay. Still a little loose, it’s
not exactly how I want it. And do you see how it kind of still sticks
to the spoon? Before you dump it out on your working surface to knead it out, you want
to get it to where it’s not just stretching like that. Another half cup of flour. You
can see how it’s not sticking to my spoon any more. You see that? Okay. That’s how you
want it to be. And I just take a little bit of flour, sprinkle
it around like that. Then you’re going to dump your dough right on to your work surface.
And it’s okay if it’s kind of in a few different chunks, we’re going to bring it all together.
Make sure you wash your hands for this part and just start combining everything. You see how it’s kind of still sticking to
me? You see that there? You don’t want that. So we’re going to get another half cup, and
don’t put the whole half cup in. I just like to sprinkle it a little bit, push it into
the dough with my hands, and then I’m folding it in from the inside out like this — I mean
from the outside in. Okay. Because it’s okay if the dough kind of sticks
to you a little bit, but you don’t want it to just peel off like it was doing earlier.
You want to try and get it as dry as you can without overflouring it. You see right there,
it’s still too wet, so I’ll put a little more flour there. And this is the kneading part. Everybody has
their own kind of style of doing this. Sometimes when I get real into it I’ll use the heels
of my hands, kind of push it in there. You can see my fingers are no longer sticking
to it so this is pretty good. And then you want to knead it, it sounds like a lot but
maybe like 100 or 150 times or so, which is not that much. It just takes a few minutes. (Music.) So now that my dough is nice and tight, you
can hear that. It sounds — (tapping) — just like that. Now you’re going to take a clean bowl and
use a little oil, whatever oil you used inside the bread is fine, and just a little drizzle.
Okay. Now with that oil in there, just take your clean fingers and rub it around, all
the way to the top edge and all that. You take your ball of dough, put it in, kind of
swirl it around, turn it out, and then plump it in the other way. And then just take your clean dish towel,
cover it, and just put it somewhere to rest for about 30 to 45 minutes. And what you want
to see is that the ball doubles in size. In this bowl it’ll probably reach almost to the
top, and that’s what we want to see. After about 40 minutes, this is what you end
up with. Okay. What you want to do now, just takes a few seconds, literally just going
to punch it down with my hand. You see how it’s like a bag that deflates? Just like that.
And now you’re going to cover it back up and put it right back where you had it for another
30 to 40 minutes. So here’s my dough after the second rise and
it went a little higher than the first time, just because I had it close to the stove where
I was cooking something else. So you see it’s nice and puffed up; see all the air bubbles
there in the dough pretty much. We’re going to dump it out on our surface again, flour
it a little bit. And here we’re not necessarily kneading it
for the same reasons that we did before, but we’re actually going to just knead it just
enough to get the air out. A little too much there. Just knead it enough to get the air
out. That dough looks good. Now you want to separate it into whatever
pieces of bread you’re going to decide to make out of this. So you can make baguettes,
which are long ones, and I’ll do one of those. Let me cut a chunk off here, and just work
with it so it doesn’t stick like that to your hands. And notice what I’m doing, this is how I like
to do it. I kind of just roll it and tuck those edges under, so I get a smooth side
on the top. And just to stretch it out, depending how
long you want it to be. Just play with it. It’s like dough, like any other kind of dough,
you can make whatever you want out of it with the kids, you can make funky shapes and things
like that. So there’s one. And here I’m using a nonstick surface on a
big cookie sheet type thing. You can use just regular spray nonstick on a regular cookie
sheet if you have a nonstick one. If you don’t, you can just use parchment paper. Anything
that just won’t allow the bread to stick and that’ll work fine. So let me show you how you can make some dinner
rolls also. I just tuck all those edges in and that’s how you get a nice smooth surface,
okay. So just tuck all that in there. Nice little ball like that, just put it there.
And you want to give your bread space because they’re going to rise first and then they’ll
rise even more after you bake it. (Music.) To give the bread a little decorative touch,
I like to take a sharp knife and just go and cut slits into the top of the bread, not too
deep. But it just adds a little something. To the circle ones, you can do whatever you
want. And then we’re going to set this entire tray aside to rest. And at this point what I like to do is actually
preheat my oven, so that in the time that the oven is preheating my bread is rising,
getting ready to go in the oven. So now that the bread has risen and it’s almost
ready to go inside the oven, what I like to do to add a little extra shine on top of the
bread once it’s done is to make some egg wash. So all you need is an egg. Crack it into a
little bowl or cup, add a little bit of water, and then just beat the egg up. Then you’re
going to brush this mixture onto the top of the bread. Take my brush and just brush it
on. I’m going to put this tray into the oven at
375 degrees like I said earlier. And for this amount of bread for one tray, and given that
I didn’t make it into just one huge ball, I’m going to probably put this in the oven
for about 35 minutes and then I’ll check it, and I’ll show you how to check once we get
to that stage. If I were to put all of this dough into one
big ball, you’d probably want to leave it in for about 45 to 50 minutes and then check.
If you made a bunch of small little balls, then probably put it in for 30 minutes and
check; so kind of, you just gauge it. Baking bread is not like some of the other
baked pastries and things you make, that if you open the oven you completely ruin it.
Don’t worry about it. After 30 to 35 minutes, you’re safe to open it, check it; if it needs
a little more time, you can just put it back in and go from there. So our bread is finished baking, it’s come
out of the oven. This batch went in for about 35 minutes at 375 degrees. As you can see
I’ve already let them cool a little bit. Now I want to show you how to check to make sure
that your bread is cooked through. If it’s still in the oven and you’re kind of going
on the minutes and you’re not sure that it’s done or not, just grab an oven mitt, pull
one out, and you want to tap the underside. If it sounds like this — (tapping) — nice
and hollow, then you know the bread is cooked through. If it’s still a little soggy or it
doesn’t sound hollow, put it right back in for another three to five minutes and then
check it again. If you’re going to eat it, it’s good to go
as soon as it comes out of the oven. Now, if you’re going to store it, you want to make
sure that you let the bread cool completely and come to room temperature before you put
it in a plastic bag, but they do store well in both the fridge and the freezer. Okay? I hope you all enjoyed my tutorial and I hope
that you’ll go out and try making your own bread at home, because it’s really easy. Also,
if you all throw in different ingredients and things, I would love to hear your comments
on some new ideas to make different types of bread at home.

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