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How to Paint a Chicken Easy Watercolor Tutorial

How to Paint a Chicken Easy Watercolor Tutorial

Hey guys welcome back to my channel! For
today’s video I’ll be painting a rooster. I hope you follow along and paint with
me! I start with the drawing. I printed out a black-and-white image of the
chicken and about the size I wanted to paint and placed it side-by-side next to
my paper just so I could measure and compare a little easier. I actually start
with tiny dots just to see where the top of the comb and the bottom of the wattle,
which is the fleshy bit beneath the beak, will be. I can see that this first
segment of feathers is about the same height as the distance I measured for
the head. From there I continue to make visual measurements and check my angles
and shapes. Once I’m confident in my initial drawing
I go back and refine my shapes. The drawing took about eight minutes. I spray my paints to activate them, wet
the paper inside the lines and just avoid the head and the feet. I do a light
wash of yellow ocher, just quick gentle brush strokes with watered down paint. If
I want my color to be darker I grab paint directly from my paint pan. If I
want the color to be lighter I brush some paint onto my palette first, wet my
brush and swirl it in the paint to water it down a little bit before applying. I
really like to build up layers of color. You’re less likely to make an
unalterable mistake if you work carefully light to dark. I put in some
strong darker colors where there are deep shadows. This is where having an
accurate drawing first is so essential. you can be more confident painting dark
if you know everything is in the right place. I add some muted blue to the tail
feathers. I’m choosing to paint quickly and loosely with this one. It can be so
fun to see what the wet paint does when you just relinquish some control and
allow it to bloom and flow. I want to loosely define the basic
shapes using light and shadow and then just drop in hints of details here and
there. I mix up a wet rich red for the comb and wattles just painting carefully
inside my drawing. While it’s still wet I add some black
shadows which blend nicely. I paint the feet using a grayish blue. My background is very loose and
expressive. You can use any colors you want for the background. I’m choosing to
use some blues and greens just to make it look like an outdoor setting. I finish
it off with some eye and beak details and add a last wash of yellow to
brighten up the feathers. I also add little hints of blue to give it extra
color and whimsy. Using the tip of my round brush I add a few more feather
details- I just can’t help myself! My last addition is a shadow beneath the
rooster. I hope you’re able to follow along and maybe pick up some tips and
tricks to use on your own paintings. If you enjoyed today’s video please be sure
to give it a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button if you’re new here, turn
on notifications so you never miss any new videos, and leave me any comments or
questions below. I make sure to respond to each and every one. Thank you so much
for watching today!

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